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  1. LORD P

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I personally think a monitor is better for shooters. I always have been better on them myself. That being said I know plenty of people who play on tvs 50"+. ALL PREFERENCE
  2. LORD P

    Footstep Audio Changed?

    Cant help but feel this way myself.. a lot of times recently I find myself with people on top of me and I say to myself "how the hell didn't I hear them".... I have a great headset to so I know that's not the issue. Idk maybe they did make them a bit more quiet 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. LORD P

    Lightening has struck!

    id go play the lotto!!! lol congrats dude!!!!!
  4. Amongst all the whining let me shed a ray of happiness! From a guy just like everyone else who always gets shafted on the crates I struck some gold this week. First I got the tinted biker glasses from the survival drop after a LONG wait. I know a lot of people got them early on but I never did. I got to level 136 (way higher than most got) on the original survival rewards and never got them (so mad). I thought that was over and I missed them until I realized you still get the survival crates when you level up in the Vikendi pass. SO poof I just got them..HUGE score for me! Next - Today they handed out the Snow beanie and glasses from the scavenger hunt. I got both and think they're both pretty nice! Something everyone won't have.. Only true fans and tryhards which is my favorite type of gear! Didn't see many people wearing them today when I played 🤷🏼‍♂️. I know other stuff could be getting worked on as far as performance but I thought the scavenger hunt was fun and something different. FINALLY- dun dun dun....! I managed to get lucky and get the AVIATOR GOGGLES from the Biker Crate!!!! WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOO WOOOOOOO! I wanted them so bad. They spice every outfit up and even look fly with my balaclava! I woulda took a sleeveless biker jacket but hey I LOVE EM! Been so long since I got anything new/rare from the OG reward crates. SO HYPE. Like I said I know there's performance issues that need addressed and and you can cry about that but I enjoy this small stuff...along with getting some wins and hitting some challenges, im having a great week on PUBG so far. WHO ELSE!?
  5. LORD P

    final word on 1X

    I have the Sony tv in 50" and 55" in my house...Played on both and with the X it looks Phenomenal however I normally play on a Samsung 4k monitor bc I prefer shooters on a smaller screen.. Looks great on there too. A tv is always a great upgrade but the X makes it so much better. WAY WORTH IT! Pull the trigger bruh!
  6. DUMBEST skin to date. Useless and CORNY. Lets keep PUBG gritty . Leave that cartoon junk with Shmortnite
  7. LORD P

    Supply Pack False advertisement!?

    Yea this is dumb. They're my favorite pants and I cant even wear them.
  8. LORD P

    Supply Pack False advertisement!?

    AGREE! What makes me even more salty is all the BP I spent to get my cowboy hat and red jacket just to have them be sold and lose all their prestige. That just completely de-valued an item I slaved to get, grinding for BP. Makes me sick. Super unfair to a guy like me who put in the work to get some rare items like that. LAME 👎🏼
  9. LORD P


    Its ironic I came across this thread... Just this week I played (and actually won) a match on Mirrimar that ended on the island in the south end of the map. It was super south actually and ended in the Mountains below Minas del Sur. Ive been playing over a year and I can assure you this is pretty rare. EVEN CRAZIER, the same day I had a friend snapchat me a final circle that ended on the smaller island all the way east of the corner of Puerto Parasio. I watched a video on youtube once saying that was the rarest final circle on Mirramar. Im not sure if thats true or not but again, VERY RARE! Pretty cool. These circles definitely make for a fun game and add a nice little twist. I would love to see more of these. Here was the second or third to last circle from my game https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/l0rd-c0mmander1/screenshot/11482699
  10. LORD P

    Safe zones

    Might as well have hit markers and enemy pings on the mini map....hahaha I hope this was a sarcastic post 😑
  11. "Currently, the only thing you can show off is that you have either spent a bunch of time in this game... or that you have spent a bunch of money in this game (for example, anyone who has already gotten the Survival lvl 99 Horse head mask, obviously just paid to level up. It is just ridiculous.. and under previous BP model, it is "Oh wow he got super lucky to get that, too bad I never will" But nothing shows off skill or encourages people to play better." ^^^^ SO TRUE AND MY BIGGEST BEEF AS AN ADVID SKIN COLLECTOR! I just made a post about how i've been discouraged from grinding for skins bc of this factor. With the flawed reward system simply grinding for BP and buying crates was the objective so basically if you had a rare item you'd been playing for a while and finally got what you wanted OR got REALLY lucky. I wasn't big on this but still at least the rare items had some prestige to them simply bc they were so rare. NOW its a complete mess!! Almost every cool item is available for purchase in some way or another and us players who have been around for the long hall have been completely disrespected by devs making A LOT of the previously "rarest' skins available for purchase or even worse given away!. Examples; - Faux leather jacket - cowboy hat brown - military jacket - mini skirt black - mini skirt purple the list goes on.... Some may have seen me complain on other posts that were similar. I spent hundreds of thousands of BP on western military crates in fact that was the only crate I bought for months trying to get a cowboy hat and the leather jacket...Fast forward now, Vikendi drops and they offer both of them for purchase in the supply pack. WHAT A JOKE! All the hours I spent grinding for the BP to have an item few haver just to have it sold for a measly 10$. Completely de-valued those items and took away all the previous prestige and aura they had before N O T F A I R 👎🏼
  12. LORD P

    New map is killing the game

    TRUE. Most people, myself included, didn't like it at first because it was so hard. It was unlike any game I played before but it grabbed me because I wasn't instantly good and bc it was so different from most other shooters. LOVE IT
  13. You mean I can still acquire the biker glasses!!!? Woahhh I was soooo salty I didn't get them before.. I got to level 136 still no glasses. Hoping to get them soon if this is the case..?
  14. LORD P

    PUBG falling behind?

    Im PubG til the end. Im invested and i've put in too much time to start playing another BR. I always have and always will defend PubG but theres no doubt its losing interest. People are tired of the bugs, the rough cut maps, the UI, the reward system and everything. Hope to see that all change but its facts.
  15. LORD P

    VK Scavenger Hunt

    Made a post wondering the same thing... Whats the deal !? Haven't heard anything yet either 😪