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  1. I got PM conversations aswell, some of these ppl are already banned (few times) for some bs. Some of are active on diffrent names, some are on reddit. I'v seen some more mods and devs here lately - well did someone finally tought to look at that situation?
  2. After so much time spent with pubg i see things more like: cheaters grind boxes>boxes gives $>hug $ Because i don't believe that they can't do more about it. There is no other game with so many cheaters as pubg - and im sure of it. Objectively every game is played with atleast cheater inside - which is unthinkable. Easy to check but it requires time to watch replays of other players. And also - every damn post on forums about cheating problem gets blocked and goes to one hudge discussion. This doesnt look good.
  3. IKR? "But cheaters are very rare in pubg!"... yeah right. Tired of this srsly. Game which was not free, game where you pay to get stuff - for over a year no changes.
  4. Cant edit... Same here. Id like to play pubg as finished game. I waited too long.
  5. Top 100 on scoreboard is enough shame in subject of cheaters or game being fair or competetive. There is a good change in incomming patch - fpd/dps fix. But cheaters as were - as will be in pubg and im certain of it. Played it too long to know. Right after patch there will be new wave of cheaters - as always. And cheaters number in pubg is way more than in other games. Sadly - their impact on gameplay is also way bigger than other games, since casual player spend lot of time and effort for a single game - and cheater shreds it in split of a second. Desync and cheaters are main reasons why i stopped playn pubg lately. i'd do it earlier but i needed something else to stick and Apex seemd perfect. I wish i can get my money back spend on items to support this game - im not happy with effects my money was used. You improove money income, but not game itself.
  6. So... You made dmr and lvl 3 gear spawn rate lower last patch on Vikendi - and now you introduce flare guns? Im not pretty sure where this is going. Good job about fixing rate of fire dependance on fps. Also new vehicles seems cool, especially that bike. I havent seen information about servers atall or allowing distant players to join with high ping. No info about desync fixes. "Challenge yourself and earn higher rewards during the extended season period." - by challenging myself you mean playn more time? I got many questions about incomming ranking system, but there are none of it... Does it mean that actual system will stay like it is, and there will be no ranking?
  7. So you were making noise, uneffective kill tries and you died bcs simply - he heard you. Thats my opinion, nothing about cheating on that clip if u ask me...
  8. Loot is sometimes hard to find and early game pretty much is determined by what you find, but many people mistake this game as a shooter - when this is more survival and tactical game, where shooting is a big part of it. Pretty much this game is most balanced in this field, when someone is looking for game focused on survival but havin some action in it aswell. Yet more ppl want to have more action than loot when TTK is so small in pubg (not mentioning desync and cheaters) and their 15 minute effort can be shred by a single headshot in blink of an eye. This is why Sanhok is so popular and also, why people want better loot - so their game seems more fair that way, and they can takie initative while playing.

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Iv just checkd mine - 13 days since last game. Im here to check if something maybe changed or whatever...
  10. VENEEL

    Wtf is this

    Indeed. Instead of using it in their favor - they made something totally opposite. PR guys not doin their job lul
  11. VENEEL

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Some time ago i bought Shrouds skin for it and later on they made M16 worse than pistol.
  12. VENEEL

    Wtf is this

    Hahahahah Btw - what happend with topic "what's keepin you playn pubg? cs Apex legends"??? Freedom of speech but just sayn...
  13. VENEEL

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Oh yea, M16 was so sweet weapon and now is like pistol rate of picking up...
  14. VENEEL

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Pretty much same here. Enjoyn other games and not gettin frustrated by desync deaths or cheaters 1 shots after 20minute looting.
  15. VENEEL

    Poll - the next pass: will you buy it?

    Tese "good" skins are on highest levels which are avbialable only by hardcore missions grinding...