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  1. I don’t think you understand how bad things used to be. The game is 10x better than it was a year ago. The constant crashing and lag which was 10x worse than now. I understand it’s not that smooth and so have the devs, but I enjoyed the game back then and would say I enjoy it more in this state than back then.
  2. Frostydroman

    What should PUBG steal?

    The ping system that they tried was game breaking which is why they removed it. It took away from the communication necessary and was broken because you could ping an air drop and it would put on your map where it was
  3. Frostydroman

    Compensators on SR

    Honestly only put a comp on just because, but in order of preference with the option available the choice is always suppressor, flash hider, then comp if I have nothing else. I don’t know why the comp would be picked over the others with a bolt action. DMR is a different story though.
  4. Frostydroman

    What should PUBG steal?

    My one disagreement is on the level purchases. It is near impossible for most as the xp to lvl 100 is absurd for even those who play for hours daily.
  5. Frostydroman

    What should PUBG steal?

    PCs latest update decreases the amount of damage armor takes so I think that should fix a lot of the problem. Armor has been destroyed much faster since they added bullet penetration
  6. Frostydroman

    Let's face it

    If you played destiny 1 you would understand that game development isn’t as simple as it seems, especially for a larger scale game. That game had game breaking bugs that wouldn’t get fixed for months so really it hasn’t been as bad as you think. They will get fixed eventually, but you have to be patient. You just can’t 100% tell how things are going to go when they go to live servers until it happens. Everyone complained there wasn’t enough content or that pc was getting everything way sooner and then complains when it’s not perfect. If you expected perfection then that’s on you not the devs.
  7. Frostydroman

    What should PUBG steal?

    Although i think there are some small things that could be pulled from other BRs I can also agree with others who don’t want pubg to lose itself in the process. I would say that the key for all video games to get better is just to improve upon themselves instead of take from others. It seems like so many video game franchises in the past have pulled from too many others and they lost what differentiates them. Look at franchises like halo and call of duty. Halo had the hardcore/competitive FPS scene locked up with halo 2-3, and then as they catered to casual players or tried to bring in players from the other games they had a watered down game which was no longer the same experience. Call of duty had it’s own market and was different enough from everything else that their games thrive from cod 4 to black ops 1 to mw2, then they got too futuristic and lost what brought a lot of people to their games. It wasn’t the same anymore. Gears of war owned the competitive tpp scene and then catered to the casual with the sawed off shotgun in gears 3 and lost the competitive experience until they rolled it back in gears 4. pubg will thrive if it becomes the best it possibly can be. Not from pulling from other games or franchises.
  8. Frostydroman

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Get sanhok on solos and drop late. Did it first try
  9. Frostydroman

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    Some sort of throwing knife would be cool. Honestly I think this game needs more LMGs than anything else right now for diversity of gameplay. It’s a shame the dp is only on one map.
  10. Frostydroman

    One of those that felt good 😄

    I usually max 4 maybe 5, and only do max 5 bandages when I have 3 or more first aids as you won’t have time to use most of your bandages during the late game. If I can afford it with inventory space I like to load up on boosts and stay close to max during late game.
  11. Frostydroman

    One of those that felt good 😄

    My only question is why waste inventory on 12 first aid and 10 bandages?! Half of that could be used on boosts and throwables!
  12. Frostydroman

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    Chill it isn’t the first and won’t be the last BR to come to Xbox. People who want a more realistic BR will go to Pubg because when it comes to a video game, it is more realistic than the others and more tactical. It’s going to always take a hit but the hardcore player base will always come back.
  13. Frostydroman

    Guns pubg should have.

    Personally I would say more lmg’s
  14. Frostydroman

    What is your favourite niche weapon?

  15. Team kill or suicide revives don’t count to your total. I had a teammate die from fall damage and it didn’t count for me when I revived.