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  1. I get zero recoil with the UMP and LWG, Tried it both inverted and not. virtually zero recoil (ADS) - i think thats what his original point was saying, might depend on your individual settings?
  2. IDarkSyndicate


    Yeah maybe a skin for their mouse and keyboard 😂 j/k
  3. IDarkSyndicate

    60 Fps Console Ver.

    Without trying to sound like a troll ......Sanhok and have you played it
  4. IDarkSyndicate

    next week it's the right one?

    Do they celebrate xmas in South Korea?
  5. IDarkSyndicate

    Why pubg

    Yes and yes 👍
  6. IDarkSyndicate

    1 Year Anniversary news?

    Thanksgiving M4skin (it might be the juvenile in me but I giggle every time i say M4 skin), Anniversary SCAR skin...hmm ...not exactly what anyone was looking for on year anni.
  7. IDarkSyndicate

    Some nice Hardcore lag, High Pingers suck!

    It would happen occasionally on xbox version when you are spectating. He's not really doing that, its just what you see on your screen
  8. IDarkSyndicate

    SMG needs regulated

    I don't understand these threads, everyone can pick up an UMP or any sub and stick whatever you want on it the gun allows - where is the advantage? , I mean they are the most common weapons after pistols and shottys so not hard for everyone to find. I mean you wanna talk OP - Try the Mk14 with comp, cheekpad , ext mag in full auto...Bring your Ump/Vector ALL DAY LONG... yeah yeah yeah its in the crate...whatever
  9. IDarkSyndicate

    Do you use Thumb grips for your Xbox controller?

    Elite controller - Kontrolfreak Galaxies - AAA Shock on right stick.
  10. IDarkSyndicate

    Sorry, but what is this???

    umm you totally potatoed
  11. IDarkSyndicate

    Recommend a headset

    I hav e a Hyper X cloud flight on the PS4 and an astro A50 on my xbox Neither cheap but there no comparison the A50 wins hands down - I wish I could hook up the A50 to ps4 - Ive followed youtube directions but the mic wont work
  12. IDarkSyndicate

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    Totally agree, no laggy menus like the X - Game itself...doesnt seem too different but I have to give the Pro the edge.
  13. IDarkSyndicate

    TK is out of control again.

    Friendly fire "on or off" option - on when you play with friends and off with TKing randos
  14. IDarkSyndicate

    Did you guys forget Xbox exists or something???

    They didnt say it wouldnt be on the PTS right? so maybe it will be..but highly unlikely