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  1. Stop downing my favorite gun. You just gotta know how to control it. Extreme pull down and have a vert grip !
  2. yea i cant see crap.. Wish someone would highlight the new.
  3. When your stuck and healing is the only way. Anyone else get some good heal wins?
  4. I play Fps games so i dont have to grind. You jump in a game and go. Your ranking should not be determined by how many games you play. All that is is a grab to keep people playing. get back to the old ranking. I know plenty of players who stopped playing due to this.
  5. Hey yall, We are a small discord group always looking for more respectful players to join in. This is a wide range of talent but mainly your normal struggling to survive players just having some casual fun. I love to have around 10-15 player customs running on most nights so please look us up and join in on the madness. Youtube and discord link are below.. See yall round! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyh5FLLvx6jhjtt0yoFeSPA https://discord.gg/V6eK9RG
  6. Nice nade at the end. He should have rushed you and used his car for cover. Sure he wasnt expecting to get naded out.
  7. As of late the (Beryl) is my go to gun. You just gotta learn the recoil.
  8. Seeing guns thru walls is really annoying. This has been the case for a long time. Please Fix it!!
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