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  1. fedupz


    This is clearly not happening for the sheer reason that I am 99% of the time rocking 10-20ms and still play with all the Huya Duya TV's of china all the time. If I am 20ms away from an EU server, how long is a generic player from china? 200ms via optimal routes? If you were so inclined to throw a VPN into that mix lets call it an even 250ms. So I (~15ms) is being pitted with ~250ms players from China. Lets at least be honest about whats what here.
  2. Nicht comprende mon ami.
  3. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    with that K/D and that top 10% ... its funny, you can easily deduce that the only reason this player only has a 16% win rate is cause he is getting owned by other cheaters at the end game.
  4. I am saying ill make my own.
  5. How do I know what?
  6. mouse accel went out of style with Quake 1.
  7. So, my last topic on this was deleted. You have a massive, and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE, radar infestation right now! What is managements intention on the subject? What will be done about it besides shifting through player reports (cause that sure as bleep isnt doing the trick)? I think the community has a right to know? And I dont give a flying saucer, delete it again like that and ill cross to the other side, BYE FELICIA, time to dust off the ol tools again and see whats new.
  8. Thats why I always sneak the first 30 seconds after touchdown .. So I can hear whats going on around me.
  9. fedupz

    Why is the Beryl so bad?

    Aight. I take your word for it then.
  10. fedupz

    Why is the Beryl so bad?

    Have you gone to training grounds, equipped both, kitted both, stood in front of a wall and let em both rip with no mouse compensation? To my recollection they averaged each other .. of course this was pre 27 ..
  11. fedupz

    Why is the Beryl so bad?

    I would like to submit a report Cheating, attacks (x) without recoil (x) crosshair snaps back on target thanks.
  12. fedupz

    Why is the Beryl so bad?

    in training grounds, with a handle and compensator it about equals the akm with a compensator
  13. Have you tried emptying a 30 round clip on full in a m16 class weapon?
  14. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    esp'ed by a c*nt that didnt even try to hide it .. last circles too.. That feeling of wasting 25m of your life to a cheater. Thanks!
  15. fedupz

    I need a break

    Fuck yea man. Who is going to take the power back to the people? We are!