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  1. I play this game a lot, that in itself is enough for me to want an SSD to get an edge on drops, and load times.
  2. 👍Thanks for responding. I made a ticket thanks. ✌
  3. Yes, regardless of that fact. My gamertag change did not happen in game either. That is on your end. Why hasn't my name changed it's been over a month?
  4. SSD Drive, would fix all those issues. I have the xbox one x, and was experiencing these issues as well. I purchased a Samsung T5 for $97.99. I load in to games 20-22 seconds faster than og xbox users, and 10-11 seconds on a regular xbox one x on erangal. Miramar I load 20 seconds faster than xbox one x no ssd. The og xbox is kind of undetermined I'm gonna say like 35-45 seconds maybe longer lol. SSD will help you greatly dood.
  5. I can no longer search my name on pubg detective and get correct stats. Old gamertag, "UUMMPEEE", and the new is "No Crawlers". My name in the game has also remained the same it did not change at all and is still UUMMPEEE.
  6. It won't let me record.
  7. Happened on sanhok and erangal
  8. Just freezes can still hear the game can't hear movement or gunshots.
  9. It just happened again. Two games in a row. Idk wtf is going on but it did this yesterday too.
  10. No Crawlers

    Game freezes

    I have the xbox one x and the game has been freezing. The game app did not crash the game just froze.
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