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  1. Looks to me like someone using keyboard and mouse. I hate that you can use k&m. In my opinion if you want to use a keyboard and mouse buy a PC and go play that
  2. I havent recieved my 100 G-COIN for reaching level 7 on this seasons premium.
  3. I just bought the Survivor premium pass and I was already level 3 it did not give me the first two items that you unlock and also my friend bought it and it did not level him up he bought 10 levels and then level them up what do we do
  4. And still no weapon skins for the SLR or the MUTANT in the new season. Instead add a bunch of emotes to make the gamr like trash fortnite.
  5. Rendering has been great for me and im on xbox one s
  6. For some reason my pubg pts is no longer with my downloaded games nor can i find it in the xbox store. Any advice
  7. Literally two weeks since any of the DEVS have given an update on what is going on with the game. The lack of communication is astonishing. No I'm not saying I want an update every day but at least once a week would be nice. You can be letting us know how the process is going for all the new stuff that you're planning on adding into the game. But no we get two weeks of Silence. I know I can't be and I know I'm not the only one that this bothers. There for a while you're giving us updates almost every week at least every two and damn all sudden that stop. You need to communicate with us. Thank you
  8. I get Vikendi almost every other game
  9. Thats my bad the guy got banned from Pubg for cheating. Proof
  10. Then go play on pc. Or use a controller.
  11. I got killed by a guy the other night. With a tommy single shot. 250m on the run never missed a shot. After he killed me i messaged him and asked him how. He openly admitted to using m/k and said hes been doing it since pubg came out. Then proceeded to call me a fucking noob. Well i reported the clip and his message. His xbox live account was perm band. You wanna use keyboard and mouse go play on PC.
  12. I guess im not having the same problems finding loot as everyone else. Every game ive played ive found ARs, DMRs, and SR. And i land at smaller groups of houses.
  13. JJMILLI22


    I guess im not having the same problems finding loot as everyone else. Every game ive played ive found ARs, DMRs, and SR. And i land at smaller groups of houses.
  14. The game is def going forwards but theres small things that i feel get over looked after many updates. Like shots not registering. The game has come a LONG way. I dont feel like it was ready for full release yet tho. I think they rushed it. I understand they are trying to keep us happy but at same time you gotta make sure your product is of quality.
  15. JJMILLI22

    TPP Matchmaking

    Havent been able to get into a solo for 3 days and can barely find a squad. Why even have the test server up if we cant use it. By far the WORST PTS!!!!!!
  16. So its gunna take uninstalling and reinstalling for matchmaking to work. WOW!!!!! Ive hard reset my xbox multiple times.
  17. JJMILLI22


    Is anyone else not able to get into a solo TPP match on the NA server. Ive tried all maps, mini and battle. Sitting in matchmaking for over 10 min. This is getting old. Ive had the game since it came out. I play it everyday. Then when i play on full release i get shot thru rocks thru buildings. My shots dont reg. IM LOSING FAITH IN THIS GAME.
  18. Im having the same problem trying to play solo on NA server.
  19. Im on the NA server trying to play solo and it will not matchmake. Ive tried all maps, mini and battle. Im playing in TPP. This is getting rather old.
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