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  1. EXCUSE ME... this thread is made for what purpose actly? So ppl dont spam foum with cheating threads? Or what?
  2. Today two times i ended up #2 when enemy wiped out my squad and me solo - oh if you could see this perfect predictions and shots... This recoil control! PROFESSIONAL. Absolutely professional. But i had cheater in my team also. Can't wait to start game soon and see information which we all know so well..
  3. Absolutely agree - one of main reasons why i play 10x less. This causes desync, destroys this game and (dont ban me for sayn opinion about something) most of them are cheating. Like it or not, doubt it or not - they are mostly cheaters, it was prooven hard enough, end of story. Chinese in EU, cheaters, desync, dps depending on fps - reasons why i dont play pubg lately almost atall. After putting really lot of money into this game - i regret this now, because patch after patch it runs downhill. Thank god i stopd myself before Harley Quinn and Joker skin and later on so many which normally id buy, especially Vikendi pass which is a joke imho. No BH, no way, not as it is atm.
  4. This topic gone totally wrong and it should be closed imho.
  5. Got it too - tho as bigger enemys ping, as bigger the distance. And its crazy someties, but dont worry - its quite normal and happens all time. Even this what you see on screen while playing, is not same as server is seeing or your enemy - there are topics about that too.
  6. I highly restrain myself from downloading additional apps, especially integrating into windows. Tho - link dont go anywhere...
  7. Legit af 👍 Number 15 got almost 8000 games - i think its time to look for new game. Cheaters overload since Vikendi came out till today - no changes. Desync is back. Game is not stabile atall - even having very good connection i got constant warnings in my game about packets lost, time delays etc. Constant shuttering nomatter what gpu we got - even with 200fps there are shutters Why Asia is playing in Europe - dahell in general. ...and on top of this we have this "ranking" full of ...well we all know whats going on here. Im gettin tired of this.
  8. Upvote. This happens alot and if you consider full auto shooting - its one of first things to fix. I was wondering so many times why when im shooting enemy 2m away i lose 3/4 clip and hit every bullet, and when 4 bullets max are required to kill.
  9. Another day, another notifications. I'd be surprised when i log into game and have no notification about ban/restriction to someone.
  10. Well... i found a VSS, it lookd like that: I double checkd: Actly doesnt look bad In the end i get a chicken with it I dont mind finding guns like that every game if it gives me chickens Cheers
  11. EU TPP - amount of cheaters here increased massively since Vikendi and sale. Well ok. Its not thesis - its a fact which im sure of. There are cheating apps which system cant see and ppl use it for months. More ugly is fact, that i see obvious cheaters alot in games - like 100% cheat, which disgust me and makes me doubt playn PUBG.
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