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  1. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    Phil the A Mech is my GT. Like you I play when I can which usually involves booting my son off so I can grab a game.
  2. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    I'm nearly 40 so don't worry, you young whipper snappers.
  3. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    Fucking loved Goldeneye. I was epic at that. Think it was the first game I played that would produce different results depending on where you shot i.e. a groin shot would see your enemy go down holding his nuts in agony. Doom and Halo were both ground breaking too. Never really played quake but I do remember there were cheats for doom that if you tried to use on quake (same company) it would remove all of your weapons. Also played Wolfenstien 3d it was really basic but great fun. Duke Nukem was one of the first games I played that was aimed at adults with a great array of weapons. Great times.