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  1. GoldOmar

    thats it they give up on us 😓

    yo if you have fun play without any new thing for a whole 2 month then you have a problem man even rainbow six push an a big update every 1.5 month ... man what you sayin ... i bet the update is full ready to push but they just keep us waitin to make us equal with ps4 players they want to push new things to both consle at the same time thats why we waitn here ☺️@fobyac
  2. a whole month and a week without anything thanks pubg corp 😁👍🏻
  3. GoldOmar

    Solo NA FPP dead?

    i think this game gonna be only tpp in the near futer
  4. GoldOmar

    Game crash: Megathread

    xbox one og in start of the match kick me to the dashboard
  5. GoldOmar

    Riot shield

    exactly ...
  6. GoldOmar

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    the movement man please i have been feedback 3 times on the test about that and no one respon to me
  7. GoldOmar

    Movement is trash

    no its so annoying .. start since the pts came out they fix the drift but they didnt brought back the old movements
  8. GoldOmar

    Movement is trash

    pleaseeeeeeeee just keep the same left stick movement from live servers to the test ... its so weird ???
  9. GoldOmar

    Miramar Render Times

    same on the og
  10. GoldOmar

    new left stick movement is soo bad

    it more sensitive .. like if you want to go straight and you pushed your stick a slightly tiny left or right .. you gonna start moven weird directions
  11. GoldOmar

    new left stick movement is soo bad

    yeah they need to fix it asap
  12. GoldOmar

    new left stick movement is soo bad

    its so bad and different the live server is way more better with movement the test is too way sensitive and hard to move in straight line