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  1. People with lvl3 vest are impossible to kill with SR. They take so many hits, dmr is thr only way to go with all the lootdrops now. This will balance that.
  2. It is still happening to me very frequently. 1/5 matches id guess. 1070gtx latest driver.
  3. I plotted a graph myself. Based on this information: https://developer.nvidia.com/content/analysing-stutter-–-mining-more-percentiles-0 I think I do have a small stutter problem. Let's see what vikendi does...
  4. I did some testruns on Erangel with no OC on my GPU, fast sync on, 1440p low settings, capped to 70fps. Somehow the document wouldnt generate the FPS data, so I have no graphs. But basically, I got a really stable average fps and pretty good frametimes most of the time (70fps is 14.2 ms) I had that 65% of the time, 99% of the time I had 20 or lower. It does mean though, that it feels like 60-70fps 35% of the time, like 40fps 1% of the time, and like 30 fps 0,1% (the stutter). I noticed that erangel is a very stable map. It gets a lot worse and I can never get stable fps on Vikendi. So I'll be sure to post more on that. Conclusion: I dont know what I did for tricks, but the extremities have gone mostly on Erangel. I used to have 0,1% of 5-10fps (so 100-150ms frametimes).
  5. I also want increased loot. Especially in squad games, its just such a gamble to get a vest or weapon. Maybe like 1.5 times. I hardly ever drop small towns cause its such a struggle to get sth like an ar with scope for each. And i simply do not think 10-15 min looting has ath to do with survival. I do like the openess of erangel, but am curious to see the revamp.
  6. Why would a game get 100+ fps but still terrible frametimes and the hardware is to blame? Im sorry but i really dont get why my 2666mh 16gb, 4ghz i7 5930k and gtx 1070 cant get smooth frame times
  7. my Motherboard cant run at 3200mhz (i would have to OC my CPU first). I will look for differences between 2133 and 2666.
  8. Funny enough. If I would post you a screenshot of the ingame graph. It would look very stable too. The same as yours. But if you look at the graph in windows-msi afterburner, you see the real deal. There are in fact a lot more peaks...Can you try that?
  9. It says last 30 days, not 'march'. So i assume its the last 30 days
  10. So what's your frametime graph? have you ever tested it?
  11. This is A. A replay, very unreliable. B. He probably had an angle and hit u just as u moved. 'hit.behind.cover' C. Every game has this, its impossible to fix completely, because if it would be completely server side, nobody would ever hit their Target because players would already be on anothrer.position.
  12. Ye i know that stuff and it works fine. Motherboards are made so speed is divided among the slots in a most efficient way, having 2 3200mhz sticks will thus be slower than 4x 2666mhz
  13. Even when I set the frame limit to 60, spikes are still frequent and mostly around 30-40ms. It does feel a lil smoother lately. Have tried a couple of tips and tricks and it got rid of the 100ms spikes. But I wouldnt know what exactly helped. I will first try to play with 3200mhz ram. even though my pc can handle about 100-110 fps average. btw. 2 sticks of 3200mhz run at dual, so it prolyl wont do much good. If it would even work on my mainboard.
  14. I will try that. Although I also tried the 4x 4gb on 2666 with the result i posted.
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