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  1. CummingsWarrior

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Just to be clear, this wasn’t a ‘I hate PUBG’ thread. Love the game, just awful at it. Still haven’t played since, but enjoy reading the threads.
  2. CummingsWarrior

    Xbox one x

    Having a rest from PUBG for a while, but had the One X since launch... it’s brilliant Just bought The Division 2. It’s unreal on the One X Deffo a jump in quality and worth the price
  3. CummingsWarrior

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Appreciate all the responses Maybe a break is in order, then come back and change my approach
  4. CummingsWarrior

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Dont think so so but it sounds like me level of incompetence!
  5. Not because of anything to do with the game, it’s playability, the maps or the loot... But because I’m utter shite and just cannot improve!! I’m a day 1 player, so have been at it 16 months now and I just can’t improve. I regularly get 0 kills or 1 kill. Without playing for hours at a time, day after day,which I don’t want to do - I have no idea how to get better Love the game, but I’m giving in.
  6. CummingsWarrior

    Backing out of maps is behaving like a spoilt scrub

    It’s not law is it! Its my time, my game and I’ll play it how I like.
  7. CummingsWarrior

    Backing out of maps is behaving like a spoilt scrub

    I will back out of every Mirarmar game without exception
  8. CummingsWarrior

    Well, that was a tough weekend!

    That looks like me on a good weekend!!
  9. CummingsWarrior

    Upgrading to a One X

    I’ve had the One X since launch. Coupled with a Samsung SUHD 4K TV. It’s brilliant. I had the original Xbox one and the leap is unbelievable
  10. CummingsWarrior

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    Current season my KD is 0.77 But considering this has increased from 0.33 in the pre season, I’m happy enough with it!! I only ever play solo too
  11. CummingsWarrior

    Teamers on xb?

    Something needs to happen. It’s every other game now. And when you’re as crap as I am, 2 people are impossible to fight against why cheat though? You get zero from it, no levelling up, no increased skills. It’s a poison I report, but it seems it’s pointless
  12. CummingsWarrior

    Brimming with anticipation!

    Me too!!
  13. CummingsWarrior

    Finally joined the Solo Chicken Dinner Club

    Nice!!! I have 2 solo wins. I’m 43, k/d of 0.75 and I’m totally crap!!! keep fighting the fight
  14. CummingsWarrior


    +1, I’ve been left with no illusions about how crap I am
  15. CummingsWarrior

    Headset recommendations???

    Beats Solo 3 - BT connection to the TV. saves eating through batteries. Superb sound