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  1. Hi. I'm really fed up of the attention from PUBG Team in the Xbox sector. Ussers of Xbox One X, you well be able to confirm that the game is worse than before and with this clips i can confirm that the game is worsening. https://xboxclips.com/KbroN xXPUXOXx/5f17b6eb-e307-4f27-a269-065c1c4cbf3d. (I play on Xbox One X, and i can confirm that this didn't happen months ago). Please ussers of Xbox One Fat, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, don't get it SSD, they only encourage more mediocrity of the developers. This has to end.
  2. Hi all. I want show them the problems and details that i would like what the PUBG team repair. To continuation, i present you what i say: 1.- The detail of shadows. Before, the quality of shadows is better to the now, is unacceptable. 2.- I want comment that is unacceptable what in Xbox One X the Quality of Graphics be very low, bad, and the performance be very bad, when the power of the Xbox One X is similary to the GTX 1070. ~Please PUBG Team, put a more attention in the Platform of Xbox, the community we are very angry for your actions, they put more attention in platform of PC when the performance is pretty good, and they are taking out new content frequently. Please, concentrate in fix the Problems of performance and put attention in the community of Xbox, in my personal opinion, im fed up, why forever they have leaved as completly shadow, always they have leaved to the last option or the insignificant community, they fed up of their actions, really.~ 3.- The leaks of light in interiors, as well, i will leave the image. Thanks for read, we wait the repair the details.
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