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  1. Did you not see all the stuff they added to the mylta power plant?
  2. I’m in Washington also and I’m averaging 90
  3. Ok I know I’m the millionth person to say it but there is no way anyone in North America should have to suffer with 90 ping. I have really good internet so that’s not the problem. Correct me if I’m wrong but it feels like I am losing a lot of close fights because of connection.
  4. When I’m dealing with smoke grenades and fog it seems way worse than the streamers I’m watching. Any ideas on ways to improve this with my settings?
  5. Set lean to hold instead of toggle
  6. I could be wrong but doesn’t it double each phase and that’s why it seemingly spikes?
  7. Do you mean rapture? Also many people have been requesting this not just you.
  8. For a game of this magnitude those regions weren’t going to do that well anyways. It’s unfortunate but the player population in those regions can’t keep this game alive unless the game were to go free to play.
  9. The game is not perfect but depending on what region you are from the game is far from dying. From what streamers were saying there are some performance issues at times but I don’t think bugs are the reason for delay. This is no vikendi. Also they might be adding more to it than what was on test servers
  10. Is that going to coincide with the ledge grab, amphibious vehicle, and a new survivor pass?
  11. Any idea when the update is supposed to hit?
  12. It replaces the armored uaz
  13. It’s going to replace the armored uaz which is good. This also makes using the flare outside the zone more valuable
  14. Probably got a kill with a different weapon as well
  15. Better bullet velocity so it’s better from range, and if someone with an m4 is going against an aug straight up, if both are hitting shots the aug will also win because of that. Don’t get me wrong I am all for a buff but it is definitely better. Maybe not by much, but it is. Now I think the other ones feel more special and make me more excited than the aug, but it still is nice to have.
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