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  1. Frostydroman

    2 headshots w/ 1 bullet?

    Somebody a long time ago did a pubg mythbusters and no matter what gun, even the awm, it was proved that bullet penetration isn’t in pubg
  2. Frostydroman

    Can you do this? #TheChallenge

    Not really a pressure moment with 84 left but it’s a sweet jump!
  3. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Have you ever read through patch notes and been surprised as to how many bugs there are? Not every bug is common or happens as often like the ads bug of the past and the nade glitch in this past pts
  4. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    They patched it before going to live servers.
  5. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Personally I never had those issues and they must have been things that weren’t as common.
  6. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Ok maybe so but those weren’t game breaking or cheesy, they were issues but not major like the issues with vikendi
  7. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Yes I do the pts when they do big changes, and were any of the bugs game breaking like all the under the map and sound issues? They wouldn’t put out the map in the condition it was in with the pts.
  8. Frostydroman

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Idk about rendering but do you honestly believe they would release it without fixing all of the many bugs first?
  9. Frostydroman

    Getting all

    Well I think history suggests yes but no idea if they had issues with the other things.
  10. Frostydroman

    Live server

    Basically what happens is when you cook your grenade, throw it and immediately switch back to your gun it registers that you never through it and you have a cooked grenade on you
  11. Frostydroman

    Auto reload

    Maybe so, maybe they need to just make it so you have to release the trigger and tap to reload.
  12. At first they removed it but they brought it back so you’re partially wrong.
  13. Frostydroman

    Auto reload

    Yes I know that, I think a lot of people wish there is a tap to reload. I don’t mean visually smoother, just that at times the way reloading works makes the game clunky.
  14. Frostydroman

    Auto reload

    I’m all for features that make clunky things like switching to drivers seat and other things much faster as well.
  15. Frostydroman

    Auto reload

    If you could tap to reload then I would understand, but it’s way too clunky as is. I personally care more about this feature during the initial looting phase with reloading weapon pickups. Plus if you were spraying a gun in real life you would know when the mag is empty and it’s not like you would just stand there with an unloaded gun, in a real firefight you would reload right away so I don’t think it decreases realism.