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  1. dopestone1

    Bag of potatoes and mutual destroy

    Cheers I just imagined him laughing at me and couldn’t let him get away with it. I tried the balcony first hoping for some rounds or a pan...nothing! If I took the main door, maybe he wouldn’t load up.
  2. dopestone1

    Bag of potatoes and mutual destroy

    That’s another thing, I only started playing FPP last week, after it was being bragged about a lot on the forums. I’m from EU and I can confirm that you can only get match in NA and only between 5/6pm GMT until early AM - that’s probably the reason for the funny desync death However, this potato of mine was unjustifiable, I had a 5 minute temptation to sell my xbox I hope the FPP will feel better with the new FoV (didn’t try it on PTS) and the new matchmaking system, I kinda got hooked to it after 100s of hours on TPP, new challenge. 🤞
  3. dopestone1

    Bag of potatoes and mutual destroy

    No worries man, you’re welcome, that was the purpose I wish I had enough time to put a laughter audio background to it
  4. dopestone1

    Bag of potatoes and mutual destroy

    I knew I messed up when I let him escape the garage with only iron sights and half mag left rest was spray n pray...unheard
  5. I got used to the fact, that when you f**k it up in THIS kind of style...the game just won’t let you win anymore and I fully deserved it. Only thing I don’t get about it, is how at last I didn’t get the kill as well. It says he punched himself to death. Did my dead char head butted him on its way down? Was he shooting too close to me and the recoil knocked his last tooth out? Karma? Or just a little lag? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/67489352
  6. dopestone1

    Brimming with anticipation!

    I think you’ve improved your solo kd on me earlier today, if I remember the GT right
  7. dopestone1


    Worked for me!
  8. dopestone1

    Type A vs Type B

    TPP - type A FPP - type B
  9. dopestone1

    Come on...

    An old Canadian saying goes: “can’t get access? Use your axes.” Call it an axcess lol
  10. dopestone1


    Socks and sandals please!
  11. dopestone1

    Forums rank chart

    Ok, no worries. Thanks for your reply! 👍
  12. Hey all, Not that I’d be too bothered, but just wondering if there’s any chart of the ranks you can get to on the forums? Interested to see how the ranking works. If it’s content count, or your +/- points, or both together? Thanks for any hints!
  13. dopestone1

    Sniper kills not counting

    Nope, sadly it counts as an SR kill for your mate, not you. You’ll get your “kill animation”, but it won’t record towards any of the weap class. If you knocked him with SMG and finished with SR, it’s an SR kill and vice versa. That’s how I usually complete bare hand kills. Shoot his face with whatever you want and slap him to death while he’s limping around. Once again, I recommend to all survival event hunters, do your kill challenges in solo, in order to prevent frustration. The missions are designed for solo and are a bit harder in duo/squad from obvious reasons (the DBNO thing).
  14. dopestone1

    PTS Duos is now on???

    Shit is real, only reason I post here is because PTS wouldn’t match up and I’m waiting for live to load up Edit: live works ok