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  1. Charlieboy

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    Definitely, winning is boring unless you killed 10+ people to get there
  2. Charlieboy

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    Stop going inside buildings...simple. There's no reason to apart from cover and you can take cover on the outside of a building. Here's what happens to people in buildings https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/65066945 Being inside a building does not make you safe, and it also means you lose all visibility/awareness of your surroundings. The only thing buildings are good for is temporary cover while you med or cover when you know where people are and have a better position. These two nutters decided buildings would be a good idea and both ran into them to hide. They died. Here's what I see when you pull up in your car outside a building and camp inside for a bit: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/63767691
  3. Charlieboy


    Wow.... So much for level streaming optimisations! I remember when this used to happen before I got an SSD in a buggy/uaz. Then they added the Mirado, a car that does 140+ km/h, completely outpacing the streaming on slower drives...
  4. Charlieboy

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    Sounds like a boring way to play the game. Nothing wrong with taking fights, that's the fun part, looking for the next strategic position is best left for PUBG tournaments which are pretty boring to watch. I'd be with your mates, I'd rather die with 15 kills than win with 2.
  5. Thumb grip is terrible. Like I said before, if I'm going to use any grip it's the vertical... reduces recoil so much. Why use anything else?
  6. Charlieboy

    Submit your BEST clip

    Ah man I wish I got a clip, was on Miramar and just got into circle, a lot of people driving in playing solo squads. Get a couple coming up a hill, see a mini bus drive in and park up about 100m away just behind the bottom of a hill, chuck a nade high, turn around and take out two people coming up the hill, then the nade goes off for a quad kill. The whole squad had got out to med up behind the van and the nade landed perfectly on them, I assume because of the slope it either air bursted them or rolled under the van to nuke them all. I always forget to record in solos because I'm too busy trying to not die...
  7. Charlieboy

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    You only have to look on YouTube at the xim PUBG demos people create to understand how bad some of these players are with a mouse. If they are as bad or worse on controller then I welcome them as an m+k player, they are going to need all the advantages they can get...
  8. Charlieboy

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Actually I've figured out that you don't need a Xim to do all of this. Someone has created a software virtual device which emulates a controller that's compatible with the Game Streaming feature on the Windows Store Xbox app. (It's available on GitHub) Here's the kicker, even hardwired on my PC/Xbox there's video lag - But on the flipside... it's not input lag, it's video lag... sooooo.... If I ignore the video stream on my laptop and just use the virtual device as input, the latency from input to movement is probably as little as 1ms - so looking at my TV and using the keyboard/mouse on my laptop it feels completely responsive with no delay from input to action.. With the sens on 20 for everything it feels pretty close to what I'd imagine a native mouse control to be like on PUBG - I'm not sure how the Xim feels as I don't have one/wouldn't buy one, but note that you don't need a Xim to get PC feel mouse controls out of PUBG. I've been running around the shooting range trying it out and bearing in mind that I sit on a dining chair (my couch isn't close enough to the TV) so I have to use my right knee as a mouse mat I doubt I'd be able to slay people like Shroud can, but I know it's possible to get close to PC feel on Xbox. I'm way more comfortable on M+K than controller, but if I wanted to play M+K I'd have to get a gaming PC (I have a decent laptop, but the GPU is mediocre as I use it for work not play - Dell XPS, not a gaming machine). I wouldn't take this into a game - it's unfair, and TBH it's also very inconvenient for me to pull a desk into my front room just to get some headshots, but it's possible. However, this still brings me to my original conclusion that there can't be that many mouse players. If there were, why aren't "mouse" players constantly destroying me when I use a controller? Considering it takes 5 minutes to setup a keyboard/mouse combo on PUBG you'd expect to be slaughtered by some god every game... Except the issue is that not a lot of people are good on a mouse and they don't actually have an advantage...(usually the same people that are crap on controller are crap with a mouse)
  9. Charlieboy

    Move map when playing with Y-Invert

    You have an upside down brain, I don't get why the map shouldn't also be upside down for you? What about all the people that want the map controls to be inverted too? I used to play inverted mouse on CS1.6 - it doesn't actually take long to re-train your muscle memory to work the normal way, I now play regular on CSGO, still wreck people.
  10. Charlieboy

    Sensitivity Settings

    https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/20319d34-851c-4849-8f97-b000780bf23d I assume these are a bit older @stevecarsonr? I see what you meant before about hip fire, I don't even think you OTS aimed on that first guy so it took a lot of 9mm to kill him. If there were any other criticisms I'd say that you should utilise leaning when you peek corners so that less of your body is on display and also that you were a little static when that other guy turned up which led to him getting an angle on you through a window. That leads to another question; are you using a headset to play the game or tv/monitor speakers? If you are not using a headset you are at a massive disadvantage to everyone else since you won't have positional sound.
  11. Charlieboy

    Sensitivity Settings

    Glad it helped, like I said, nothing wrong with OTS fire at very close range or ranges where you have a scope and it would be too difficult to use but you forgot/didn't have time to swap to your red dot/remove the scope. Hip fire is generally useless unless you are absolutely barrel stuffing someone and even then it can sometimes miss. Get any good clips yet of you wrecking some people? Would be good to see the difference between earlier gameplay clips and later ones
  12. Charlieboy

    Sensitivity Settings

    I find it very interesting that you pivot tabled your results but most accountants I know don't know what one is.
  13. Charlieboy

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Practice, you will destroy these plebs given enough game time...
  14. Charlieboy

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Don't need to look far, guy still sucks with mouse - his aim is terrible considering he has the most accurate headshot device known to man. If this is representative of the average mouse user no wonder I'm not getting slaughtered. Everyone he kills is a bot and he still struggles.
  15. Charlieboy

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Yeah I get your point - though I have seen people who are good on controller completely suck with a mouse because they've hardly ever used it - and some people never get much better. Still waiting for these clips of mouse users killing everyone though. I honestly can't say that I've ever run into someone who I thought was blatantly using a mouse..