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  1. Dont underestimate the amount of players that ONLY play with an ESP cheat .. no aimbotting or otherwise.
  2. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Hardware ban. IP ban. MAC ban. Put out a mob hit, 1.000.000$ for the hands of a cheat-coder. You know. The usual stuff.
  3. I remember clearly getting dirty with the Bizon back in the day.. Yup, no change to the loot on erangel since day 0. NONE.
  4. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    They must be using some sort of magic fairy dust or something... Banning macros is impossible!!!
  5. Its the total absence of one type of gear on one half of the map and an abundance of it on the other that gets to me as retarded and maybe possibly even sub-par execution on BHs part. If that part is scopes, then you may get along somehow If that part is extended mags then you may get along just fine If that part is meds then you may just get along also If that part is vests. Or backpacks. Then you may certainly as well have just requeued from the get-go. It is, at-best, mediocre design and implementation decisions that ultimately sums up to severe suckage at runtime(ie. gameplay). Now due to the few things that BH did get right from the get-go in terms of an abstract artistic idea of a good BR experience the game can still provide that ray of sunshine on occasion. Of course throw in the hacks-galore that is defining the entire experience now, add all the other issues and its all just in the s*h*. Game Over.
  6. Imagine if someone copied the core concept of this game, the setting atmosphere, weapon style, combat style etc... and just did it well.. Damn would I play that game.
  7. fedupz

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    I loved it. When I found it I would go 9mm only for the game. get close enough and start spamming those silent bullets... Anyway, its a non starter in the age of ESP.. so.. HAVE FUN!
  8. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Where do these people get this software anyway?
  9. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Or that team standing in the bright open while looting your corpse in the BRIGHT open with all 4 backs turned to the rest of the world, not a WORRY in the world. Classic.
  10. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Hiding out in top of a tower, having a team circle in on you, right under you, scramble around trying to find you until one of them gets the bright idea to check the very very top. Classic.
  11. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Im done. Uninstalling.
  12. fedupz

    Enough is Enough

    If nothing has changed to the "loot tables" then the "loot tables" were redarded to begin with. Also if they werent changed then how come the dp28, bizon etc suddenly showed up? We had this discussion in depth some weeks back, beyond the loot tables apparently there are global max'es as well, the combination of these things manifests themselves as gear get popped into existence as players approach spawns and thus you'll have one side of the map filled with ar's and syringes while the other half of the map gets none. I think it was always more or less retarded.... errrhhh I mean redarded.
  13. Id probably play anything but miramar ...
  14. fedupz

    Cheating Discussion

    Lat night, top 16 I think, I am getting hammered from left flank, cant see exactly from where, take cover behind rock, heal, boost, smoke. Peak out (still wholly sumberged in smoke). Second shout from flank : headshot. done. Reviewing the killcam, this guy can hardly see the smoke, cause its covered by trees, yet still, through loads of trees (and I have everything on lowest except distance), and big smoke, he has my head dialed in. Again. I surely must be done with this game soon. Its a joke.
  15. As title. let an animation run slow or whatever, but I think that is reasonable Also, fix the water-breathing-choking-on-land ... its redarded.