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  1. nodogg

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I started on my TV, hated it. After a few games I moved to my office on the same BENQ monitor, so much better! After several months, my wife bought me the BENQ 35" Curved Gaming Monitor for my birthday, love it!
  2. nodogg

    Sensitivity Settings

    Hey @MajorClagNut 🖐️ It seems I like settings on the lower end compared to many here. FYI: I play using the Tall Thumbsticks on my Elite Controller and with Kontrol Freek Inferno Performance Thumbsticks added. This results in my thumbsticks being about 3x taller than your standard controllers thumbsticks. That said, here ya go! Controller: Type A Invert X: Off Invert Y: Off RS Deadzone: 10 LS Deadzone: 10 Vibration: Off Forward Run: 10 Movement: 10 Vertical: 100 General: 8 Vehicle: 5 Aim Acceleration: Off OTS: 5 1x: 5 2x: 5 3x: 5 4x: 6 5x: 6 6x: 6 8x: 6 15x: 20 Good Luck!
  3. Hey Folks, Have you guys experienced this? How did you fix it? One of my Squadmates is running the game on an XB1X over 150 mbps wifi. Over the last couple weeks he's complained that his player "skips". I'm not really able to witness his skipping on my end. We originally thought it was internet/bandwidth related. Unfortunately, he cannot hardwire so wifi is the only option. He's checked and rechecked the internet. The house is new construction (less than 60 days ago) and he reports that all other games and/or streaming work fine. The wifi has been very consistent when tested. Tried to hard reset, no joy. I'm having him complete a fresh install of the game today and if that doesn't help, my next idea is an SSD. Any other ideas?
  4. nodogg

    Survivor levels

    DBNO stands for Down But Not Out
  5. They're the host. It's their game. They can do whatever they want. It's lame. The stats don't count in customs. I just don't understand the fun in destroying players with this "host cam" advantage. I'm assuming people will stop playing in his custom lobbies soon. That said, I'd like to see PUBG add an option for a non-player to host. I'm fine with a player hosting but a non-player host would be nice so you could have a neutral party host challenge matches, tournaments, etc.