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  1. SgtBomb

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    I'll clarify... the next released xbox.....
  2. SgtBomb

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    x1🥔 still doesn't have an ssd. Rumor has it the next gen console still doesn't have one either...... Every pc gaming built system has one, its a requirement, people don't buy them without .... And everyone wonders why the xbox performs so poorly. The sad part is people complain about a 50 dollar upgrade to make their game experience better 😂.
  3. SgtBomb

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    Or you could fix it your self....... Its not the game company's fault the core system is a potato.
  4. SgtBomb

    Why doesn't this game work yet?

    Your playing on a console from November 22, 2013, six years old and wasn't a fast CPU or GPU when it was released. How do expect it to play with no upgrades? Get an ssd already, they are cheap af and will make your experience 100 times better. If you really cant afford to upgrade to a current console or get an ssd, thats what your going to get a crap game experience with your crap old console.
  5. SgtBomb


    Lol , and take your xim with you, bu bye.
  6. SgtBomb

    What happened here ?

    Not if its the console lagging, or if its just regular net latency which every net connection has regardless of quality.
  7. SgtBomb

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    The main device is called an "xim" and many are using them to use m&k. Even users here on this forum admit to using them.
  8. Im sure they will not be rebuilding from the ground up, as that is not how they dev this game. This game is entirely the pc version with minor changes, and thats not going to change.
  9. Is he cheating with a XIM like you ?
  10. SgtBomb

    SSD Question

    Are you sure its an ssd and not a standard hd? You say 500gb storage drive and that sounds like just a standard hd. The ssd you chose also has to have usb 3.0. and have a read speed of 500mbs max or so to be faster than a standard xbox drive that has a read speed of 150mbs or so.
  11. SgtBomb

    Title Icons in Lobby

    You get a PC.
  12. SgtBomb

    WTF really .... how?

    He head shot you over the half wall. Just as the tip of his head was showing to you, the tip of your head was showing to him.
  13. SgtBomb

    zombie mode

    Exactly , and ban xim users like brutus.
  14. SgtBomb

    The death of this forum?

    What are you talking about, the hotfix announcement mentions nothing about any of that stuff?
  15. SgtBomb

    Map Select

    Random, pubg is a game of you get what you get.