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  1. Oh, you want black turtleneck? I got like 5 I’d trade it for aviator goggles which cost me 200k+ by now literally the last item I want, but can’t get hold of it by any means...
  2. Also this (skip to -3:30) https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/76386712 None of us was cancelling the matchmaking - the game did it by itself - eventually we both got annoyed and left to title screen when matchmaking was already cancelled - we load back in - nothing for a few secs - then game starts matchmaking for solos for both of us by itself @PUBG_Andymh5
  3. Hello @PUBG_Andymh5, this is what is happening to us from time to time (skip to -3:20) https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/76386435 I joined my duo partner - he set up standard only - I pressed play - game mode changes to quick join on my screen - duo mate presses play at the same time like me, but still has standard on his screen and his “tick” pops with delay on my screen - I get into a game, he gets lost connection to host. We also get a lot of lost connection to host messages, while the region is in red for any of us, but white for the other - all this usually gets resolved by shutting down the game, but recently, it’s nothing unusual, so it’s becoming a bit annoying... Thanks for any ideas!
  4. Probably players that are starting to get a grip - I also used to get salty messages when I started to have some good streaks, but it was way far in the season for the stats to show my improvements. Now I look a bit more legit constantly sitting at 1.75 kdr for past few weeks
  5. I remember him saying he’s applied for pubg job. Maybe he’s got it and can’t get directly involved with community anymore while waiting for his @pubg_300IQbestofalltimes gamertag
  6. And how about me crashing my head on a bridge off the motorbike, so you only had half the job to do...?
  7. This is my highlight...shooting @TR4KERZ in his face through a toilet paper roll on a fair distance - I knew we were alone in the area, so I was looking for you for good 5 minutes https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/76301519 Also sorry to @Prinzar for my cheeky nade on Erangel, I thought I was dead, while flanking you thru’ blue was so stressed that I didn’t clip it. Nice push man, but luck was slightly on my side until @jjarQue hunted me down...GG man, but I slightly suspect HnK stands for house & keyboard @nukeyy1 your 3rd party kill on Miramar will not be forgotten
  8. Just been looking for it and I found waiting war mode. ...so I joined
  9. Do we have enough manpower? I might get +1 if we’re low, as my duo mate msged me for a game. Tatarka81, check his background and let me know
  10. @WainZ0r I will definitely pop in for some fun! Been busy, not reading forums too much - same time?
  11. I feel the best with canted + x3 on any automatic weapon with x6 sniper on my back I need the 3x, I potato with dot/holo any further than 50m
  12. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tatarka81/video/76218697 that bad?
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