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  1. PUBG is the best game ever made but: a) Leaderbord system is pretty bad, the previous system being much better. b) Ticket rate of the servers could be higher. b) Framerate has not yet reached 30 stable fps, ideally at least 45fps, for a smoother gaming experience, less motion blur and consequently less visual fatigue. c) The variations of the framerate still influence the firerate of the arms (which has already been partially corrected in the PC). c) Input lag is still very high, possibly due to the animation of the player not being fully optimized. d) Dynamic resolution graphic option was promised months ago and we do not even have an estimate of when it will be released. e) The store has few items to buy, with small variety, mainly weapons skins. The store in the consoles has much fewer items than the store on the PC, and if there were more products to buy the billing of the game could be much higher. f) Acceleration allows to be removed in ADS mode, but is still present in hip fire mode even when set to off (player movement and aim over the shoulder). g) Framerate still floats a lot in short-distance combat, especially in squad mode.
  2. Crossplay would be a very good thing for the matchmaking queues. But persuading SONY and MICROSOFT to speak the same language should not be easy at all, so I understand that developers should have other priorities at this time, especially now that PUBG finally looks like it will become a polished game.
  3. This will be fixed soon. New updates, new bugs. We're used to it! lol
  4. LOL. Yes, I am! Finally feeling good about the game and its future!
  5. This update will be very cool. I hope she's coming to xbox soon!
  6. They'll restyle my favorite map! Can not wait for this update! PUBG is following a great trajectory now!
  7. With current course that the game has taken and with the ability that developers have demonstrated, anything is impossible. They have already optimized the game a lot since the launch and will still be able to extract a lot of juice from the game on XBOX. In Soon Ho Choi we trust.☺️ I am very optimistic and I believe that many good things will come in the near future. If they continue at this rate, until the next generation's release the game will be completely polished and running perfectly. PUBG will be an absolutely fantastic game in the next generation!
  8. I get from 30 minutes to 1 hour a day at the training camp. That helped me a lot.
  9. The current leaderboard system is ridiculous. The old one was many times better.
  10. The best part of PUBG is that it is very difficult to win a match !!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  11. YES!!!! If the framerate improves, the game will be incredible !!!
  12. Marc, I'm a good boy. 🙏😍 Now that they are finally being transparent and sharing the information with their player base, in addition to updating the game with good and creative content, it is fair to praise. Soon Ho Choi took the leadership of the team and put everyone to work. PUBG will evolve quite at a fast pace. They just need to improve the framerate and the game will be absolutely incredible !!!🤩🤩🤩🤩
  13. Check the quality of your internet. The game still needs a lot of optimization, especially in framerate, but it's not crap. Try formatting your console and reinstalling PUBG.
  14. The current leaderboard system is ridiculous. The former was much better. This PC update 4.1 has brought a lot of cool content. The guys are finally thinking and working.
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