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  1. xtremmetal

    PUBG World Cup when??

    It's going to play when PUBG is really a Esport. Search in YOUTUBE the failures of the championship mentioned by the moderator LOL
  2. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    A Chinese player who forbid me to say the name and playing with fellow called HUYA, xiao .... He has killed a fellow and me through the smoke. Two shots of Kar98 in the head. I recently reported another player who killed me at a distance of about 300 meters with a Beryl in burst mode and they did not penalize him. Well, I let it go. If this player is not banned, for me it is time to stop playing this game. At least, of my 3000 hours of play, for the most part it was fun, now not anymore.
  3. xtremmetal

    What's the point to reporting??

    As you will understand, I will not be seeing all the repetitions. If I see a pink elephant flying, it is so obvious that I am going to report it. You're right, they're eliminated, but only for 10 minutes as they create a new account. So I'm not going to waste my valuable time in reporting. I do enough since I'm still playing.
  4. xtremmetal

    What's the point to reporting??

    I have not reported for a long time since it is wasting time. With this the only thing that is achieved is that for each confirmed cheat, BH takes 10 USD and you ... Nothing, since I see that they do nothing to mitigate these waves of cheaters. Give me 5 USD per confirmed hacker and I think the same thing LOL
  5. xtremmetal

    PUBG Ranked

    Can be....
  6. xtremmetal

    PUBG Ranked

    I am going to give my humble opinion and I hope they do not call me a racist and delete the comment Given that the vast majority are Chinese who play, I do not think they change much the current classification system. Why? Because if they do it for skills and not for playing time, it's over for the Chinese. Most Chinese, if they do not use traps, are bad. That is, if they stop scoring in each game, they will lose interest. Keep in mind that these people play 24 hours 365 days a year and that is why they reach the top of the rankings. By the way, this game of E-sports what I have as a nun.
  7. xtremmetal

    Freezing/crashing when exiting to lobby

    My computer is not the best, but it's high-end and those of my friends too. Maybe someone who plays little does not happen, but we play many hours every day and 2 or 3 times a day if it happens to us. It's the same as the Vikendi map, since the last patch we stutter a lot and that's why we no longer play it.
  8. xtremmetal

    Freezing/crashing when exiting to lobby

    I have fiber optic internet of 500 MB, I do not think that's the reason.
  9. xtremmetal

    Freezing/crashing when exiting to lobby

    It happens to me and it happens to the friends I play with. To be honest, it bothers me less than when the game breaks when you're playing. What I do not understand, is how a game can block a PC to such an extent that many of my friends have to re-start the PC. ALT + F4 does not work and does not open the task manager.
  10. xtremmetal


    The Chinese sleep? I did not know that.
  11. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    Do you play at SEA and you meet Europeans and even cheats? That is strange, considering that here we have a ping of 20 to 50 ms. How do you know they are European?
  12. xtremmetal

    Cant get into game?????

    It is a problem of STEAM at a general level. Pubg has nothing to do with it. Look on Twitter, people who want to play other games are complaining. https://steamstat.us/
  13. xtremmetal


    Well I do not know what you do here hahaha ...
  14. xtremmetal

    Can't complete previous week missions....

    Yes, but there are people who complain about everything. I would watch them play another game. And the DEVS are not going to change anything because only a couple of people complain. It is my humble opinion.
  15. Better than a siren is Cradle Of Filth shouting that the area is coming.