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  1. TheChalk

    Teaming in Solo

    They dont care. Its not considered cheating. I have reported it, made a video showing its the same guys playing tpp, landing in South george and they litterally ignored it. There just happy people are playing it since they lost 90%. pathetic
  2. Also having an Xbox one X does not fix this issue. Its really bad on the map, as its always been, at least 5-10 seconds for loot to spawn and buildings take a while to load. Also any building you look at over 400m are playdo. Using an external hardrive helps load faster when crashing and generally loads the game a little faster but it seems crashes are a thing of the past and it still does not solve the rendering of buildings. There answer to this for One X users is going to be an option to dumb down graphics so the game runs better! LOL. Typical “fix” for Blue Hole, not a fix at all. I wish they would sell the game to Epic so they could actually fix the game. Heck, any company could do better then BH.
  3. The game is just as awful today as it was 12 months ago. We continue to get lied to. Most people that left this game did so because it is optimized so poorly. Desync, FPS, Rubberbanding, Network Lag are issues that have barley been addressed. Sure they mention it, but they simply can not fix it. For a long time in every update NONE of those things were even addressed. In a few of the 20 plus updates that they actully mentioned desync it was maybe one sentence. They have test servers that dont even work! These forums are a joke, less then 500 people, its controlled by bluehole, and they litterally never ever tell is anything truthful about the problems with this game. Just awful.
  4. TheChalk

    Sorry I didn't know where to post this

    Bluehole doesnt do mobil PUBG. Thats why it works and is loved by all.
  5. TheChalk


    GTA should be and is TPP. Its not a shooter. You drive around 90% of the time. PUBG is a garbage game in TPP. Like you said, wall and window peakers. Thats ALL they do in TPP. They hide and use the camera. Im not saying its not fun to play, im just saying that in TPP almost every player camps and uses the camera. A final circle in TPP and 70% of the players are prone and not moving and the other 30% are camping or hiding and using the camera. Its just a totally different game. One that most kids,newbies and bad gamers prefer. Nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with riding a bike with training wheels. Lets be honest, TPP is much easier. Thats why its popular. Ill bet bfore GTA was your # 1 game, it was peobably Minecraft.
  6. TheChalk

    bring back all chat :(

    It was a lot of fun to hear people scream, yelling FU, N word and just about anything negative they could in that 60- 90 second window?? And please explain what you mean ot distracted you from the seriousness of the game. I am not trolling you, I am generally curious of how it was fun and how it distracted you. Btw, racist and mean things dont pffend me at all and I enjoy trash talking but my experience was, kids(age 10 to 20) just yelling and screaming as loud as they could ( towards the younger age) and the older ones either acting like they were 10 amd screaming also or more common, just yelling curse words or racist words. Amd though i can find humor in anything, to me it was just annoying. I do think a “kill chat” would be fun, like in cod. Maybe a 10 second window. But beijg honest all you ever head was “ your terrible, you suck, fu, n word, jew, c word, you suck fu” and that was usually from the one that got killed. And rarely heard “ gg, nice shot, ect” But lets be honest, if they put that in, they would break like 10 other things and it would be glitchy and broken.
  7. TheChalk

    Camping on Sanhok

    Hmmm.. FPP elitist? Never heard that term before , I am a PUBG elitist and think people should play whatever THEY enjoy. _______________________________________________________________ So you disagree with this: In TPP, the players “hide” behind rocks, trees and corners and use the camera to see the opponent who could not possibly see them or they go prone/crouch in a bush or go in a building and crouch/prone near a window and use the camera to view the whole area and once again, impossible for oppents to see them, then when someone go’s past them or comes near them, they suprise them and try to shoot them, with the player being shot at, seeing the enemy for the first time when they are actually shooting them. In buildings with stairs, they will camp the stairs, staying out of site, again using the camera to see them coming up the stairs, then pop out for an easy kill. _______________________________________________________________ Everything I just described is how TPP is played from my personal experience and from every game I have ever seen from a TPP streamer. Also everything I just described, can not be done in FPP. What I just described is MY definition of camping #2 and you stated that I was wrong and you disagree with me but this is what forums are for.. can you tell me how I am wrong about TPP For my definiton of TPP play (camping #2) to be true, the majority of the server doesnt “have” to be static until the server forces them to move. If we used my #1 definiton of camping, then I would concur that we would see static movement and players running into the next circle and staying put. I am not trying to call out TPP players for camping, I am simply stating how TPP is played. If we took ANY random clip of a TPP game, I belive we would see a player ...that is not on the run... hiding and using the camera to “peak”. Accordong to you this is inaccurate. It seems that you see this as some kind of attack against TPP, and since you are a TPP player, you feel like I am attacking you. Based on your previous commemts it seems you take offence to me calling TPP a “camping” style of playing. I will agree that the term “camping” has a negative connotation to some players (not me, I LOVE bridge camping) and maybe I shouldnt call it “camping” but, the original post was about camping, and how the OP feels bad for camping and we said dont feel bad, its just a game and if someone has fun camping then camp away! And I said just play TPP, thats all they do?. You can change the word “camping” but that doesnt change the playstyle I described in TPP games. There are many streamers who play TPP and u can watch those games where you can clealry see that the gameplay is exactly how I described it. I promise hybiepoo that I was just describing how TPP is different then FPP, and I believe that everyone should play whatever one they have the most fun at or find the most challenging for them. This is not TPP vs FPP. I just wish desync and Fps were fixed. I love pubg and we all have a choice to play either FPP or TPP. And whatever version you love to play, is the best version.✌?
  8. TheChalk

