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    General Map Issues

    Vikendi Landing at Castle only to be shot by people under the map. Please fix. Til then I will avoid landing at Castle. Pretty sure it happens at Abby (mansion) stay out or be shot from under map. Sooooooo Ridiculous
  2. Selecting Throwables then trying to switch back to your gun only to find out that you can not without pulling up your tab-loot screen and selecting your weapon. Has not got me killed yet but it has been trying to.
  3. RipStien27

    Under the Map on Vikendi at Castle

    Same happens on villa, there able to get under the big Mansion. I refuse to drop at these locations.
  4. When playing with friends there is always someone in the party who can’t ready up. Happens after every game. The only fix if for that person to go to the title screen and wait for an invite. Happens a lot more since new update.
  5. If when using any vehicle while playing FPP you had the Option to switch to TPP only when operating a vehicle. Would this bring players over to FPP?