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  1. hogstatushugo

    Time for an SSD?

    I moved PUBG to a SSD External on my XBOX One X and noticed the difference. I used to land and sometimes get stuck because of buildings not rendering but that doesnt happen anymore. You can find a 250gb SSD for under $30 and a Sata to USB 3.0 for under $5 on amazon.
  2. hogstatushugo

    Drop your best M24/Sniper related clip.

    AWM with a 2x Scope
  3. hogstatushugo


  4. Im on both. Add me Bossman650
  5. hogstatushugo

    Auto run is not working...

    I noticed that in PTS the autorun(double click left thumbstick) is not working like normal. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks