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  1. JJMILLI22


    I wanna know why there hasnt been skins added for the mutant, Beryl, Skorpion, QBU, G36c and the gun i feel should get a skin before any of these the SLR!!!!!!! But lets give the bizon a skin. The SLR needs some love devs.
  2. JJMILLI22

    New map is killing the game

    Oh this game shouldnt be full release. I play on xbox s without a ssd or whatever lol. Theres some games on all the maps that it renders buildings for me and some it doesnt. I definitely don't experience as much desync as I used to. The bug / glitch that drives me crazy is falling through the map wall running or driving. I've also noticed hit registration it's got better. The devs need to concentrate on the smaller things I get it we all want new guns new maps and so on but they need to address different aspects of the game.
  3. JJMILLI22

    How wasn't he knocked?

    It definitely went under the mattress or behind something in that room because that door should have exploded so you definitely got robbed on a grenade down there
  4. JJMILLI22

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Thats my bad the guy got banned from Pubg for cheating. Proof
  5. JJMILLI22

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Ok whatever you say there fella.
  6. JJMILLI22

    New map is killing the game

    Sanhok ran like shit when it came out and so did mirmar. Ive played the game since it came out on xbox. This game has come along long way from what it was. The devs just seem to not care about xbox anymore
  7. JJMILLI22

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Are you saying im lying?
  8. JJMILLI22

    New map is killing the game

    I havent had nearly any of the problems and bugs since the last update. The new map isnt killing the game its them not fixing the little things thats killing it
  9. JJMILLI22

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Then go play on pc. Or use a controller.
  10. JJMILLI22

    Make AUG a common spawn

    The aug shouldnt be a crate weapon. It has the same base damage as M4 the scar L, the M16, the qbz, and the G36
  11. JJMILLI22

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    I have 1082 hours on xbox. I took about a month off for red dead 2, and same for far cry 5, other then that play the game everyday.
  12. JJMILLI22

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    Its just bull tho. I've had pubg since the day it came out on Xbox. I have played this game through the bad the worst in the somewhat good. It's just irritating I understand different format different whatever but when you put this many hours into a game has been your main game it just sucks
  13. JJMILLI22

    Custom red dot

    Have you tried to turn the brightness up on the reddot,2x, or 3x. Thats what i had to do
  14. Has anyone taken the time to look at PS4s General discussions. it does not seem that they have near as many bugs that Xbox does. that's just like looking over it for a few minutes what is everybody's take on this?
  15. JJMILLI22

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I got killed by a guy the other night. With a tommy single shot. 250m on the run never missed a shot. After he killed me i messaged him and asked him how. He openly admitted to using m/k and said hes been doing it since pubg came out. Then proceeded to call me a fucking noob. Well i reported the clip and his message. His xbox live account was perm band. You wanna use keyboard and mouse go play on PC.