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  1. I would not agree with this. Just like you can in real life, you should be able to roll with a weapon and if you wanted to, fire it but of course with much less accuracy then anything.
  2. To the OP's point, there are 18 different "modes" in 3 different regions to play this game thus it splits the player base quite a bit. I personally believe a shooter, especially a BR, shouldn't ever have TPP. That is simply my opinion and regardless of my opinion the fact remains if they had 1 mode, regardless of which it is, the player base in each region would only be split 9 ways instead of 18. Still a lot, but a whole hell of a lot less than it is currently split.
  3. Hover over my name and when the popup comes up, click Ignore user.
  4. Add me on Steam. LuckImpaired I am central time and typically play Sundays and Mondays, but then sometimes Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays depending on what is going on.
  5. Why, because 90% of you clowns come here complaining about the stupidest shit and want the developers to change it because "it hurts my eyes". Quit being such a crybaby bunch of rejects and play the damn game. If it is a bug or a glitch that has an actual effect on the game then report it. If it is something you are butt hurt about, then go whine to your mom.
  6. No it doesn't and it has no bearing on the game play. Ignore it and move on.
  7. Having your page file separate from the core thing you are running is always a good thing.
  8. I have seen 2 punch kills happen at the same time, more than once. It has happened to me and to a teammate. So again, I have never seen 2 bullet kills happen as your first video doesnt show it. Look at the kill feed, the guy that died there did not kill the same guy that killed him. NesoxGlass killed BlazingGypsyNO1 (whom he knocked at the beginning of the video). RolocYenom killed NesoxGlass (the guy he was firing at) JJine killed RolocYenom (JJine killed the guy Nesox thought he killed)
  9. In thousands of kills and deaths, probably several thousands between me and my regular teammates, we are yet to see this with bullets. However, as I pointed, it happens all the time with throwables and having a hit registration heard (for and against) but not registered (damaged caused). I would have to see actual video replay of this to believe it has ever happened in a game of PUBG.
  10. You are going to have to provide video of that as I don't believe it. I'm not saying you are lying. I am simply saying you are wrong in what you are thinking happened. There has been numerous times that I have exchanged kar98 and M24 shots with people over 500 meters and you either see blood from your hit and then die/knock or you knock/kill them and hear their bullet hit you but it doesn't register as they were knocked/killed. In those cases, without a doubt you were both able to get a shot off and thus both of you should have taken damage. However, that is not how this game works. In addition, why would the server send the unregistered hit projectile to you for you to hear it if it never was actually fired according to the server? Though my example above is blatantly obvious and much easier to see because of the extreme distance, the same can be said from closer M416 fights as well. It is very much possible for both players to get enough bullets off to kill each other as it only takes 4 bullets on level 2 armor, yet it NEVER happens. Could be server "lag" between players, but I am going to say of the thousands of fights I have been in, surely I have been in quite a few with people whom had the same 30-40ms connection to the server I have and thus what the 2 of us see is pretty consistent to what the server sees. Yet still it has NEVER happened. In addition, to go along with what the OP has said, never have I thrown a grenade, been knocked/killed while throwing it and then all of a sudden that grenade was back in my backpack and never actually thrown. EVERY time, that grenade is still thrown and still goes off as thrown and has earned me numerous knocks and kills enough though the same my have already happened to me.
  11. IPS monitors, though their visuals are good they are not good gaming monitors. 8ms and 60 hz at 1920x1080 - blah.
  12. I posted about this the other day. I have a 2070 that has less than 4GB of its memory ever used at any one time on any of the maps. GPU usage is generally around 60% utilization, but I didn't note the max amount used, nor did I look at the CPU utilization. I'll do some testing tonight as Monday is a typical play session for me. I also tried using the -notexturestreaming in the launch command. That would take my memory usage up to about 7.2GB max, but it introduced many micro stutters as it read/write to the memory. Again, I didn't note the GPU and CPU utilization so I will need to do that.
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