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  1. mightydrwolf


    Hello I was get kill by teaming guys like 2 times (different guys) , and I reported them, and today I saw a 4 guy's teaming and the streamer reported them, my question is, how can I report by video( to make 100% sure that they will not do it again ever never? Did pubg do something for those peoples? Is there something I can do to do against those guys who are teaming? Regards
  2. I have the same and I made a video, but I don't know how to share it from Xbox to the World 😅
  3. mightydrwolf

    Why this game join me to OC server

    I have the same problem I'm in EU too (Germany), and it's keeping me enter to OC servers like 30-40% of my game... I thought this problem only with me 🤔