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  1. UI needs a lot of work. Slow, too simple, full of bugs.
  2. brutusbr

    FPS and weapon performance

    I always played with mouse and keyboard. That would be a very complex transition for me.
  3. brutusbr

    FPS and weapon performance

  4. brutusbr

    FPS and weapon performance

    I hope the next update will stabilize at 30.
  5. brutusbr

    FPS and weapon performance

    30 fps is pretty bad. Sorry. I forgot that in reality the framerate is 20-30 fps. Our reality is a long way from PC gamers. So I insist on a low 1080p mode on Xbox One X with 60 fps. It would be a huge breakthrough in gameplay and quality of life.
  6. brutusbr

    Training mode 1v1 practice

    I would very much like to meet you in the game.
  7. brutusbr

    starting to finally

    I already liked PUBG a lot more. If neither developers care about the game (see the pace of updates) why would I care? Quite frankly, if the game had 30 stable fps (which it does not already have) that would be the minimum. The poor performance of the game and the bad pace of updates discouraged me a lot. I honestly can not understand how the game can perform so badly on the XBOX ONE X. In fact, I would like to have other options. Looking forward to the battle royale mode of Red Dead 2 and Battlefield 5. I hope to like either. PUBG is going to take years to have a decent performance. Note that even the UI (even after more than a year of game launch) does not work properly. Either the development team is really very small or they just do not know what to do or what they are doing.
  8. brutusbr

    Training mode 1v1 practice

    Do you just know how to post reviews to other forum users? How about contributing positively?
  9. brutusbr

    Training mode 1v1 practice

    These problems in the game menu after more than a year of release are really shameful. Menu errors indicate that care is lacking in the development of PUBG. If the UI (which we can see) is messed up in this way, imagine the core of the game. I was too optimistic and thought they would correct the UI in 2018, but by 2019 it will be another year of long waits.
  10. This problem is due to the low framerate and the input lag that is really gigantic in PUBG.
  11. brutusbr

    New content we want to see in 2019

    In my opinion they should focus on two things. 1 - In the UI that is currently slow, full of input lag and bugs. The PS4 UI was excellent, fluid, fast and error-free. 2 - Framerate: A mode in 1080p low with 45-60 fps in XBOX ONE X.
  12. brutusbr


    Development of PUBG is really slow. After they released the PS4 version it got slower still. I simply do not care for a new map and I believe they should focus on fixing the core of the game and improving the framerate. UI is still absolutely ridiculous, slow and full of bugs.
  13. brutusbr

    New content we want to see in 2019

    60 fps should be their main priority for the longevity of this game.