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  1. It's one thing to lose connection. It's another to lose connection and not be able to reconnect to the damn game!!!! @PUBG_Andymh5 why is it not letting us reconnect once disconnected. We were in top 3 in duos, had circle advantage, we had the win in the bag and BAM! LOST CONNECTION TO HOST! I'm ok with this until it NO LONGER gives me the option to reconnect. It used to let us reconnect upon disconnect but now not so much. This is probably the most frustrated I've been with this game in a hot effing minute!
  2. Dude I almost shit my pants. I was telling my buddy he was behind the rock with the buggy and then this body just ninjas out of the tree in front of me. I thought it was the last guy we were after. Total wtf moment.
  3. Just a short clip. Experiencing some ghillie rain or something. Dead guys just falling out of trees and shit. Oh and a dub. Not as special as raining Bush wookies though. 😉 Edit: yes I know its ps4 and this is xbox forum but I like you guys better and ps4 forums are dead af.
  4. The cracks. Hes been smoking all the cracks. To answer OP. Somebody ban this guy.
  5. Who cares. It will be able to go under the bridge. To answer your question tho I've seen it run through cars like a monster truck and seen it actually blow up a bike while running it over.
  6. I kept getting like 7 or 8 kills a game but falling short on Beryl kills due to having to kill people with my SLR or a nade. So, I just snagged up 2 Beryls in one game, equipped one as normal and the other on single fire with a 6x, acting as my DMR. Took one game to get 5 kills.
  7. I just want my horse mask to stay on when I put a level 1 or 2 helmet on 😫
  8. It should count. I agree. However it does not. It wont track the progress of the next challenge until you have claimed comlpletion of the previous challenge. I also had the same thing happen. I won a game with the beryl and had 7 beryl kills. I knew it wouldn't count and felt the same as you. It should stack if you unlock the next challenge during game and manage to progress or complete the next one.
  9. Thanks for the response. We were able to get going after a while. It was just weird. We were queueing for a couple of hours on Saturday to no avail in duos. Solos was working fine. Not sure what was going on.
  10. My SLR is level 70. My Scar is level 64. I think the charms are dumb. Skins would be a lot nicer reward and something more people would probably work for.
  11. No it doesnt. Almost every game I get in standard or quick join is Sanhok.
  12. You didnt know? There are 2 featured maps. 😵😵😵
  13. Didnt you know? There are 2 featured maps.
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