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  1. I don't need to try em in the lobby, I have a M24 every 2 matches and I know exactly how it works. And yes, when I use it I always see the blood splatter. I will make a lobby video and post it. Let's see how it goes, yes?
  2. I would rather say it's a hit detection problem rather than finding this kind of excuses. I never saw the bug you mentioned.
  3. The revolver bugs itself if you remove the bullets from the inventory while you are reloading. Then you are stuck forever in the reloading animation.
  4. I also have a similar problem with the infamous "Network Lag Detected". It happens a lot when someone is in close proximity to me.
  5. Happened again yesterday. Landed near a small group of buildings and there was another player 1 meter behind me. While parachuting I couldn't see anyone so close and I scanned the area continuously.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with this "Network Lag Detected" that locks my character in place. Since the new patch I can't basically play anymore, everytime I approach another player or he is moving in close proximity to me I get "Network Lag Detected" and I'm dead. It happens less frequently with team mates. Honestly, I don't find any reason to play anymore if whenever I have to shoot at someone the game freezes. It happens only with this game, I play other FPSes without this kind of handicap.
  7. Hi, I'm still having trouble with in-game sounds, mostly footsteps. In some cases I can't completely hear people running around my house while my teammates spectating me can actually hear them loud and clear. I have a really good headset (SteelSeries Arctis 5 7.1 with DTS:X) and have no problem whatsoever in other games (any kind of game). The problem is that it happens only in some circumstances, not continuously. When it rains the problem is strongly amplified. Still about sound, the plane noise when it's hovering to drop a create it's atrocious. It's loud to the point I can't hear my teammates on Discord and have to selectively reduce the game output volume to hear them (my headset has double integrated audio device with manual, selective volume control and mixing).
  8. Tic-rate is around 30 in both EU and NA. NA is usually a bit higher.
  9. I have the same issues. Nothing works to prevent it and this has been going on for weeks now.
  10. A friend just shared with me some screenshot. That's what he started seeing when we reached the ruins area during a match.
  11. Funny thing is that it happened to me also with the M249...
  12. Apparently if you queue as 2 players for the Squad mode 90% of the times you are never paired with other players and are forced to play basically as a Duo in a Squad mode. Today I joined alone in Squad mode with auto-matching active and I wasn't even paired with a single guy.
  13. I think that, in the end, the discussion always revolves around the abysmally difference in damage between head-shot and chest-shot (as I stated in the opening post). What if there wouldn't be any difference? Do you guy think that "run-and-gun" fights outcome would change?
  14. First-person only mode is a must so we can stop this peeking/x-ray fest for good. I mean, it's not enough to hide inside a room, you also need to calculate where the 3pp camera view could reach to spot you. Jeez..
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