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  1. Mr. Smalls

    Chicken suit

    Can we get a chicken suit please? That is all.🐓
  2. Mr. Smalls

    Floating guns??@#$%#-??

    Sheesh. What about em is right! I'm just so curious too.
  3. Mr. Smalls

    Floating guns??@#$%#-??

    I just dont understand how this is still in the game. It happens on PC as well still and it's probably the most common bug. However it's not fixed. Why is that? Can they not fix this bug? Do they not care? Wtactualf?!
  4. Mr. Smalls

    Make pubg 2 devs

    It's been taking me a few minutes between rounds each time to search and matchmake duos. This is a new development. I play during peak NA hours as well. Now just because I support a 2nd iteration of PUBG or even a knock off by another company doesnt mean I dont like this game. I think it actually solidifies my position in the opposite. I want more. I want better. I'm not at all hating by wanting these things. PUBG is dying. That seems to be a common opinion between us on this thread. Therefore I feel any hope of this particular game reaching the pinnacle we all hope for is just not going to happen. It's time to look towards the next thing. I just simply want that to be a new improved rebuilt fresh start succesor to this game (by Brendan and this new division maybe? 😎 Hopes and dreams baby)
  5. Mr. Smalls

    Make pubg 2 devs

    A sequel could be brought up from the ground up. They could rebuild the engine or use a completely different engine. They could change things about the core of the game they are unable to do at this point with the original without basically rebuilding it from the ground up anyway. Also we dont have to have the same devs on the sequel. They could contract it out to another company like they did with Tencent and the mobile version. Hell after seeing PUBG lite on the PC I wouldn't object to hanging over console PUBG to those guys too. It's sad that a mobile version of an game runs better and has better content than it's big console brother.
  6. Why??? Are there still floating guns in this game? I can only imagine with how many times floating guns have given an enemy position away to me, that my position has been compromised by my own floating guns.
  7. Mr. Smalls

    First Person Fridays!!!!!!!!!!

    It would put them at a perspective disadvantage.
  8. What the heck are you people spending so much on gcoin for in the first place?!
  9. Mr. Smalls

    Dear PUBG Admins

    I have spent well over double what you have spent trying to get the same mask. Just wait until you finally get a purple tier item with all that BP you spent and it's not even the mask you want. I have spent nearly a million BP trying to get that mask and have never even received a purple tier item.
  10. Driving in the final circles is frowned upon? Lol
  11. Mr. Smalls

    Make pubg 2 devs

    Time for a fresh start from the ground up. This version will never be what you want it to be. Honestly probably never what any of us really want it to be. A new iteration to the series built brand new to the specs of the new gen upcoming consoles would allow them the fresh start they need to build the functioning game we all want.
  12. Mr. Smalls

    Make pubg 2 devs

    This game is past its prime. They're taking everything from PC and porting to console. They're coasting my friends. Fixing this game is a pipe dream. I'm with everyone that wants the game fixed but I try to stay rooted in reality. Love what it is and what we have. Move on when you're ready. I think the only hope remaining is a a PUBG 2. Whether its actual PUBG2 or a rocking knock off of PUBG by another company. Unfortunately for us as far as PUBG is concerned, I think that bitch is beat.
  13. Mr. Smalls

    Colorblind Mode - Tritanopia

    Orange. Sad day
  14. Mr. Smalls

    New update with trophy fixes?

    Trophies work fine. They didn't start keeping track until after the fix. So it's possible you're not quite to 1000 in what was actually being tracked.