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  1. JackDaniels0070

    PUBG Mobile Squad Recruitment

    hello buzzkill brothers.i wouod really like to be a part of ur team.i have a KD of 22.62.i can spray fire with any AR or SMG with any scope.i can be a pretty good sniper as well.im a team player,follow instruction and my gaming tactic is also good.im play regularly so there would b no problem with time.my ID-5279495156.so plz add me
  2. JackDaniels0070

    Stop letting emulater players play with mobile players

    i posted this just to see how many people face the same problem.i was no actually asking pubg.
  3. i get so angry when i see that i have been killed by someone playing pubg in pc while i am playing in a hand held screen with very less options.if they want to play pibg play the real one for PC or pubg should only let emulater players play with other emulater players.even all the strramers nowadays play pubg mobile on pc and think that they r the best players.that gets me so mad. pubg championships only lets players play on mobile then why make the tencent buddy.in my opinion its cheating.so please cut this BS.