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  1. I think I remember reading they had a ten year plan for this game. They'll probably just keep the same ported over game for the next gen lol.
  2. Make sure you don't have your primary and secondary mixed up. If you hit start it's the top weapon. If you look at the bottom right by the mini map it's the bottom weapon. I see a lot of people with them mixed up. Doesn't make a difference really now, but could still be confusing in a situation like you were in. If this isn't the case then who knows.
  3. They changed this a long time ago. It will always go back to the weapon you had out previously after throwing a grenade. I made a post about it maybe a year ago. Before they changed it you would always switch back to your primary after throwing a grenade. It was way better like that. I do think the pistol thing might be a glitch though. Most of the time it will go back to your primary after use, but every once in awhile it goes to your secondary.
  4. Make sure you are hitting A to pick up throwables when looting from death boxes. A puts it in the slot, X just puts it in your inventory when looting from death boxes. If you have no throwables and see a grenade on the ground hit X and it will automatically go in the slot.
  5. This is correct. Been around for a long time too.
  6. Lol, you snuck me! Didn't even see you on the edge. Gg though. That would have been 6 wins out of 9 that day but you ruined it 😞
  7. I started using the rounded joystick for my left thumb a while back and it helped out a lot. Most people like the rounded one for aiming, but it's been way nicer on my left thumb as well.
  8. It shows everything in the game hub. You don't even need the third party website. Just play the game and have fun. Maybe your new stats will be better than the old 😉
  9. Are you left handed or right? Lol
  10. You don't have to look to either side. You'll jump out fine as long as you're not in the very back seat.
  11. Why not reward people for playing the PTS and have an option for them to give feedback on what they think needs fixed instead of rewarding people for playing on the live servers the whole week? I know people will only receive a small percentage of what they earn, but there's a lot of people that will play the live servers instead just to get that. Could have offered a sweet skin or something for a good amount of time played on the PTS.
  12. The only seat that should hurt you to jump out of while in a moving boat is the very back seat. Were you in that one? You die instantly now when you hit the water too, but that's been around for awhile. When you jump from that back seat you don't land directly in the water. Your character hits the edge of the boat which will knock you, and the water kills you instantly. Hope that cleared it up.
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