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  1. Wow.... So much for level streaming optimisations! I remember when this used to happen before I got an SSD in a buggy/uaz. Then they added the Mirado, a car that does 140+ km/h, completely outpacing the streaming on slower drives...
  2. You only have to look on YouTube at the xim PUBG demos people create to understand how bad some of these players are with a mouse. If they are as bad or worse on controller then I welcome them as an m+k player, they are going to need all the advantages they can get...
  3. Actually I've figured out that you don't need a Xim to do all of this. Someone has created a software virtual device which emulates a controller that's compatible with the Game Streaming feature on the Windows Store Xbox app. (It's available on GitHub) Here's the kicker, even hardwired on my PC/Xbox there's video lag - But on the flipside... it's not input lag, it's video lag... sooooo.... If I ignore the video stream on my laptop and just use the virtual device as input, the latency from input to movement is probably as little as 1ms - so looking at my TV and using the keyboard/mouse on my laptop it feels completely responsive with no delay from input to action.. With the sens on 20 for everything it feels pretty close to what I'd imagine a native mouse control to be like on PUBG - I'm not sure how the Xim feels as I don't have one/wouldn't buy one, but note that you don't need a Xim to get PC feel mouse controls out of PUBG. I've been running around the shooting range trying it out and bearing in mind that I sit on a dining chair (my couch isn't close enough to the TV) so I have to use my right knee as a mouse mat I doubt I'd be able to slay people like Shroud can, but I know it's possible to get close to PC feel on Xbox. I'm way more comfortable on M+K than controller, but if I wanted to play M+K I'd have to get a gaming PC (I have a decent laptop, but the GPU is mediocre as I use it for work not play - Dell XPS, not a gaming machine). I wouldn't take this into a game - it's unfair, and TBH it's also very inconvenient for me to pull a desk into my front room just to get some headshots, but it's possible. However, this still brings me to my original conclusion that there can't be that many mouse players. If there were, why aren't "mouse" players constantly destroying me when I use a controller? Considering it takes 5 minutes to setup a keyboard/mouse combo on PUBG you'd expect to be slaughtered by some god every game... Except the issue is that not a lot of people are good on a mouse and they don't actually have an advantage...(usually the same people that are crap on controller are crap with a mouse)
  4. You have an upside down brain, I don't get why the map shouldn't also be upside down for you? What about all the people that want the map controls to be inverted too? I used to play inverted mouse on CS1.6 - it doesn't actually take long to re-train your muscle memory to work the normal way, I now play regular on CSGO, still wreck people.
  5. Practice, you will destroy these plebs given enough game time...
  6. Don't need to look far, guy still sucks with mouse - his aim is terrible considering he has the most accurate headshot device known to man. If this is representative of the average mouse user no wonder I'm not getting slaughtered. Everyone he kills is a bot and he still struggles.
  7. Yeah I get your point - though I have seen people who are good on controller completely suck with a mouse because they've hardly ever used it - and some people never get much better. Still waiting for these clips of mouse users killing everyone though. I honestly can't say that I've ever run into someone who I thought was blatantly using a mouse..
  8. I wanna see these clips - I know people do use a mouse but I don't think it gives them PC style responsiveness/aim, I bet it's still clunky compared to PC and doesn't make your aim much better than a good controller user. Some people's mouse aim is terrible too.
  9. You obviously don't understand how mouse works on Xbox at the moment. You move the mouse left, the converter (Xim or whatever, it's the only one I know) looks at the mouse movement and moves the left stick for you the amount you moved the mouse. It's not raw mouse input - it's just a tool to convert the mouse movement to pad movement. Therefore, you cannot argue that you can do things on a mouse that a controller user can't do because it's impossible because a mouse user is still using the controller!
  10. Right, except EU FPP is dead - I don't play TPP - there's no FPP Duos in Europe due to the player numbers. I wait 20+ minutes for FPP games.. takes forever, then games start with 20 players... I'm speaking the truth my friend - the devices you can use for mouse input are EMULATED. It's not mouse input, it's controller input through a mouse. It's limited to what the controller can do. I'm not saying that you can't be more accurate with a mouse because on the whole a mouse is generally more accurate, I'm just saying it's possible for controller users to do anything a mouse can do if they are good enough since when you are using a mouse on xbox you are really just using a controller...
  11. Take shrouds aim away is a little unfair, but give him DrDisrespects aim and he would still be a bit better than the doc because his movement is better. Plus, there's a lot of people with shroud/close to shroud level aim... put shroud on the Xbox One though with a Xim and see if he goes around wrecking people. Doubt it.
  12. How do you burst with a P1911? Have you got clips of it? The gun has a limit to how fast it can be fired, no rapid fire mod is going to make it fire faster. Stats: Time Between Shots 0.110s So you can't fire more than 9 bullets a second. I can easily fire almost as fast as that... Decent NA player here: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/god-gains/video/64841855 He makes a 180 and kills 2 people... to you maybe he's a mouse and keyboard player, to me he's just good... To be fair, I don't play EU much since it's so dead and I don't play TPP, but please, if you have clips share them - I want to see these unstoppable M+K players lasering the shit out of everyone on Xbox PUBG. Also, you can't make any movements that aren't possible on a controller because the M+K is emulating the controller. Mouse input is changed to controller input by the Xim/whatever one you have - all mouse movements are limited to what's possible on a controller. Yes mouse is generally more precise, but there's nothing you can do on a mouse that you can't do on a controller in PUBG XBox because you are still really just using a controller..
  13. Yeah but what's the difference between getting killed by a decent player and getting killed by a mouse and keyboard player? You are going to have to overcome one or the other to win a game unless your game is filled with bots and you get lucky.. Also, to be fair, most of the game isn't about aim - it's about movement/position (movement is really important in a firefight - standing still gets you killed). Aim helps, but players with amazing m+k aim and no idea how to move/position are still gonna get destroyed. The reason shroud doesn't die is not just his aim, his movement is insane. Look at his movement and forget his aim for a minute - learn to do the same as best you can.
  14. Clips? I've seen no M+K players as far as I can tell... I mean I don't watch everyone that kills me because I rarely get absolutely lasered by anyone except people I know already... (you know, the top players that land at bootcamp on NA servers every single time..) Not saying I haven't run into a couple, just never thought "jesus that guy was definitely K+M" - maybe the odd K9 flick headshot that had me cursing, but a quick spec shows controller style input...
  15. I used to play CS 1.6 at a competitive level back years ago, I know how good a mouse is - I'm not shroud level aim but I'm pretty decent. I joined a CSGO server a few months back (since I've not really played it much) and got accused of cheating within 2 rounds - so I know exactly how accurate a mouse is... But.... I have a mate who plays R6:Siege - he uses a mouse (Xim I believe) to do so and he says it works well for Siege. He's really good with a controller but the mouse gives him a fighting chance against all the other mousers that exist at diamond level (there are a lot in R6 Siege) - I've only been up to Plat II and maybe fought the odd diamond but not been at the very top so... Anyway, I asked him to play PUBG, he was all up for it - he played it and said it was really hard to play, there was a lot of input lag due to the frame rate and a lot of mouse jitter. It didn't give him any real advantage and I out-fragged him every game with my controller. I'm not saying that he couldn't get better with the mouse after he got used to it, but I don't think on Xbox that it's going to give you an amazing advantage - plus you need to actually be good with a mouse to take advantage of the extra precision... I've seen some kill-cams in CSGO when I've been 1 v 8 or something on public and the guy that kills me only manages to kill me because I'm being swarmed... some people's aims are godawful and will never get better.
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