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  1. DudeNamedBen33

    Frags - too OP?

    Try telling that to your boss.
  2. DudeNamedBen33

    Salty messages

    Block the guy. The messages will stop when you block him.
  3. Only 5 streamers in the past 2 weeks bro.
  4. "They." Are you under the impression that PUBGCorp runs this website? It's just someone who is using the PUBG API to build this app. The reason we don't have a kill cam in-game is more than likely because it would completely cornhole performance. And we don't want that, do we?
  5. DudeNamedBen33

    Salty messages

    "I'm on beta for PUBG" what does that even mean?
  6. DudeNamedBen33

    For the love of god

    LOL anyone who thinks the game is currently in a worse state than it was at launch goes right on the ignore list. Stop crying.
  7. DudeNamedBen33

    Frags - too OP?

    I'm just trying to let people know. Apparently the large majority of people think it's "peak" which doesn't even make sense when you think about it.
  8. DudeNamedBen33

    Frags - too OP?

    It's peek, not peak. I cringe every time I see someone using the word peak when they mean peek.
  9. DudeNamedBen33

    Hit reg today!?

    Why would hit registration be more off today than it was yesterday?
  10. DudeNamedBen33

    Vikendi's cave

    Oh you're hilarious. And illustrating beautifully that you have no idea what you're talking about.
  11. DudeNamedBen33

    Coupons left after vikendi survivor pass

    Have you done all of the Challenge missions, which are unlocked by completing all the weekly missions for a specific week? No, you haven't, because some of them aren't even available to be unlocked. The reward for these Challenge Missions is more coupons.
  12. DudeNamedBen33

    Vikendi's cave

    That's not really how IT issues work, or get resolved. They don't owe you a specific date, nor can they probably give one. As an IT professional myself, I have to deal with this at my place of employment every day. If there is a problem with a particular system, or even a specific PC, I get constant questions of "Is it fixed yet" or "When will it be fixed" or "What's the problem that needs to be fixed." Answers go something like this: "No it's not fixed yet" "I don't know when it will be fixed." "If I knew exactly what the problem was, it would be fixed already."
  13. DudeNamedBen33

    Vikendi's cave

    We already have that. People will always complain.
  14. DudeNamedBen33

    Tommy gun

    No. The tommy gun does not accept a sight of any type. It doesn't even have a rail to mount one on. You'll never see a tommy gun anywhere -- anywhere -- with a sight or scope mounted on it. It's not how the gun works.
  15. DudeNamedBen33

    Would you play more

    But wait some other dude said Sanhok literally never shows up in the rotation anymore.