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  1. So I stumbled upon a Twitter post from a European pubg Community manager today..... Do you think it's real? Will the "A" button have 3 different commands (jump, vault, grab)? Why did they leave this out of the teaser patch notes?? Its huge
  2. This would be a great solution! I could see the devs implementing a 'Split half' or 'grab half' button instead of getting too involved in it
  3. To manage inventory we all use the D-pad, the problem comes when you want to select a quantity of a certain item and drop it, as soon as you pull up the " Select Quantity menu" it locks the left stick preventing any movement I haven't tried autorun... but this would only solve half the problem, being able to wiggle (ENAS) while dropping meds or ammo could save your life one day
  4. While running I always try and drop Meds, Attachments, and Ammo. Everything is fine until I need to drop more than one of something ie. Ammo, once in the menu and over top of the item you would like to drop holding "Y" will let you select a quantity to drop, as soon as the quantity menu appears your player will stop moving. I would love to see this get changed to being able to move while selecting quantities. From my perspective, I don't see any reason this couldn't happen.... any input from the left joystick doesn't affect the menu while selecting quantities. do you see any problems??
  5. agreed pretty much 1 big one a match and small shutters although out the match. it's killed me twice on bikes and it makes me not wanna ride bikes... bikes are crucial for scouting complexes
  6. I haven't had this bad of freeze's since the game was released anyone heard the dev acknowledge the problem? Clip: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/xfreakboy/video/76912673 Before the last patch, I never had any "seen" network lag. (Although I am in love with the new patch!)
  7. Proximity chat! Battle stat skins Custom controller binds Custom Game actually having customizable options ie. weapon spawns, blues zone, etc.
  8. I like to watch my killer for a min or two after as well to see if someone avenges me! I'd love to watch a death cam sometime too... Hint, hint, nudge nudge..😉 @PUBG_Andymh5
  9. 15$ is a bit much but I'd buy it anyways. Please take into consideration: Sahnok Pass: 15$ Vikendi Pass: 15$ Wild Card pass: 15$ Random G-coins: 10$ Base Game at the time I bought it 30$ Total: 85$ Fallout 76 retail right now 109.99$ playtime 25hrs Red Dead Redemption right now 79.99$ Play time: 50hrs Pubg Playtime: 1500hrs Support your game devs especially when they produce such an addicting game
  10. The patch notes are a tad misleading... 2 are for BP, 2 cost$$$$
  11. Recently PC player got access to 4 new "Battlestat Skins" So including the AK battlestat skins that's 5, Can we get one on Xbox?? For anyone who doesn't know, Battlestat skins track all kills you get with the individual weapon on the weapon itself, so you can inspect and see your all-time kills with the gun Side Note to Devs: Instead of selling me a tracker on a specific skin for a gun, sell me the tracker and I can engrave it to any gun and it always be there regardless of the skin equipped
  12. I was really hoping you were gonna 1 tap both with the winny, or at least take a shot at the second guy before going to the trusty nade (Trusty=Over powered) Wrong thread but man does this video prove nades are OP. Shotty and sniper great combo for the situation and yet still the nade comes out right away. (Nothing against you @zorg00, excellent play)
  13. Xbox vs PC... 2 very different games, stick to the one you play I'm glad you understand your mistake
  14. on the recent test server update, they added 2 new Battle stat Skins. Could some post a pic of both? Thanks, Your friendly neighborhood Xbox player that will sit patiently for another 5 before getting exploding gas cans
  15. Mollies are one of the best-balanced throwables... can't aim if your on fire, great DPS, tricky to throw. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/xfreakboy/video/76239564 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/xfreakboy/video/76239721
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