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  1. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    One of douyutv ... who denounced this morning in FPP ... I could not know where I was and I look and direct to the head.
  2. xtremmetal


    People want to play TPP to get behind a stone, window, door, etc ... and see who comes and kill him. In FPP they have to appear and that they do not like hahaha ...
  3. xtremmetal

    Stupid Aggressive Random Squads

    I play a lot at random and I do not mind going to fight or fall in hot places. Result? 99% of the time they kill us just falling down hahahaha .... The one who always kill first is the one who insisted on falling there. What I do not like? When they are knocked out, they start asking for help as 5-year-old girls. What did you expect? That you were going to kill everyone like your favorite streamer does?
  4. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    If it is not too much trouble, can you say if you play in 1 or 3 person? I was a 3 person player and seeing that it was impossible to play with so many cheats, I decided to start in 1 person. In 3 person I will take about 1800 hours and every day I reported 4 or 5 cheats with permanent ban. In 1 person, it took me about 150 hours and at the moment I have not reported to anyone. I have not met people from HUYA, DOYU, etc ... So for the moment it seems that I found a solution for me Greetings.
  5. xtremmetal

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    You mean it has less recoil? Because to be honest, most of the time I run out of space on the mouse pad. The one with the least setback for me is the QBZ.
  6. xtremmetal

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    Well, hahaha, how did you guess?
  7. xtremmetal

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    I play at 40 fps (graphics card asus-1030) and I have a K/D of 2.5. What really matters is to aim well at the head
  8. xtremmetal

    Region Ban Chinese players

    Can you explain why the Chinese have better ping in the EU than in their country? I do not get it. Is it for your internet? Or the servers of PUBG? If they are for the servers, the fault is PUBG and not the Chinese.
  9. Nothing is more unpleasant than complaining about vice
  10. Sure, and if they invite me to belong to another, more interesting clan ... do I pay another 10 dollars? and so on? Well, no.
  11. Useless for you I think it's a good idea, what's more, in the mobile version it's already on. Greetings.
  12. In my opinion, someone who starts with good words and ends up threatening BH with ... That he is going to tell everyone, that he is not going to spend a dollar more, etc ... He does not have any credibility, he is a tantrum of a child. I'm glad that BH has banned him, that tells me if they're doing things right. Greetings.
  13. xtremmetal

    Need EU exclusive server pls

    Tencent if you know how to do things right and those in the mobile version have a chat where they are looking for people of the same language to play. It would be great if PUBG implemented it, but I think that's a lot for them.
  14. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    Clear man, BH and STEAM are not interested in a real permanent ban. Surely they can do without this money from new accounts, but it is a very sweet camarelo and I am surprised that one day there will be bans as god dictates.
  15. xtremmetal

    Cheating Discussion

    Where else I see these Chinese cheaters is in Sanhok. And where I least see them is in Vikendi, so now I only play in Vikendi. These people with small yellow eyes are a plague hahahaha