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  1. Anyone who quits out of a match specifically because of the map is a baby.
  2. What? No that's not me. What are you talking about?
  3. Block the guy. The messages will stop when you block him.
  4. "They." Are you under the impression that PUBGCorp runs this website? It's just someone who is using the PUBG API to build this app. The reason we don't have a kill cam in-game is more than likely because it would completely cornhole performance. And we don't want that, do we?
  5. "I'm on beta for PUBG" what does that even mean?
  6. I love the tommy gun, until I get insta-melted by it. Then I hate the tommy gun.
  7. Ambient noise (including wind) is definitely louder when the Moonlight weather is on Vikendi. Is that what you mean?
  8. You played two rounds and you think you have it all sorted eh? Ok then.
  9. Without having played (I haven't either) how do you have confirmation that the cave was added? Did you read it somewhere? Can I get a link?
  10. I'm not an amazing player by any stretch. But there have been occasions where I've lost a fight and died, and then spectated the guy for a bit and said to my self "Dang, I can't believe this absolute potato got me." What I would never, ever do, however -- not in a million years -- is message him and let him know how salty I am about it. Why let your enemy win twice?
  11. So along with the missing footsteps, there seems to be a way to get into the "attic" of the Villa on Vikendi just like people can get "under" the castle. It's a shame that two locations which were presumably meant to be hot-drops are broken like this, because I really wanted to try them out. But it's hard enough to survive an unfamiliar hot-drop already without guys being able to do things like this. But hey, that's why we have a Test Server Bug Reports forum, right? So here's a clip of what happened to me. Oddly enough I could hear this guys footsteps. And it was driving me crazy that I couldn't find him. When he kills me I would have bet money that he was behind that door. Imagine my surprise. Villa Glitch small.webm
  12. Andy, you should also pass on that it is possible to get inside the map at Villa just like the Castle. Only this time the guy was in the ceiling.
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