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  1. CummingsWarrior

    Teamers on xb?

    Something needs to happen. It’s every other game now. And when you’re as crap as I am, 2 people are impossible to fight against why cheat though? You get zero from it, no levelling up, no increased skills. It’s a poison I report, but it seems it’s pointless
  2. CummingsWarrior

    Brimming with anticipation!

    Me too!!
  3. CummingsWarrior

    Finally joined the Solo Chicken Dinner Club

    Nice!!! I have 2 solo wins. I’m 43, k/d of 0.75 and I’m totally crap!!! keep fighting the fight
  4. CummingsWarrior


    +1, I’ve been left with no illusions about how crap I am
  5. CummingsWarrior

    Where is the VSS??

    Nowhere to be seen, and it suits my stealthy , cowardly bush-hiding approach
  6. CummingsWarrior

    Where is the VSS??

    I haven’t seen one for maybe 2 months now... I know they exist, I’ve been bloody shot by them!! Play solo TPP On Eu
  7. CummingsWarrior

    Miramar Island ending.

    Why is it green?
  8. CummingsWarrior

    I see lots of good PUBG things

    I would pay the 50p a week that it’s averaged out at!!!
  9. CummingsWarrior

    How long?!?!

    i feel your pain... I have 3 wins only, all on solo. And on TPP (Sorry FPP royalty). My K/D ratio has just risen to a whopping 0.74! got on release day, still my main game
  10. Excellent news. More players. Shows a bit of backing by MS. Enjoying it at the moment. K/D still way below 1. No complaints here ?
  11. CummingsWarrior

    Rate My Snipe

    Awesome!! 9 for me.. ignore the TPP gripe, just a salty crank being a little bitter
  12. CummingsWarrior

    Servers still down!

    Massive overreaction, it’s only hours
  13. CummingsWarrior

    Headset recommendations???

    Beats Solo 3 - BT connection to the TV. saves eating through batteries. Superb sound