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  1. LORD P

    Map Select Option Please!

    This is a beyond played out topic. So over it especially with the plethora of other real issues concerning actual game play. Next topic please 👏🏼👋🏼
  2. LORD P

    Ray of Light

    There ya go
  3. LORD P

    Ray of Light

    Theres been a lot of people posting (myself included) sad posts about the state of this game. Figured to switch up the vibes id say something positive and get everyone a little pumped up about some Saturday action. Amidst all the horrible bugs and overall bad state of the game, last night I actually had one of the best nights EVER with my squad mates. After an admittedly bad week that we all had had we played 8 games last night: We got 2 second places to start.... THEN.... WE WON FIVE IN A ROW!!!! almost won the 6th in a row too but we got 3rd place 😪 So solid though, L0RD C0MMANDER1 : Recent Matches Recent matches from the XBOX servers. 15 RECENT MATCHESSHOW MATCH PREVIEWS Anyway. Like I said amidst everything else it def got me hype to play today. NOTE ; I just signed up for PubG Lookup...Still a bit new to how it works.. How do you copy the page over with the stats? I tried to copy paste the match List for proof but the format got all butchered when I pasted it here... Not scared to show like many on this site.
  4. LORD P

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Yeah Im unfortunately starting to believe there is no hope for this game even after allllllllllll the loyalty people like all of us have showed it over its lifespan. Im the ultimate die-hard PubG loaytlist to put it mildly and I'm almost at my breaking point. The culmination of new issues, the regression the game just took from its last patch and the neglect the community receives especially in comparison to the other platforms is crazy. Im going to keep crying until then end though. Truly this is my favorite game ever. This game single handedly rejuvenated my interest in gaming and even got me to buy a new console after not owning one for years. It truly breaks my heart to watch it fade into nothing because neglect. Ive really noticed the community shrinking via LFG posts. Sad SAD sad sad sad sad sad sad sad.
  5. LORD P

    what to do while waiting?

    Being sad praying my favorite game of all time doesn't die from neglect.. Trying to stay positive.
  6. LORD P

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Sure if you want the absolute best play an SSD will be the best option but it shouldn't be necessary JUST to play the game. I bought theXbox One X specifically for pub G and I'm also hard wired as well. I could buy this garbage it in "game preview" because that's what it was but the fact they released a "1.0" and call it finished and A YEAR AND A HALF later we've regressed to issues that we had the first 2 months is simply DISGRACEFUL. Also theres people on this thread and many other threads saying they're hard wired with SSDs having the same issues. Thats whats silly. I feel bad for people who spent good money on SSDs to have the same issues. Complete bull feces
  7. LORD P

    Question for top level players

    This is advice you can't just give bc so many factors factor into the decision making in a final circle. It's all situational. Position, number of players remaining, skill level, weapons, time, zone all effect the plan. What your asking comes down to the age old question, do you want to win or do you want kills. Generally speaking, its usually advantageous to get position in the final circle if you are indeed trying to win.. This means based on circle, either holding your ground or taking it efficiently from your enemies while the small amount of people left take each other out.
  8. LORD P

    Replay Feature Poll.

    Theres a slew of issues going on making the game borderline unplayable and everyone is still asking for kill cams and proximity chat etc... C'MON!! These would all be cool yes but lets get the game running properly before any of this is even considered. Wishful thinking and cool ideas won't make my buildings render quicker. CHOP CHOP!
  9. LORD P

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Was hoping maybe @PUBG_Andymh5 would know something/anything about a plan moving forward? Is there a plan to combat this slew of issues. Its time to do something. Even all the loyalist are up in arms Its unacceptable.. WHATS THE DEAL?
  10. LORD P

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Haven't had as many issues finding games but yeah I have had a few 1-3 minute waits. My issues have been primarily with the rendering, all the lags, freezing and the worst, GAME CRASHES
  11. Um just wondering if anyone knows what the plan is moving forward after this horrible patch..? It's killing me to see PubG in the SORRY state that it's in. Im a die hard fan. I play every night and have since day one. Ive delt with all the issues from patches over the lifespan of this game and this has got to be the worst to date. I typically won't complain like i'm about to but this last patch is literally UNACCEPTABLE! I am blown away by the regression that has taken place after this update. I can understand and tolerate SOME new bugs from solving other issues. I know this goes hand in hand. That being said, as a super PubG loyalist who has been defending this game and its devs for over a year and a half I have to say this last patch is making this game unenjoyable. I play on an xbox one X and have always been able to overlook rendering issues bc they simply weren't that bad or didn't occur at all to me but now I can say im upset and this isn't going to work. Loot is its whole own issue but now, how can you expect anyone to land hot if not only is the loot scarce but buildings don't render in for 10-15 seconds, frames drop and the game freezes as a result, people are shooting through walls, getting IN rocks and the worst of all THE GAME IS CRASHING AGAIN!!!! Is this a year ago? Did we just take 100 steps backwards? I haven't had the game crash in months and now its happened 4 times this week. This is disgraceful. To list A FEW of MANY issues; - Literal GAME CRASHES (WTF) -Frame drops causing freezing - slow matchmaking -dropping players from lobbies -rendering -shooting through walls -rock glitch - The UI in the menus -shooting through buildings -Gun jam glitch (Pull trigger and nothing happens) WHEN CAN WE EXPECT SOME REAL FIXES?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I DONT WANT TO SEE PUBG FADE INTO NOTHING BECAUSE OF NEGLECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. LORD P

    post your best shots/ epic moments

    I have loads of grenade clips I wanted to upload bc I truthfully feel I am in a league of my own with grenades and could create possibly the best montage of all time. I tell my boys this all the time, BUT this really tickled me this week. 2X- AKM- SINGLE FIRE- DEEP I know he's going to peek so I fire in anticipation. Probably wondered how he got tagged so quick 😂 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/l0rd-c0mmander1/video/73034496
  13. LORD P

    Female Characters - Poll

    Funny lots of noobs probably don't even remember the days it used to cost 3000 BP to change just your hair color on your character 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. LORD P

    Female Characters - Poll

    SAME! The first night I bought pubG I read this on a blog. Just like you said wishful thinking.. From there I had the same character basically since day one. Here or there ill switch it up based on outfit but I for the most part I usually use same character same outfit lol.
  15. LORD P

    Gun Jamming

    This happened to me as well. Thought I Was going crazy. Sounded looney to my squad mates when I said what happened. Needs fixed pronto