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  1. I think it’s fine the way it is, not being a douche or anything either. It does help, but only so much. I typically don’t use it if people are moving which is 90+%. Only to laser some fool standing still or prone. What we really need is a colonel sanders skin. Not one you can buy, but one you can apply the game after a win, only if you choose to. Don’t win that game and it disappears. Not my idea, read a while ago. Was either that or a chicken costume in-case KFC doesn’t allow it lol. Talk about getting people to play for wins instead of kills, would be awesome.
  2. I’d be down to use a cow for cover in a final circle. Depending on speed, big animals should total vehicles as well.
  3. I understood nearly all of this, still google translated it to see if the last word was a word or if you were just saying it. I was about to say if that word was real or had a meaning in the translation, what the fuck lol.
  4. As much as they tout the realism of pubg I’d be 110% down for this lmao. Give em a tail too, I can just imagine spotting one running through the mountains with the damn tail shaking
  5. Didn’t read all the replies but I personally love it as well. More fights on the move each game, people don’t camp houses with smg’s or shotguns as much. I can tell I’m getting much better with aiming despite hardly ever doing training mode, which I do once a month or so if I get on and have to wait for my buddies to finish a game.
  6. Run the detailed network test on your console. That will determine if it’s the games servers or your actual connection. If the test is fine, ex: no packet loss then it’s the game.. If it’s your console, unplug router and modem for 10+ seconds then retry the detailed network test on console. If it still shows packet loss, router or modem could be failing or ISP landlines are going bad, either way you’d have to contact them to come out and diagnose
  7. Love the update. Nothing seems broke for me at least, no frame drops. Of the 5 games me and my buds played on erangel, 4 of them were constant battles to the end. Didn’t win any but it felt like no one was hiding anymore because they had loot to shoot lol
  8. Loving the smoothness so far, no hiccups or freezes, downloading at a full 35-40 mbps. As for how the update plays, I will have to check back later after I get home from work.
  9. Bought a 27inch Samsung and returned for nearly the same reason about 7 months ago. Was a 4K UHD, no HDR which was ultimately why I returned it, HDR is a must. Anyways when I was researching why the Samsung was doing this, most answers I found was something about the freesync with the monitor / console. Google -“ FreeSync (with in-game Vsync turned off) will allow the graphics card to produce a higher frame rate.” i cant remember if turning the setting off on the monitor / console fixed it or if I even did, I was so disappointed that it didn’t have HDR that when the black screen happened I initiated the return on amazon lol.
  10. It would appear that you have nothing else to do. 3 days in the living room? Really? Why is it so hard for people to obtain patience. You don’t have other games, Netflix/Prime, keeping up around the house or vehicle, a job? Fishing, exercising, there’s a world out there and it’s not flat.
  11. Couldn’t upload more to show the first guy I killed, he was right next to these 2 players. But good lord being the last team to face, couldn’t believe they weren’t doing anything, not even shooting back lol. F60A1CF4-66C5-4319-8B2A-16BA84F2EB74.MOV
  12. Generated maps so no map is ever the same, fresh feeling each time. Would be my choice if this game could do that smoothly and without bugs but I know it can’t. Sooner or later a game will and if the gameplay feeling is good as well, well I don’t think I’d need another game.
  13. Would be funny if they removed gas cans and we actually had to fill up at the stations, or at least find an empty can and take it to a gas station. Or next update introduces the first electric car, the pubrius. Slow but silent af lol
  14. Looks like it was hitting a wall that was in front of him, but clearly there shouldn’t be a wall there. I’m as lost as you are, id expect him to be dead as well
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