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  1. Pan Pubg, Golden Pan Pubg, and Pubg TV for my YouTube highlight channels. And streamers wackyjacky101 and chocotaco consistently put pubg content on their YouTube channels im sure there are loads of other ones
  2. Honestly, if you’re wearing a cowboy hat and you take it off for any reason other than in support of the National Anthem, you don’t deserve that cowboy hat.
  3. Don’t have Spotify, but this is the Pubg playlist on my phone
  4. I have a playlist on my phone, don’t use Spotify. But some songs from the Pubg Playlist include: AC/DC- Thunderstuck, Highway to Hell Airborne- Runnin Wild Asia- Heat of the Moment The B-52’s- Roam Backstreet Boys- Larger than Life Black Eyed Peas- My Humps BRMC- Ain’t no Easy Way, Beat the Devils Tattoo, Shuffle your Feet Black Sabbath- Neon Knights Canned Heat- On The Road Again The Clash- Police on my Back Cobra Starship- Snakes on a Plane Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster Stronger Dead Kennedys- Police Truck, Too Drunk to F*ck Deep Purple- Burn, Highway Star Del Shannon- Runaway DMX- Ruff Ryders Anthem, What’s My Name, Where the Hood At, X Gonna Give It To Ya Eddy Grant- Electric Avenue Evanescence- Bring Me To Life A Flock of Seagulls- I Ran Foster the People- Pumped Up Kicks Hellogoodbye- Here in Your Arms High on Fire- Rumors of War House of Pain- Jump Around Ja Rule- How Many Wanna Die Johnny Cash- The Man Comes Around, I’ve Been Everywhere Jose Gonzalez- Far Away Judas Priest- Hell Rider, The Hellion/Electric Eye, Screaming for Vengeance, You Got Another Thing Comin Junior Senior- Move Your Feet Kid Rock- Bawitaba, I am the Bull God Killswitch Engage- Holy Diver Led Zeppelin- Immigrant Song, Whole lotta love The Lonely Island- I’m on a Boat Meek Mill- Dreams and Nightmares, I’m a Boss Men Without Hats- Safety Dance Metallica- Ride the Lightning Mike Curb Congregation- Burning Bridges Nightwish- Amaranth *NSYNC- Bye Bye Bye, It’s Gonna Be Me Old Crow Medicine Show- Wagon Wheel OutKast- Hey ya Passion Pit- Take a Walk Plastic Bertrand- Ca Plane Pour Moi Quad City DJ’s- Space Jam Queen- Another One Bites the Dust Rage Against The Machine- Know Your Enemy Ram Jam- Black Betty Ravi Shankar- Svara Mantra Regina Spektor- Fidelity Robert Palmer- Addicted To Love Rusted Root- Send Me On The Way Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye Smash Mouth- Can’t Get Enough of You, Then The Morning Comes, Walking on the Sun Soft Cell- Tainted Love Turbonegro- All My Friends Are Dead, The Age of Pamparius The Sword- Iron Swan Tag Team- Whoomp There It Is Tom Petty- I Won’t Back Down, Runnin Down A Dream Toto- Africa Truckfighters- Desert Cruiser Uncle Kracker- Follow Me The White Stripes- Conquest Will Smith- Wild Wild West, Men in Black, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Miami, Will2k Young Jeezy- Soul Survivor
  5. It wasn’t. Neither hotfix was for that.
  6. Halo 2, NFS Underground 2, DBZ Budokai 3, unreal tournament 2004, doom 3, THUG 2, battlefield Vietnam, Spider-Man 2, red dead Revolver. Far cry. And I never played it, but I think people would agree this list wouldn’t be complete without World of Warcraft.
  7. Completely off topic but 2004 was an amazing year for gaming
  8. I’m assuming this is for solos and I don’t really play solos often so take this with a grain of salt, and I’m on og Xbox 1 and don’t hot drop. I have 3 spots on erangel I go to in solos. There’s a 6 building complex with 2 god houses north of quarry and the 3 building complexes west and southwest of it for more loot if need be. Next, the two large compounds between Severny and Kameshki on the north road, preferably the one closer to Kameshki. And finally, the four building complex south of small mylta power, the two god House complex west of it, and the complex to the south. For miramar, I go either campo or alcantara, and I believe I have looted Miramar Ruins more than anyone else on Xbox. No one goes there ever. Having re-read you’re original post, there are no gunfights in most of these spots so maybe not what you’re looking for.
  9. I was wondering how long it would take for the sanhok boys to start complaining, and I gotta say, I’m not disappointed.
  10. I’ve had one instance so far. Today on Erangel, a squad member was driving a buggy at least 500 meters away from me, but I kept hearing buggy noises like right next to me. Tripped me up a little bit.
  11. Back when the game first dropped for about the first 6 months, absolutely all the time. My leg would sometimes start shaking uncontrollably. Not so much anymore, except my heart will race sometimes if I’m last alive in squad in top 10 with a good chance to clutch the win.
  12. Between 16-24% lifetime depending on the site I use. Mostly squads.
  13. You know what? Sure. Sounds good. I didn’t think crossbows only or sanhok 45ers we’re gonna be any fun, but I ended up having a blast playing those events. So the same could be true of this. Bring back events in general. Oh and fix the game of course. Don’t wanna leave that out.
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