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  1. I play a lot in random and when I was a NOOB, they killed me. After so many unpleasant experiences, I decided that I had to defend myself, whether or not it was against the rules of the game. If they try to kill me and if possible, I kill them before. Sometimes it's one, two and my maximum was 3. I do not know if they reported me or not, but they have never penalized me. If someday I get penalized for defending myself from these people, I uninstall the game and fixed matter I do value my time, if they do not value it, that's their problem.
  2. Oh yeah? I'm going to try it then, thanks
  3. Thanks guys for your answers It has been as easy as turning off the Deathcam. Without exaggerating it has given me like 15 FPS more. How can the Deathcam comsumir so many FPS? The bad thing is that now I can not report without seeing the Deathcam.
  4. Viewing distance in ULTRA? In all the videos I've seen about PUBG optimization, they put it on very low since this does not affect seeing an enemy if it is a long distance away.
  5. Hello, first of all, I am very sorry if you do not understand me well, I use the google translator LOL Well ... I have a 27-inch monitor and a very low graphics card, the asus 1030 DDR5. As my economy does not give me to buy another, I want your opinion. 1- If I play with resolution 1440x900, medium antialising and the rest very low, set of 50 to 60 FPS. The bad thing about this resolution is that I see it a bit blurry and sometimes I can not detect enemies, especially if they are far away or hidden. 2- In the envy section, gives me the option to make the screen smaller. The smallest is 1440x810 FULL HD - 50 to 60 FPS, which fits more or less as if it were my 15-inch screen. With this resolution if I see everything perfect, but of course, at the time of aiming, I have to have much more precision since the enemy is much smaller. With which of the two options would you stay? Thanks for reading, greetings
  6. That page is not worth anything. It only makes them send you messages all the time. Is very annoying.
  7. In my case, this is the only shooter I play and that instead of improving, I get worse, in all the others, I improve. They kill me with only a few shots and it seems as if my shots did nothing to him. I have almost 3000 hours and I will continue playing, much less, of course, but it is not fun anymore.
  8. It seems to me right that in the final stage everyone goes well armed. What wins the best marksmanship. But if you do not like loot, do not take an SR and go with an M16
  9. As far as I know, it's for the campers, that way they have to move unless they're camped in a house. It does not bother me, but I respect anyone who does not like it.
  10. 1- This is the PC forum 2- Stop SPAM on your sad video
  11. This has easy solution. Whoever sees many weapons now, do not take them, is that simple. For me it is perfect
  12. LOL He does not tell me either. This must be jokes that we spend BH hahaha .... In all the stories of video games has happened something similar.
  13. It's going to play when PUBG is really a Esport. Search in YOUTUBE the failures of the championship mentioned by the moderator LOL
  14. A Chinese player who forbid me to say the name and playing with fellow called HUYA, xiao .... He has killed a fellow and me through the smoke. Two shots of Kar98 in the head. I recently reported another player who killed me at a distance of about 300 meters with a Beryl in burst mode and they did not penalize him. Well, I let it go. If this player is not banned, for me it is time to stop playing this game. At least, of my 3000 hours of play, for the most part it was fun, now not anymore.
  15. My computer is not the best, but it's high-end and those of my friends too. Maybe someone who plays little does not happen, but we play many hours every day and 2 or 3 times a day if it happens to us. It's the same as the Vikendi map, since the last patch we stutter a lot and that's why we no longer play it.
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