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  1. dopestone1

    My first teaming encounter...

    Hi Andy, thanks for your comments. May I ask if you issue bans to Microsoft accounts or IP addressed? Thanks
  2. dopestone1

    My first teaming encounter...

    Funny thing happened, just noticed an email in my inbox about receiving 5 warning points for exposing cheaters on the forums - I didn’t, I’ve trimmed it not to do so. So I went to check on my forum profile and the warning points were already wiped off, so I really don’t know what to think of it... @Takarii, I’ve noticed you’ve visited my profile today, so maybe you could shine some light on? Sorry guys, the only thing that is exposing cheaters/teamers is your ban system, that allows the teamers to cheat on and on for so long, that they’re notoriously known around here and nobody needs to say their names anymore - just look at the comments. If they were banned ages ago, no one would know them and they’d be just an unknown bunch of banned cheaters..
  3. dopestone1

    My first teaming encounter...

    I’ve filed it in game after they killed me. UI assured me they take it seriously and make individual judgments, so let’s see if I ever meet them again.
  4. dopestone1

    My first teaming encounter...

    Yup I can confirm that his gamer tag included these 2 letters @trakkerx - this one has only got 19 matches played (8hrs) and only ever played pubg, so it’s clear they keep getting new accounts - which is beneficial to BH, as they must keep purchasing the game over and over again. IP ban would work, unless you can VPN your Xbox - never tried that, so not sure.
  5. There used to be a wall between the 2 rooms upstairs in this house. @PUBG_Andymh5 is this intentional or accidental? Only noticed that after the last patch. Cheers https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/73227635
  6. ...and it was a funny one. As you can see, I did everything to stop them I trimmed it so I don’t expose them publicly after they butchered me, but mostly to not expose my pommes frittes They’ll be one of the first pioneers to the new ban system. 👍 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/73225702
  7. dopestone1

    Cars Engine wont stop. My FIX

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be the driver. I always shut the car after my mate drives, because he’s looting somewhere already
  8. dopestone1

    Any good noob goals/targets to aim for?

    When I first started feeling I’m getting the grip, my first goal was to have positive KDR. 👍 Then I started challenging myself with playing only with certain weapons. Few days with just AK, then M4, then Vector, etc.... Have fun!
  9. Happens to me as well...at the moment when furniture loads in to the buildings.
  10. dopestone1

    Controller inputs

    It did! And it worked! Thanks a lot man! How this could affect so many buttons and functions...cyberworld functioning is beyond me lol Make an announcement about it, or you’ll be flooded by panicking B users
  11. dopestone1

    Controller inputs

    Hey, I’m on B
  12. dopestone1

    Controller inputs

    Hey there, is anyone experiencing issues with controls after the update? All my buttons and functions are messed up - pretty badly. Tried like 3 games, vikendi, sanhok and miramar, restarting both game and console - didn’t help. E.g.: •unable to switch or pull a weapon using Y - leaves me to handguns and throwables •unable to view inventory - takes me straight to leave menu •unable to decrease the size of the minimap •unable to ads or soft aim •character starts loading up a weapon without pressing reload •auto-run switches on after single tapping R3 •rapping to switch firing mode makes the character inspect the weapon straight away •unable to freeview with RB - whole character spins around and switches to FPP view. •character skips crouch and goes straight to prone while pressing B •unable to use boots while driving a vehicle •sure there’s more the game also loads up extremely long, I played 3 games now and none of them I saw the lobby of it, always loaded when in 1/4 of the flight route. ...and yet I managed to kill a man who got an AK with my pistol lol. Vids will follow after upload. @PUBG_Andymh5 has anyone else reported this? Thanks
  13. dopestone1

    Boycott ?????

    How boring does he have to be to be nicknamed after a cricket player lol
  14. dopestone1

    Slow UAZ vikendi

    Hello, We took an UAZ from a garage on a pier in Trevno. The vehicle wouldn’t exceed a speed of 40km/h even while driving on a road - not snow, and boosting it didn’t help either. Switching drivers didn’t improve the issue. We then left the UAZ and took a snowmobile, which was “bugged” too, but it started driving fine after a tiny “lag” which can be spotted in the video too. Sorry if already reported somewhere (I searched but couldn’t find it). Also sorry that the vid is a bit longer but I didn’t have time to trim it, skip until we get in the car. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/72131439
  15. dopestone1

    Survival Points/ Season Rewards

    I was gonna say. I remember when it was just you on it - I clocked it when u had 113hrs. edit: it must have been only like 200hrs after the season started - do you even sleep/eat/defecate? (not even bothered to ask about work)