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  1. Xbox One X External SSD External HDD(captures) Customized Elite Controller(V1) Playstation Pro Astro A50's Speptre 27' 4K Monitor
  2. https://www.frys.com/product/9849845?nearbyStoreName=false&site=sunlanding060919
  3. Names me and my squad use for the barracks at base. .
  4. Water town = Water World DP-28 = Double Penetrator Apartments next to school(Erangel) = The Projects Pecado = Peck A Do
  5. I moved PUBG to a SSD External on my XBOX One X and noticed the difference. I used to land and sometimes get stuck because of buildings not rendering but that doesnt happen anymore. You can find a 250gb SSD for under $30 and a Sata to USB 3.0 for under $5 on amazon.
  6. I noticed that in PTS the autorun(double click left thumbstick) is not working like normal. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks
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