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  1. oo7_Kurt

    achievement Counting Problem

    I find it slow to puke, I have bought the premium and it is not counted what we do in the game. Do you have any testers in your money-shark club? Due to the lack of support and the skillless way, maybe we are too stupid to play the game. I no longer support you with my money!
  2. oo7_Kurt

    Premium mission is not registering

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i must so hard laugh...
  3. i think the servers are so laggy that you think its a cheat. normally when is a cheater on server, you become headshot instatly and from the other side of the Map i play now 2k hours and i can say most of cheater has ESP or the Aimbot thing
  4. oo7_Kurt

    achievement Counting Problem

    Yes i did this a few times ! and this is uncool i want finish my premium pass
  5. oo7_Kurt

    Premium mission is not registering

    men this SUCKS !!! Devs bring a FIX you lazy programmers!
  6. oo7_Kurt

    Lag when getting shot (VideoClip)

    they have your Money ....they dont care !
  7. oo7_Kurt

    achievement Counting Problem

    Hey i have a problem, the game wont count my Archievement in the Premium Pass. I have only do this Mission on Vikendi, and i played only Vikendi the last 50 rounds but in the Premium pass it does not count but in the non Premium count it any Fix ?
  8. oo7_Kurt

    Premium mission is not registering

    wrong Map ....
  9. oo7_Kurt

    achievement was not counted

    Yea me too Bro! i have Premium Pass and the Premium crap is not working... ~land 5 times in Dinopark.... Yep i was landed 20 times its not count ~ land on Cosmodrome same shit here ~ land in casle same shit here ~ stay with Car in RedZone... it Does not COUNT! why i payed it for when this stupid simple shit is not working!
  10. oo7_Kurt

    Castle Glitch on Vikendi

    ESL READY....
  11. oo7_Kurt

    3 Helmets shouln't be world spawn

    totally bullshit... it need to be dropped everywhere because the m24 is a worldspawn too... this is unfair too when one player find this totally strong weapon.... what i was missing on the Snow map are Shotguns... it has to be a lil bit more of them and 9mm weapons....
  12. they have no clue about Audio...let me work this for you i´m a game sound designer and can work with UE4 and Unity!
  13. Hi i bought for 17 $$$ the complete Clowns Costume and this has not a expiry time. so where is it? bought means for me to spend real money that I may keep that
  14. oo7_Kurt

    I can't enter servers in my region

    yes me too... this game is going faster down as an Stone in water, if we were working half as bad as you, we would be unemployed
  15. oo7_Kurt

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

    FUCK I ALWAYS SPAWN ON ASIA SERVERS???? I´M FROM EU god DAMMED ! Over 300 Ms ,,,,,,,,Fuck this Game and This Shadow Bug with newest Nvidia Driver is back ! what da hell are you doing? ...i mean if we were working half as bad as you, we would be unemployed