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  1. I'm playing to enjoy 😊 Thank you for your answer... I will for sure... Thanks for the advice Regards
  2. Thank you very much dude, that's what I was trying to say. Thank you
  3. You will be pissed because it's advantage, and you know that, plus you are maybe a hardcore player before the pubg, so you play it in pubg... I'm not against you, but in situations like face to face fpp it's much better with aiming... What ever, no one from the dev answerd, so don't worry 😅...
  4. I didn't understand you? My name is the same in game you can see or chick I said sorry for my English 😂
  5. NATH, NO because most of them they are really pro players and they are comfortable with fpp in other game (no name) . Yes not all of them but almost. And if you are face to face they have advantage even if you are a pro
  6. OK thank you for answering, but for me it's really unfair 😭, I'm not enjoying my game because of those hardcore pro player...
  7. Hi I'm a newbie in pubg, and I'm getting killed like 70% of my games from fpp players in tpp servers, why not block fpp for fpp and tpp for tpp, like fpp it's only for fpp... Please can anyone answer me? Can dev. Block it? If you will ask why, if you are a not newbie player you can see the advantage in fpp Sorry for my English Regards
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