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  1. Dangles

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    Given that these policies are across all platforms, only problem I see about the stalking for Xbox is the player count is low enough that I’m betting people end up in the same game far more often than pc, not sure how the player count is on the PS4 side but don’t care. If a streamer reports someone, that’d be a sketchy call on stalking. Only way I’d see someone legitimately being caught is if they always wait to start games at the same time, let alone kill the streamer. i don’t oppose this policy, but I’d hope the admin administering the ban/suspension would be mindful of that.
  2. Dangles

    96 players all jump in one spot

    Alright so that’s awesome lol. I would have bolted for the first building hoping for a gun. I can only imagine everyone turning on me to try and beat me to death as I shoot like some zombie game haha that would be a crazy start.
  3. Huh, I don’t come here often nor played in a while, waiting for them to straighten this game out. This thread is what all my friends and I are waiting for. Someone else to take over because this boat has been being rowed without oars. Yes, the game ran extremely horribly before, but what I don’t understand is people seem to have lowered their bar so to speak based on how shitty it was in the beginning. So from that perspective, yeah it’s progressed. But look around, what other game runs like this? Feels like I’m playing via screensharing through some other device, while that device is on an emulator. I was hoping they’d find help for the Xbox department of this game. Learn from others instead of dragging their feet around doing it themselves. They’ve obviously got the money, and to get this game running smooth and proper, I don’t see how it’s not worth the investment. I seriously wouldn’t give a shit if they pulled the game from stores, rebuilt it from the ground up. Do whatever they need to do before the next modern battlefield comes out because if they include a Battle Royale with it, I guarantee I won’t be back. Although it shouldn’t matter like any other game, but for those who wonder, xbox x wired connection 1tb 860 evo ssd 4k LG hdr monitor
  4. Dangles

    Will PUBG be on next Gen Consoles?

    I’m only 23, and nearly the only pc games I’ve ever played were age of empires which the first one released in ‘97. They were all like this, I stuck around because every match felt brand new, it’s what got me into games. Now these games had no problem generating and loading them in 1-3 seconds but the games were also small in size, maybe 20-30mb, so I understand how it could take longer for current games of their size to load. But with speeds only getting better, if a game was built from the ground up for this I can’t imagine it’d take longer than pubg’s current state already does.
  5. Dangles

    Will PUBG be on next Gen Consoles?

    Like others, I prefer a new one as well. Being on a new console in this day and age it should have 0 problems hitting 4K/1080 and 60 FPS, built from ground up, no port bs.. Said this on a previous post a while ago, but I’d also like generated maps so no map is ever the same. All that put together, that is the holy grail.
  6. Dangles

    Interesting bug

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/tha-dangles/screenshot/11753728 Not quite sure how to explain how it happened. Was just looting, trying to even out my ammo when I found some 7.62. As I picked up the ammo after dropping 5.56, my akm was not adding ammo, opened up inventory, and the ammo was switched for the guns...? So although it said the akm was using 5.56, when I closed the inventory the g36 still had all the ammo. After that all the 7.62 I found was being converted to 5.56. Would be nice if I could do that with all the 9mm around lol. Jokes aside I hope this isn’t something that starts happening more often. Would be a huge pain on the initial drop if you find a gun to kill someone quick and the ammo switches to another type, leaving you still unarmed
  7. I’d say because it’s a port. Makes sense to me that it runs shit because Xbox is like an emulator since it was not built for it, for some reason I still don’t understand.
  8. Dangles

    Will pubg be on Next Gen consoles?

    I hope not. I’d rather them make a second one that runs better. And if so, for the love of god I hope the maps are generated so no map is ever the same. If that happens, me play long time, I’d throw money at them so hard they may get a paper cut.
  9. I thought the same after I saw what apex had. Although I don’t believe you should be able to respawn a player after 40 players are left, and to respawn they could come back as “reinforcements” by another plane drop.. As for how to respawn them, grab dog tag(s), go to 1 of 4 (or more?) radio towers that are randomly placed around the map, call it in. Takes 20-30 seconds to call in, and no one can tell where the towers are until they land from the first plane drop. I know a bunch of people are die hard fans of the game and would hate this, but I figure it’s a good trade off for the boost in both new and returning players pub would receive. Just think what it could do for fpp.
  10. Dangles

    Should there be anymore maps added?

    I know it’s not possible with this game, but when I was younger and played Minecraft I thought it was pretty cool how each new game had a brand new map. Kinda how age of empires is on pc if anyone knows that. If a Battle Royale could figure that out and ran well, I don’t know if I’d let it go till a better one came along. No more people knowing best vantage points. As far as adding pub maps, they need to only get better. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be afraid to scrap them, their is a pts for a reason.
  11. Dangles


    I’m gonna be real with everyone for a second.. I didn’t even know this game had a bp boost, and I couldn’t give less of a shit whether it did or not. like others, I had hoped for the game. Haven’t played in maybe a month now, check forums every 2 weeks to see if a worthy update has happened. I hope they understand that 85-90% of the time they post anything, it’s a huge letdown. see you all in March.
  12. Dangles

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    Working and waiting patiently. I don’t come on here often and like I said I’d seen a few threads like this. But as I knew it was a pc game first I expected problems and waited for fixes, but now that they have ps4 apparently up to par or better within the first 3 months of release? Yeah that’s why I’m asking now.
  13. Dangles

    Has anyone looked at PS4 CONVOS

    Seen a couple threads like this in the past. Never cared to say anything because like someone said above it’s a different system and all. But thinking now, I would like to have them explain what’s more difficult to work with on Xbox compared to PlayStation, or what causes them problems with Xbox that doesn’t on PlayStation.
  14. Dangles

    They should really give us

    Only joy I could find in c4 = some guy trying to throw it out a window near the entrance of a building, c4 gets stuck on the window instead of going through it, as he tries to pick it up off the window (whether we would be able to pick it up or not), I shoot it.
  15. Dangles

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    Pretty good. Would be cool if some games changed from day to night during the match as well.