    Camping on Sanhok

    Thats fine you didnt read it, but maybe in the future you shouldnt comment on something you didnt read. Or take something someone said out of context. When I actually said “95 out of 100”, I wasnt even talking about camping per sey, I was defing how I could use the term “everyone” if 95 out of 100 did it. You would also have known that I defined 2 different types of camping, #1 is the exact same as yours and I said that type of camping is no where near 95 out of 100, so we agree. Maybe you could read #2 definiton of camping and give your opion of that type of camping is in fact happening in TPP. Imo #2 is just how TPP is played by a vast majority of players.
  9. TheChalk

    Camping on Sanhok

    Did you see how I defined camping? If so, how do you define camping? What is “truly camping”?
  10. TheChalk

    Camping on Sanhok

    I just assumed that there wouldnt be that one guy, that no one likes, who is always correcting grammar, spelling , ect. It looks like I found him. So i had to write a book so you would understand, like the rest of us, that when u have 95 out of 100 you can use the term EVERYONE. The truth is you took offence to me saying everyone camps in TPP becuae YOU play TPP majority of the time, maybe all the time, idk, and you didnt want to be labeled a camper. So I broke it down for you... so that you couldnt argue the facts. Im sure you didnt take any liberty when you said your k/d is 6.0 #screenshot
  11. Yes,I dont know how to remove the “wrong” clip or just delete the whole post. I went to edit and hit trash button on the first incorrect video amd inserted the correct one and all it did was add the corrct one. Much like the game, the forums isnt optimized either.
  12. Talk about luck.... 0759B042-45A2-442F-961F-03CA4673F90A.MOV
  13. TheChalk

    Camping on Sanhok

    Actually, no I didnt. It depends how you define camping. #1- camping by going into a structure, in circle, and hiding, not looking to kill anyone, just looking to survive the circle, kind of what the OP is talking about, then I would say not everyone does this. And I believe this is what the OP is refering to when he was saying camping. #2- camping by going into a building, going prone or crouching, near a window and use the camera to look out the window and shoot at the player that happens to walk by or going prone/crouching in a bush and waiting for someone to walk by... again using the camera to see...and only moving when the circle forces you to, then yes, in TPP that is what they ALL do. So I am stating that in TPP almost everyone is doing #2 and imo I would say 90% + players do this and a couple players, usually the “better” players, will run and gun or should I say, play more agressive and constantly moving. Its why kills are so much easier in TPP then FPP. In a top 10 circle in TPP, 6 or 7 will be prone in sanhok, 1 or 2 will be hiding behind a rock or tree, never peeking, just using the camera and only moving when circle forces them to and 1 or 2 will be on the move looking for those said players. There is a big difference between getting cover and hiding (camping) in TPP vs FPP. You simply cant play that way in FPP and get kills, you cant see anything going on in FPP. Of course bad (or new) players in FPP will use that tactic and they often get easily killed as you know. And then there are good players that simply like to camp! In a TPP game, #2 is somply how it is played. Its just a fact. And thats why its easier to get kills in TPP vs FPP. Especially if you are agressive(and good) as you stated you are. You are probably good in FPP too. FPP players can easily adjust to TPP, but the opposite is not true. Its just a completly different game. Im not saying TPP players are not as good as FPP players, im just saying its a different game. And of your a good player, you could probably do either. In FPP , if your in a house prone/crouching, your litterally camping and trying to hide and avoid any confrontation. You simply cant see anyone or anything. If you go prone in the grass in FPP, your either healing or your just bad, because going prone in FPP is a terrible decesion and the easiest player to kill. I also assumed that your a smart guy and you would understand that when I say every player, I dont litterally mean every player. Its in context with the OP. Thats why I said that a couple players will be the agressive ones and they tend to get the most kills. If you define “camping” as #2 in this post, then yes, all they do is camp in TPP.