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  1. best loot by finding a DMR/SR silencer in every house?
  2. unpopular? i fucking HATE Vikendi, biggest shit map ever, its even worse than Sahnokmrijrgrhkjgrhiko prefer erangler and miramar.... Tho, they should remake the mapselection to let you pick more than one map, for example if i only want to play mira or erangler, let me pick them, its not that hard, but apperently for butthole corp it is.
  3. Lightning4K

    Change maintaince time....

    Maybe cause i play games during the night smartass?
  4. Learn by Blizzard Entertainment, World of warcraft, start putting EU maintaince at 4-6 in the morning, and 4 hour!? WHat the hell are you doing in 4 hrs? BLizzard got maintaince for like 1 hour or so.... Its not like you are fixing stuff, i mean "fix pubg" just made the desync worse.....
  5. Lightning4K


    So you were one of the crybabies who whined about 1. The rain 2. The fog..... The BEST that they added that made the gameplay diffrent
  6. Lightning4K

    the Lobby UI

    Atleast Battlefield keeps everything in one UI, and the game itself is easier to find stuff than this UI in PUBG
  7. Lightning4K

    the Lobby UI

    Battlefield. CSGO ( BEFORE they updated it )
  8. Lightning4K


    "That's what the game is indented to be like." Yeaaa... right thats why when you walked on carpet it was silence and not loud as hell " if you are not good at that, then practice more and get better, or play defensive and camp." How many hours do you have? 10? i have over 890 hrs and i found that shit annoying since forever Its funny how you, "Hey im mr pro im the best at this game so i know that youre a bad palyer" i dont know why im even explaining to you.... i found that stepping loud as hell and annoying specially when sneaking up to players, This game should have a balance on the steps..... atleast decrease it when it comes to crouching and moving while standing/sitting still, it SHOULDNT be any sound its stupid
  9. Lightning4K

    the Lobby UI

    Make the lobby simpler... FOr example, If you end up in a group dont put the "leave party" button where it is now, move it to the first screen cause when you have annoying idiot friends who doesnt leave party when they gonna leave you have to "find" the button even if you know where it is.... And the season thing with XP and missions to do should be simpier imo... instead of this stupid oversized window where the text only takes 1% of the window, make it more compact..... People can read its not hard AND FIX the damn issue with the Squad duo auto change, as soon as friends joins it resets from what it is picked on current state, so if i had Duos FPP Miramar only before my friend joins to have it "fixd before he starts his game" it resets and that is annoying as hell
  10. Lightning4K


    Lol... its just a BS to have to do that.... Funny how some accept this overly loud walking....
  11. Lightning4K


    I want the game to let people sneak up idiots when they camp either inside houses or outside houses..... the superloud stepping is just bs
  12. Lightning4K


    Well thats a lie, cause me and my friends have tested that shit and you hear steppes from probarbly 10-20meters away......
  13. Lightning4K


    WHY is the SNEAKING part still so fkd up? Walking slow crouched, people still hear you from Mylta to Zharki..... FIX THIS SNEAKING SHIT PART, Steppes are to loud. specially when you try to sneak up on someone!
  14. Something needs to be fixd.... Only because you run INTO a car, motocycle, buggy, etc etc you can get damaged for like 80% of the health..... just by TOUCHING IT in 10/Kmh or less... its bs
  15. Lightning4K

    Can we have trade back?

    Well grinding BP doesnt matter, you get like 500BP when you end first place in duos these days.... Sorry my words but CSGO seems to have "fixed it" and cant be bothered to care anymore, So why should PUBG corp? to greedy needing to keep getting money of skins? PUBG will be and always be a casual game since it isnt a "Esport ready" game that was quite offtopic... but removing the trading forever is just a stupid move.....