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  1. You have to keep holding down right trigger while you press A to switch seats. The vehicle will keep moving like that. I wouldn't recommend it though on a bike lol. The guy in this video actually doesn't hold right trigger while pressing A. That's why the bike comes to a stop on it's own. He was going slow enough by then it probably didn't hurt him much at all when he jumped off.
  2. Yes that is correct. You can see your own no matter what. I said enemies and your teammates can't see your laser. They can't see it no matter if it's on your back or being used. This has been confirmed by a moderator already. I guess you didn't read the earlier posts in this thread? Lol, your answer was right there.
  3. You can see your own laser even when your gun is not equipped. I have had them blind me before when prone. The laser was pointing straight back towards my feet on the gun not equipped. I ended up dropping it right there so it wouldn't distract me anymore. Definitely a glitch though if he saw his teammates.
  4. I try, but sometimes they just don't believe me lol. Thanks for clearing it up.
  5. In thousands of games I have never seen an enemies laser or my teammates if they have one.
  6. Enemies and teammates cannot see the laser. You can only see your laser.
  7. When you get out of the vehicle wait one or two seconds and just bump into the vehicle. Works the same and you don't have to get in or jump on top. Much quicker and might save you from getting shot. You can also shoot a tire out and that will work. That works great on the squealing bikes as well.
  8. One of the most annoying situations is when you are in a town towards the end of a game, and someone pulls a boat up onto shore to run into the town. The boat will stay running the whole rest of the game. This can really hinder your ability to hear footsteps. I've gotten used to tapping the vehicle every time I get out so mine always turn off, but something like this should have been fixed a year ago.
  9. So if the goal is to reach far more people may I suggest posting things on all platforms. Then you will reach everyone! Or is that too easy?
  10. They only extended both things to give themselves more time to work on the next update. Instead of just saying that they act like they're extending these things to help players reach goals. It was a clever idea by someone the first time, but now it's just getting annoying. People would rather have honesty.
  11. One of my buddies lagged out first game after updating as soon as he touched the ground. I lagged out in another game towards the end with three teams left. We both have an XB1X with Samsung T5 SSD if that matters for anything now.
  12. Don't you just love it? At least you found out in time lol
  13. The most recent update reset all of my firing modes back to single shot. Make sure you check yours, and any of your other settings just to be safe.
  14. Make sure you're not switching it by accident in the pregame lobby. I'm pretty sure if you switch it by mistake it will stay as an underhand toss once the game starts.
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