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  1. LMAO! Your attacks are legion and your intellect is few. We're talking about plays where there is nothing to queue on. No game sense can help if you're out of hearing range and haven't been able to see the other player yet KNOW where they are. The videos prove it beyond any doubt. Not all top 10 stream... but the ones that we've reviewed have been caught. We're working on some pretty cool things to establish baselines but the problem we're running into is stream quality making it difficult to quantify certain things. I'm not going to go into much more detail. You aren't going to grasp it anyways. I can say with certainty though that anyone running 19 sense on no zoom or low zoom either isn't able to fine aim or they're using KB+M. Again... anyone can go test this for themselves. I'm not ruling out people being really good. I'm ruling out people being able to get high kill games every game without an aid. The RNG of PUBG simply prevents it unless you have defeated RNG by knowing where everyone is and where the loot you can defend yourself with is. You simply can't drop hot every game and survive enough to maintain an 8+ k/d. You can't drop cold every game and maintain a 8+ k/d. These are things that ANYONE who has played the game knows. Those who cheat lie about it to preserve their own records. Once PUBG starts blocking the radar and KB+M, we'll see all of these K/D's drop. Until then, these videos will serve to prove who is talented and who isn't. These videos seek to show that there really are some people just good... and those people deserve accolades. It will also show that MANY people currently showing high stats don't deserve them. The fact is... the only people hating are those afraid of being exposed.
  2. DR. Intellect

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    We've been over it. You lost. End of discussion.
  3. DR. Intellect

    Dev report

    I already proved my point. All you're doing is attempting to confuse from the fact that you made a mistake and I called you on it. There is no getting out of it and chasing you down rabbit holes is tiresome.
  4. We can only work with what is available. If there's no possible way then we simply can't do it.
  5. DR. Intellect

    Dev report

    Evidence of what? I don't think you know what I'm talking about. You certainly don't know what you're talking about.
  6. Attacking for something you've not even seen yet makes you look guilty as hell. Just saying. In the future, you should wait for facts before attacking. It is MUCH less revealing about your motives.
  7. So now you know it's poorly edited without having seen it? LMAO! You're obviously a troll as well.
  8. I never made that claim. You made it. I didn't. You're just a lying troll. It's out here for all to see. I fell for your bait. I won't make that mistake again.
  9. Also no. Skill isn't always the variable that decides fights. Anyone who has played this game 1 time knows that. So to insinuate that you can get high kill games nearly every game is total rubbish. No you cannot. Things are not always in control. Oh hot drop to get kills? What about the fact that at least half of the time you won't get a weapon and someone else will and they kill you immediately? So hot dropping every time is a common answer but if people use their brains just a little bit they will know that can't yield high kills nearly every game. Take a look at the top players in all leader boards. If their k/d is 8+, they are being analyzed. If nothing suspect is found, they get recognized in the video as well. It's time that the mainstream knows there are cheaters among them via radar and Keyboard and Mouse. Our series is going to shed light on that, and in the cases it can prove it... it will. It's all quite easy to prove. You just have to establish baselines of what is theoretically possible and what isn't, and then start looking for things outside of that possibility. That's what we've done and we have some results you simply cannot argue with.
  10. LOL! I never said anything about people being out to get me. I said I'm making a video series where I can prove certain streamers are using radar. Some of you want to attack me for it without having seen it. The question is why would you want to do that?
  11. Why wouldn't you want to wait for the video?
  12. DR. Intellect

    Dev report

    LMAO! You just made a bunch of crap up. You clearly didn't understand my suggestion. it's clear at this point that you're 100% trolling. Nice try.
  13. It was someone's stream. Nice try to troll.
  14. Confirmation that you cannot read and comprehend. Modified my theory. Beta male that gets irritated by someone with confidence.
  15. It's odd that you're arguing this without having seen the video. It's not done yet... but I can't link to it here without a ban anways. If you see the video, you'll realize there is absolutely no way to dispute it. None of the factors you mention matter. It's on the drop. The circle is the entire island at that point. They have no way of knowing anyone will be there other than radar yet they do know. Just stop.