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  1. Turn on the game and find out....... Quit asking to be spoon fed everything.
  2. You clearly have no idea how youtube works, so why is that a load.... Enlighten me, or are you just trolling? Longer duration videos do better than shorter ones on YouTube. Average time of top ranking videos on YouTube are 14.5 minutes long Longer videos rank higher than shorter videos. More ads are displayed on longer videos, more likely to make more revenue. Longer watch times on longer videos, watch time is an important metric for YouTube search results.
  3. I didn't mention why he was making videos and I don't know why he made it, but I did mentioned why its over ten min long and that's a real reason youtube videos are generally over ten min. And he actually joined the forum today and then posted this video instantly, so its obviously posted here for attention to his youtube channel where he is most likely trying to make money like every other youtuber.....
  4. You don't get paid on you tube unless its ten min long. And he wants paid why do you think he posted the video here for attention.
  5. Also numbers are rounded, he had 22.12 health and you then hit him for 22....
  6. He was on that drank.
  7. Who cares about a char model on the inventory screen and one scope problem.. I think your priorities are all wrong...... I think are bigger issues that need attention first, leave that junk for never.
  8. SgtBomb

    Give me my Sanhok back

    Why is everyone so scared of a different map, learn the maps. Its like the 8 year old who doesn't want to clean their room.
  9. SgtBomb

    Over the shoulder aim punch

    Noticed what , we cant figure out what the op and you are trying to say....
  10. Good to see a mouse and keyboard user chime in. Perhaps the percentage is higher as m&k users are even posting in this thread. Would you like to explain why you use a mouse and keyboard to the class as you are a self proclaimed user of said devices? Why dont you play on the pc you say you have right there? You only play solo so its not like your on console to play with your friends.....
  11. SgtBomb

    Updates or entire game rework?

    Because the updates contain updates.
  12. SgtBomb

    100 chickens...

    Looks like you owe me a few chicken dinners.
  13. https://forums.pubg.com/forum/180-bug-reports-troubleshooting/ This is the correct place for bug reports. If you post this in the right place there is also no reason to tag mods.
  14. From past experience with the pts for over a year.