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  1. It's been dying for a year, plenty of people still flogging this dead horse though...
  2. Charlieboy

    Digital Foundry PS4 video

    Why would they make the game run badly/look shitty on the Xbox One X? What corporate strategy does that form part of? If you can give a good answer then maybe you are onto something... "Let's make the game perform badly and look like shit, then we will make millions!"
  3. Charlieboy

    Digital Foundry PS4 video

    They said the X uses the higher resolution textures and so does the PS4 Pro... The Xbox one X is running at 4K resolution, not 1440p, how does the fact that higher resolution textures are used on a machine with less memory translate to the game being deliberately held back on the One? More likely they just bundle the same assets with the PS4 Pro console version that they do with the X. We also know that it's more than just texture detail, higher resolution textures are one thing, but shadow quality, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, post processing effects etc etc can be subtly different but be very taxing on the GPU. The X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro, but the game isn't going to look much different. You have been listening to the foil hat wearers again.
  4. Charlieboy

    Digital Foundry PS4 video

    What? Where do they say this at all? They say nothing of the sort.. and this is two people speculating too..
  5. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    Ok we reached some sort of agreement haha ...a rare thing on a forum!
  6. Yeah, didn't even notice him until he made a sound, that's the downside of being aggressive, you get killed by a random dude sitting in a bush with a QBU once in while, but usually those guys aren't that good and die soon after.
  7. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    You are arguing about semantics, no-one else is. A SCAR is an assault rifle. We aren't saying a SCAR is an AR, we are saying a SCAR is an assault rifle. It's simpler to type AR than assault rifle, the same way it's simpler to type BRB, AFK etc. No-one here is arguing that a SCAR is an ArmaLite rifle. We are just calling assault rifles ARs because it's a game forum and not a technical/gun enthusiast forum.
  8. I always roam looking for people, always push gunfire. Actually just came second with 13 kills to a guy that had 1 kill. I was his second kill. He ran from the fight because I lit him and just managed to get this blind nade throw from being a rock that landed right in my face, I'd even moved from my original position by about 30 feet... Sometimes you lose to rng I don't really have a plan other than figure out where people are and push them. I try not to run across an open field for too long though so there is some positional thought... this hilarious encounter was from that game: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/65393154
  9. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    Again, direct translation is "assault rifle". The two words together in German are concatenated, just because they are two separate words in German doesn't mean they retain their meaning when concatenated, it's one of the quirks of the German language. I'm using the terminology that's easiest to manage on a phone and one that works in the context of PUBG. I don't care if gun nuts use certain terminology. Are you saying the SCAR isn't an ArmaLite rifle or that the SCAR isn't an assault rifle? I can agree that it's not the former, but it is the latter. Arguing whether a SCAR is an AR because AR in your domain doesn't mean assault rifle is a little pedantic. ATM machine is redundant since the M in ATM stands for "machine", that doesn't mean it's wholly incorrect to say ATM machine and that you should correct everyone when they use it..
  10. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    You can be pedantic about the translation, language isn't so simple when it comes to translation. It means assault rifle. (Just because the words don't directly translate, German is funny like that, they concatenate two words and the final word means something different and is only a notion of the original two words)
  11. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    It does translate directly. "Storm-gun". Considering storm troopers were what the Germans called "assault troops" storm-gun is the weapons counterpart. Language is funny like that, storm doesn't mean thunder and lightning in this context, it means to rush forwards and overwhelm. We are talking about SMGs and ARs on a forum and some of us are using phones so typing assault rifle every time is going to get tiresome. I'm not disputing that you use the term AR for ArmaLite rifles, just arguing that by the words definition the SCAR add AKM are assault rifles.
  12. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    Wait, how is the SCAR/AKM not an assault rifle? Assault rifle came from the Germans when the Stg44 was manufactured during the war, the name literally translating from SturmGewehr. AR didn't stand for anything other than assault rifle until ArmaLite was founded in 1954 ten years after WWII...
  13. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    UMP is easy to use, therefore noobs like it because it gives them a chance before they develop recoil control skills. Recoil control isn't something you get immediately, it depends on attachments, which gun, your sens etc etc. I'd rather have the ability to long range people and be limited by my skills than be limited by the gun.
  14. Charlieboy

    SMG needs regulated

    What? It was the same distance... Just had a 2x on the M4... And the game stats show the UMP muzzle velocity is 400m/s with the M4 being 880m/s, I don't need a video to prove that, everyone knows it... The M4 bullets are more than twice fast as any 9mm. The VSS shoots at 330m/s being subsonic (hence the lack of sound when firing it)
  15. Charlieboy

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    Definitely, winning is boring unless you killed 10+ people to get there