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  1. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Finally spoke to Microsoft. I didn’t want to send my Project Scorpio edition away for 2 weeks for repairs. They agreed to send me a “refurbished” Project Scorpio edition as a replacement, I then have to put my faulty overheating X in to the same box, stick the label on it and post it to them. They've put a £370 hold on my credit card, which will be released once they receive the faulty Xbox. I’m very happy with this outcome. It’s called an “advanced depair” or something, it’s only offered if you call them and speak to them. Waiting for my “new refurb” Xbox One X to arrive, then I’ll use an Ethernet cable to transfer all my game saved etc to it from my “overheating” Xbox. Fingers crossed the replacement doesn't crash crash on me when playing PUBG!
  2. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    my Xbox turns off so many times now whilst playing this game it is absolutely disgusting that a game I paid for may be damaging my console!
  3. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Mine doesn’t only crash when jumping from the plane, it can crash at any time during the game too. The game is broken, and if anything it’s probably harming the hardware. I’d prefer a refund tbh!
  4. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Just sent out this public tweet to the devs and Phil Spencer! If you are on Twitter please find my tweet and join me. We need this solved! Time to go public and make some noise as asking quietly clearly is getting us nowhere!
  5. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Aaaand still no official help from the devs. I give up. Sorry but if you can’t be bothered to help us then I can’t be bothered to promote or support your game anymore. This is pathetic. Refund please?
  6. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Haha - I avoided Red Ring Of Death! I was lucky indeed! I find it surprising that the game went to version 1.0 in this state. I’d have preferred it to stay in beta till early 2019 to iron out these issues. It really is a shame. It’s not like they don’t have the funds to fix this, maybe it’s a resource issue, or just an experience issue? I just hope they are listening / trying to fix this, as right now I am actually worried when playing the game. Kind of kills the experience/enjoyment of a game when you feel it’s killing your Xbox lol
  7. DeeKay86

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Ok, thank god I found this thread! Thought my X was dying! This is has been going on since PUBG wasn’t in Beta. The Xbox One X (Scorpio) would shut off due to “overheating”. It first happened with I was in a cloud of smoke from a smoke grenade. It’s been happening for months! Today it happened 5-6 times whilst jumping from a plane and looking down! Instant shut off! Found this thread and stopped looking straight down and didn’t crash again on jumping. However I did crash once more during normal gameplay. This ONLY happens to my Xbox on PUBG! I have played numerous titles in 4K HDR and they all work flawlessly. PUBG on the other hand is terrible! I truly love this game, but to think it is damaging my hardware is worrying. Also, reading all these posts etc and not seeing any actual support or even promise of support is worrying, and I am now close to giving up on this game. It truly sucks that it’s coming to this! Could we please have some sort of substantial update in regard to the issue we are experiencing, and whether or not it will be fixed / when it will be fixed? It would be nice to have some sort of solid communication instead of “are you sure it is ventilated”. I have bought every Xbox on day one since the originals Xbox, and I have never experienced an issue like this. My console is ventilated, and out in the open. PUBG is the only title that is giving me this issue. Please issue a fix or at least communicate progress so we know what is going on. This has gone on a long time now, so please tell us what the resolution is before we all just give up on your game. We are fans, and we obviously care about your game. Thank you.