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  1. Yaw2

    Map Selection pleaseee

    Map selection killed Xbox because it split the players up.
  2. Yaw2

    Message from Xbox player

    In xbox's current state? no. Not even close. Bootcamp on PS4 is like a slideshow.
  3. Imagine if call of duty launches their new game and don't add SND or domination because they want to make sure it doesn't affect the TDM player rates. Please fix
  4. Yaw2

    Split Screen??

    Take turns or buy another console. You're not going to be able to kill in splitscreen anyway.
  5. Yaw2


    Why is it 60% miramar, 25% sanhok and 15% erangel? I want erangel.
  6. Yaw2

    Can we please

    Agree, @PUBG_Andymh5
  7. Has anyone played Erangel squads yet?
  8. Yaw2

    Add FPP

    TPP makes the game slow paced because people just hide behind stuff, please add FPP.
  9. Which one do I download?
  10. I can't take TPP comp seriously. Just hiding behind something using a camera.
  11. Yaw2

    Buy a SSD

    Yes it needs to be 250GB+.
  12. Agree, crossplay is needed. PS4 just has more players, trust me, I don't want to play PS4. Going to play it for like 1 month then come back to Xbox. Also, NA FPP is dead until later on.
  13. Specify the cod you're playing.