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  1. Mr. Smalls

    Hit boxes are not accurate. Needs to be fixed

    I'll agree about shotguns. I'll run into someone and get 1 shotted with full health and full level 2 gear. Hit someone myself point blank in the face when they're level 1 geared and they turn and kill me. Now I've been on both sides of this line. I have totally brained some dudes with a shotgun that even I knew was bs. Shotguns are so damn wonky. Also the snipers are tough. Everyone will just dispute you even with video evidence and say you hit something other than his head. I have had the same things happen with snipers. I've dealt more with shots just not hitting. Seemingly going right through my target.
  2. Mr. Smalls

    Running people over

    Show off 😉
  3. Mr. Smalls

    Vikendi mission event crates?

    Hopefully the triumph crates they originally promised. No mission event rewards have been doled out yet as far as I know.
  4. Watch it in slo mo zoomed in buddy. He doesnt turn until he gets hit the second time. You're just repeating shit now.
  5. I hit the dude twice bro. The shit you’re smoking must make you blind. The picture I posted is literally the frame before impact showing the bullet that registered a hit on his arm in his face. The bullet before that was a headshot and you know it because you yourself posted from pubg lookup. At this point it’s clear you’re trolling and a complete waste of time on this forum as you are contentious and counter productive
  6. No shit the only desync is me ducking. I said that. You must not have managed to watch all 27 seconds of the video or the slow mo or seen the screenshot. Or read anything on this thread. I took 3 shots on the guy. 1 hit the truck the nest 2 hit him. You actually supplied your own evidence from pubg lookup. Had you not been trying to twist facts for your argument you would have also posted the headshot before the game registered my next shot in his arm. If you actually look at what has been presented here you would know that. If you actually took the time to read what and and others have commented you would also know I’m calling desync on the headshot behind cover and shit hit detection on the 2 shots I made on him.
  7. Dude if you read the comments on the thread you would realize you’re repeating what the mods and myself have already said. Desync is desync buddy. You’re not paid for damage control.
  8. Mr. Smalls

    Can you please nerf the Vector???

    Agreed. Don’t eff with the balance
  9. Ok so you’re also not keeping up with the thread. The shot to my head was desync behind cover. I don’t care what anyone says, desync is desync. Period. Especially if I take a dome shot behind cover. That’s broken. The two shots I took after were both headshots. Please refer to ALL the other comments, gif, and pictures posted. I’m fully aware that my second shot registered as a shot to the arm. I too use pubglookup. If you would actually read instead of just commenting to argue then you would see that I am calling a hit reg error as in my video, and gif, and screen shot it is very clear that my second shot hit his head. Keep up man
  10. You're not keeping up with the thread? There absolutely is desync but not when I shoot him. He headshots me after I'm in cover. Desync. I headshot that dude twice. One shot registered as a headshot, second shot registered as a shot to his arm. I've presented evidence in this thread that shows the second shot hits his head and his arm is not even visible. Pay attention man or dont post. The mods have already explained to me the ins and outs of the report template. Next time.
  11. Exactly why it will probably not happen. Too much information. If I knew it was 1v1v1v2 and I was the 2, it would change my end game strategy completely and give me a huge upper hand. I want them to add a kill count of players you're spectating.
  12. Mr. Smalls

    Vikendi release after PTS closure

    I agree with this. I think we could very well see vikendi go live with some quality of life and bug fixes on Tuesday.
  13. Mr. Smalls

    Survivor Reward Duplicates

    I have only got a couple duplicate survivor crates. I suppose I'm lucky in that regard. I have however spent hundreds of thousands of BP of survival crates trying to get the ballistic mask. You wouldn't believe how many gas masks and floral shirts I have.
  14. Mr. Smalls

    PS5 and PUBG

    If they don’t make a PUBG 2 I can only assume they hate money
  15. I think that's the most ignorant and contentious statement you could make. You must not not actually read forum posts regarding these same issues.