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  1. Voice chat sometimes doesn't work in game.When try to push to talk or open mic. definitely doesn't work... My Specs: i7-7700HQ ,gtx 1050ti, Windows 10 Pro(64bit),Lates version of Windows and Graphics card(431.36)
  2. i use 125% screen scale to my PC (because of it's recomended for me) but i got the issue that wrong drag&drop icon position. i hope the patch tomorrow fixes this.
  3. İ have the same problem. İf you change your desktop scale to 100% it will fix,but it's recomended 125% for my PC. i dont know what to do
  4. Why do i join NA server. İ'm living in Turkey. When i try to play game or training mode, it join NA servers. What's wrong ? (Same at public match makin')
  5. Same here. i never changed any setting after upgrade. But the game is so laggy, , seems like tearing, and i get stutter. it's unplayable. (i play fullscreen 1920*1080. Very low quality. GPU:1050ti CPU:i7 7700HQ, and i have SSD.)
  6. i changed to windows res. 125% to 100%, and the issue solved. But fps drop still goes...
  7. Same res. 1920*1080, but scaling is 125%. cuz it's recomended.
  8. And i can’t use the buttons on in game UI menu(Carepackage, setting etc..)
  9. i still have the issue. Moreover the anti-cheat screen does not apper when entering the game. When i clicked the "enable anti-cheat" i got 35-40% fps drop in game. PC specs; Nvidia geforce gtx 1050ti mobile, i7-7700hq, 250gb ssd, win10(64) bit. (so i'm using notebook and latest version of graphic driver.)
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