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  1. Yes, very annoying. hope there is a fix soon
  2. I agree... if you look at steam for pc there is SOOOOOOOO many skins. Where are they at for console ?
  3. Sounds like you've been finessed too many times.
  4. Yea not sure why they ever got rid of the original music. Its iconic, I love it lol
  5. Got 2 squad wins and also after a LONG hiatus, got a solo win as well! GOOD FIRST DAY!!
  6. Yeah I never really tried for one. Started buying wanderer crates like a month ago bc its the only one I never really bought a lot of.. To give credit to your point, I got it pretty quickly. Looks sick! Only problem is my balaclava looks better 😎
  7. Thats exactly my point! Why give away the rare items were talking about. They cant just throw 2 random DLCs out a month or something. Why does it have to be the stuff SOME PEOPLE were trying to grind for!?
  8. I get what your saying. My point, which I tired to explain to the first person who commented is that the way you guys are saying "someone gets lucky" is completely misleading. You're saying it like it's something really probable when it's not This isn't some 1/10 game of chance. Like many things, it's POSSIBLE yes, but almost never happens. Like getting struck by lightning. We all know it CAN happen but you'd bet your bottom dollar it never will. I know ultimately it's up to chance what comes from those crates, yes that is true. What im saying is the actual probability of you "getting lucky" as your saying is so astronomically low its insignificant. These items are undeniably Rare. I spent the whole 1 Million BP of the test server on all. military crates. I got 1 White cowboy hat as my rarest item.. To put it into perspective, the odds of getting the rarest item in those crates is almost the same odds of hitting a jackpot on 5$ scratch off. Below minimal. I agree the rarest of rare items should be EARNED. Ive said that forever. However, they are not. SO, the point of the OP here is that since they are not, it is dumb to put the only things that we can consider "Rare" in with passes and available for purchase. Like the post title says IT DE-VAULES THE ITEMS. Furterhmore, it de-values BP. What is the point of grinding to earn BP to get an item when you can buy it in the blink of an eye. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. "Your guy was 4 v 1, standing still, hiding in a house with windows on every side." Quite the downplay... I'll retort - Two of my teammates were behind me.. In reality they weren't even in the mix for that last kill. - NO he wasn't running but TBH I'm not too sure he even was "still". Thats debatable. He was definitely trying to hit that corner to hide but I'm not sure if you could even say "One Mississippi" before I shot him. He certainly wasn't statue like. I popped him as soon as I had the shot. Thats what I call striking a precisely the right moment....You got a 300 IQ though,😉 im sure you understand.
  10. I agree with everything you said except the sports stuff, terminator etc. thing The gritty military gear and every day looking clothes are what makes PubG what it is and not like Shmortnite. I don't want see Harry Potter or Arnold Schwarzenegger running around in PubG. Thats why many people like pub, it's realism. But yes they could easily make way more money just adding more variety. We've had the Same four crates for ages ! Pc has soooooooooooo many skins. Where they at!?
  11. Yesssss I've seen you post that SEVERAL times, old news...don't try to steal my shine Lolololol And if we want to continue to split hairs, - 4x as far? Thats being VERY generous but ok a little further though yes congrats - Your entire squad was firing on him... 4v1. Hard to say he was putting up any worth while "fight back" - "I also have around 10 crossbow headshots to win the game. This is the only one on YouTube and any clips I post, I always redirect to YouTube." is irrelevant to these two clips comparison but props to you. - I never ran a bow until a little over a month ago because it is indeed tough to get good with. I just took a liking to it recently. What i'm saying is you've spent much more time and effort specifically with the bow to obtain those clips and kills. I'll try and deliver some more for ya. Im happy with this clip.. It's Real clean. Coulda been better if I remembered to do an Emote though...Next time... 😪
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