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  1. Jdog183

    Are grenades too OP?

    Always remember, smoke is concealment, NOT cover. 😄
  2. Jdog183

    Auto switch (Recommendation)

    I wish they dropped all weapons in "Safe" so that way people had to select which fire mode they wanted before they can even shoot.
  3. Jdog183

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    crashes were fairly rare, and could have easily been mitigated had they just removed the 3D Character model when we asked them to. They didnt for MONTHS. CQC frame drops weren't THAT bad on release, they got worse over time, and finally now are better. Not sure whats so funny to you about a Dev house spending 20+ updates on something that could have been fixed in 2, because they were catering to an older generation of consoles first and foremost.
  4. Jdog183

    Sniper kill record?

    I had one game a while back, I grabbed an AWM out of a crate early on, found another one later and took the extra Ammo. I think i got 6 head shots, 3 of which were on level 3 helmets. Man those were glorious. 2 of them were quick snap shots too (still scoped, but quick into scope to kill time)
  5. a lasso/whip. Instant one hit kill, but takes a wind up.
  6. Jdog183

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    Im not sure what game you played Day 1, but for me on the 1X, the game ran perfectly, aside from CQC frame drops and Crashes (crashes were nearly 100% attributable to the 3D character model, i RARELY crashed to anything else, it was like 5 months before I Crashed while driving), back in those days, everything was loaded in the second you were actually in the plane, AND we had the lobby with all the weapons and nades. ^^^^^^ preaching. If PUBG would just suck their pride up, and sell the game to a capable studio, PUBG would be the dominate game for years to come. But no, their hubris forces them to keep hopelessly trying to fix something they damn well know they are incapable of fixing, at least to a point where there isn't 3 years of edited code just to run nominally at 30fps
  7. Jdog183

    You tell me

    http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=UMP9&armor=1&helmet=2&distance=150&htk=dmg&pel=false so basically - a headshot with your setup by a UMP 150 meters away (seems thats what he was here) 26.7 damage to your vest, and 37.5 to your head. You had 95 health by the time he hit you, he hits you 3 times, twice in the body, once in the head, totaling for 91 damage. Its odd you died, you should have been on a sliver of health. check a shot registration site to see if my analysis is correct, only thing i can think of is he got neck shots damage, which would indeed kill you in 3 shots, 2 body, one head. or there was a body shot in there we all didnt see on that footage.
  8. Jdog183

    Did Bluehole forget we exist?

    thought it was bi-weekly? either way, OP is right.
  9. thumb grips? like on the sticks?
  10. Jdog183

    WTactualF - absolute crap

    I watched my replay and counted the separate blood splatters, definitely smashed his life up
  11. Jdog183

    WTactualF - absolute crap

    i dont care about the weapon stats, story here is that i blew him apart before he landed a shot yet it somehow said i didnt kill him after landing 10 plus shots including neck and head shots
  12. Jdog183

    WTactualF - absolute crap

    whatever it was, it was bullshit
  13. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFhQIzdYlQwB2hSTLv Dude has no vest or helment, I shot the living crap out of him, yet he had over 25% health and no boost active when he killed me. complete and utter BS
  14. Jdog183

    Recommend a headset

    Astro A50s, just get the PS4 version
  15. Jdog183

    G36C replaces Scar on Vikendi!!!!

    M4 TTK with 75M distance on level 3 gear UMP TTK with 75M distance on level 3 gear