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  1. Frostydroman

    Update 6 tonight

    It doesn’t specifically say it, but will rendering be improved?
  2. Frostydroman

    Update 6 tonight

    No that wouldn’t be the case because it would probably just be a hotfix. They wouldn’t take the servers down for a minimum of 4 hours if they weren’t doing something.
  3. Frostydroman

    Update 6 tonight

    In game announcement in the lobby says maintenance for update 6 tonight. Can we get patch notes? @PUBG_Andymh5
  4. Frostydroman

    Anyone help a noob with parachute speed?

    That’s not the problem, he is just dropping from directly above when dropping earlier is the fastest way to get to your location. The key to getting down first is to drop around 500m or more early, at least when it’s directly below the path. Especially on sanhok.
  5. Frostydroman

    Quicker match idea - developers?

    If only it were as simple as you think. If things like this were simple to implement we wouldn’t have all the rendering and fps issues, which are way higher on the priority list. Might be a fun idea, but they haven’t even had the event modes in a while because of all the issues they are working to fix.
  6. Frostydroman

    Vikendi missions

    This is the survivor pass, aka the race for level 100. They never specified what the date for the end of the season would be, just April.
  7. Frostydroman

    Suggestion for next season pass

    They are on a new season as they are months ahead. They are on season 3 called wild card. Go look up the details and you will see.
  8. Frostydroman

    Suggestion for next season pass

    Of you look at what pc did it’s a much better pass. The challenges are much less ridiculous and they have some fun specific challenges gun skins for rewards when you complete them.
  9. Frostydroman

    Bring all weapons to all maps

    The slr and sks are there, just low drop rate.
  10. Frostydroman


    If it hasn’t updated you can’t say you are 6th because the others probably have increased their sp as well
  11. Frostydroman

    Merge PC Patch 26 & 27

    They need to fix some things before they add content. Otherwise I think they would have updated a long time ago.
  12. Frostydroman

    New LMG's please?

    I play both, but with the fact that I play off peak I don’t get to play a whole lot of fpp. It’s my preference and when I get a pc will strictly play fpp
  13. Frostydroman

    New LMG's please?

    How many professional Xbox pubg tournaments are you playing? I don’t hear a whole lot about a competitive scene on Xbox. If you are listening to where people are in the match, 4 others and you hear gunfire from all 4 guys or have gathered that information over the previous minutes you can deduct where people are. Standing still is stupid at times but you aren’t going to strafe all over the place when trying for a SR headshot. There are many situations in this game when you need to or should do a multitude of things which could get you killed. Proning for a split second isn’t going to get you killed any more than standing still exposed to other players. Your opinion is just that, OPINION.
  14. Frostydroman

    New LMG's please?

    When you have the game sense to know where everyone is and you are spraying from long range with an lmg on a guy that doesn’t know where you are, proning for the very short period of time ensures accuracy. I’m not talking about sneaking around with an lmg. I’m talking about situations in which proning is both safe and smart. Go watch some of the best pc streamers like chocotaco, seen plenty of the best pc streamers go prone in multiple situations. There are plenty of things that you should never do in this game but there is a situation to use just about any gun or equipment this game provides. Just because you don’t like the dp doesn’t mean that it is a bad gun or isn’t good in certain situations. You may have your preferences or your own personal rules for how to play the game, but there are plenty of viable strategies that can be used in this game. Not just what you prefer to do. There are strategies that are smart in some situations and dumb in others, such as using a bipod on a gun. Game sense is the most important thing for doing things like proning.
  15. Frostydroman

    New LMG's please?

    You wouldn’t prone with anyone peeking you. Everything has its situation. Molly’s were practically useless before they could go through doors. Just because you wouldn’t prone ever doesn’t mean there aren’t safe situations to do so.