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    Sever matchmaking

    I’m OC also, I’ve found the only way to play random squads/duo on OC servers is to be in a party with another OC player during peak times. I think entering the random que by yourself somehow skips the local server and puts you into server with players from all the servers which causes the issues. I’ve noticed the red indicator on for low numbers on OC squads with an ETA of 40 seconds, and yet after 5 seconds I’m in a squad on a NA server. So frustrating, if they fix this, I’m sure it would eliminate de sync and loading issues.
  2. Bug Description: After selecting squad/duo game and in the region I want(OC) , the game will stop searching after 3 seconds and I need to press play again to start the search again. Always end up in NA server, once in EU server Location: Start screen Evidence See attached. Replication: 70% of the time Xbox One Version: Xbox one X, SSD Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP Duos, squads 84FB05FD-4942-4709-A6AC-E0FDBBE68A6E.MOV