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  1. Prysma

    Not ready

    Must not have. Kinda annoying when I’m trying to use the scorpion during the match but it whatever. I don’t expect anything less at this point
  2. Prysma

    Not ready

    Yeah funny stuff. Sucks you’re not having much luck, but mine has ran absolutely perfect as far as no frame rate drops, very low if any desync, and overall good hit registration. I am playing on an X with an SSD though and obviously frame rate priority. Only beef with it so far is the bug with ext. quickdraw for pistols don’t work on the scorpion
  3. I remember my first one clear as day almost a year ago. Final Circle was the beach directly north of Severny and I used the small ridge there to go back and forward from prone to kneel to pop up and kill until the last guys got flushed out of his building. Never felt my heart pump that fast before from a video game lol
  4. Prysma

    60 days without an update

    Its PUBG lol. You already know it’s going to have problems and to me Vikendi test servers have been less stable than Miramars.
  5. Prysma

    60 days without an update

    Yes we have gone 60 days without an update to the live server but in that time you’ve also gotten 2 dev reports that were fantastic news in the development of this game. Not to mention a PTS for Vikendi. We haven’t been ignored lately.
  6. You can crouch jump. You just have to jump at the window the right way. Want me to post a clip of it being done?
  7. It’ll most likely go on mini royale. I’m pretty sure the devs said we wouldn’t get true map selection like PC that you have screenshotted. They said it would split the playerbase too much and make for longer wait times. It would be really nice to have though because I hate Miramar and would love to never play it again. Correct me if I’m wrong @PUBG_Andymh5
  8. Where are the challenges that we were supposed to be given? Gotta start so we can get those crates!!
  9. Prysma

    Bad Audio

    I keep having the same problem over and over where I enter a building and it still sounds like I am walking around on snow even though the floor is wood. It has appeared everywhere on the map I’ve been so far
  10. Kinda rare item but they’re there. Usually when I find one I find another very close but 80% of customs I don’t find them
  11. Never had any problems getting the flares. As long as I shot them straight in the air and no other planes (including the normal care package) are anywhere in the sky then it should work
  12. Prysma

    My first hater

    I typically clip kills if they’re worth it to put together small videos in down time and it’s worked for me because I’ve had the same except with threatening messages and I was able to shut him up instantly with a clip I sent him. Extremely amusing to make someone feel stupid for getting mad 😂
  13. Prysma

    A few suggestions to devs

    PUBG runs just as poorly on PS as it does Xbox. Even the dev reports handed out were the same because it’s an identical game. It’s like a placebo or mind tricks being played. The game still sucks at hit registration, desync, and everything wrong with the Xbox version as well. After the next update where we get the performance upgrade maybe there will be a difference with the Xbox One X having better performance than the PS4 Pro. But don’t be fooled because the game still runs the same.
  14. Prysma

    Vikendi snowmobile water skipping?

    I guess text can’t relay sarcasm as much as intended. We do dumb shit like that all the time in the south, not to mention the 4 seasons worked at Breckinridge Ski resort using snowmobiles daily
  15. Prysma

    Vikendi snowmobile water skipping?

    Kinda would ruin it as a “snow” vehicle and also would be impossible in real life. It’s a video game and all but gotta keep it semi-real Also check some of the PC streamers play Vikendi because it’s cool as hell. Can’t wait for them to bring it but they hate us so.