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  1. Whew. We played with a random one day that was a straight thug and use all his terms. Holographic sight is now the Hologram sight. Red Dot is now the RedBox Scar is the Scarl. We call the SLR "The free kill gun" Recently my buddy got hit by a Molotov and called it a "fire stick" and that has stuck. We call the buggy "grocery cart" And we call the Bison the PP as everyone should. I'm sure there's more but that's our most common.
  2. I still wish we would get a hardcore mode. Force the fight. NO killing of downs. They still bleed out over time, you just can't kill them. To me, there's nothing worst than being shot through instantly when I get downed. Go play blackout with that crap.
  3. New season, bud. You'll get that every couple of months. No big deal. Download the app and look at your lifetime as someone else suggested.

    PTS with disc

    Does anyone know how to access the pts with the full release disc? My son got the game for his birthday and has been playing with me and my buds(he’s 6 and got a duo wipe by himself when we played the other day) and he wants to play the “snow level” with us and I can’t get the pts to download. Says he needs to “redeem code”.
  5. It sounds like that the kids uninstalling are giving up and are just bad at the game. The looting is confusing at first but once you get it figured out it is easily the best BR experience out there.
  6. You must of been having bad luck, bud. I had no less than 95 each match. One thing you could do is put it on Mini Royale. I know more people play just that, but I had a few matches on Erangel.
  7. 1st, Xbox did not have FPP playlists day one. You could switch to fpp in tpp playlist. 2nd, with pubg coming to gamepass FPP on xbox is heavily populated now. I got games instantly all weekend. I go this preordered for ps4. Ready to play with my ps4 buds that have been missing out.


    Tried multiple times to play fpp multiple times. Even waited 7 minutes one time to just be put in a game by myself. Can we add something to let us know the player counts so I don’t waste time trying to find a match?
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