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  1. flatiron113

    Small patch this morning?

    it seriously sounded like someone was in the field close by.. i was like what the hell how'd they get so close to me without me seeing a thing!?! And it was not consistent i would hear a step every now and again. i left the field and went towards the street got in a UAZ and never heard it again. I do think it was some form of hearing my own steps.
  2. flatiron113

    Small patch this morning?

    ya one match ago i was out in the fields south of Polyana on Erangel and it kept sounding like i was hearing other peoples footsteps.... nobody was there I went in a few small circles then realized it was a bug or some oddity
  3. flatiron113


    No need to destroy the OP. Just help him dissect the clip 👍
  4. flatiron113

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    This game is in a disastrous state. The only thing that is even half playable is Solos. In squads the lag/ desync in a large city with a couple teams around is unreal. Im playing on 400mb/s down and 20 mb/s up connection and it plays like I'm on dial up when in a squad match.
  5. flatiron113


    Couple things. 1: An SKS to the head with a level 2 helm is only 74.7 Damage so that was a headshot but he was over 75 Hp so he's still standing. and Second (can't believe nobody has said this) That clips is from what 4-5 months ago!?!? Hahaha I don't know the codes at the bottom that indicate the patch the games on but the last time the bottom left where the teammates health and name are looked like that was months back.
  6. flatiron113

    easiest chicken dinner glitch

    duh just get out of your seat and hide in the bathroom.... thats how i win all my Solo dinners. I never leave the plane. PS: it helps to tip the pilots.
  7. flatiron113

    I May Be The Best Ever

    stop it!!! Harold Brock is the BEST player ever period. I thought everyone knew that!!?!
  8. flatiron113

    Game hitches and FPS drops

    oh yea. Had that a few times yesterday and my squad mates all said the same.
  9. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 👍
  10. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    darn! thats crappy. Thanks for replying. I am thinking more and more there is a bug. Possible another drop plane was up and you didn't see it...... BUT by that phase the circle wouldn't be to large, probably could have seen it.
  11. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    precisely what I'm talking about. We saw that happen two or three times last night. I wonder if its bugged
  12. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    Hell yea. Good to hear its durable. Probably gotta drive at full speed and swerve like a mad mad!!! Thanks for the in sight !
  13. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    I read that. We saw one on Miramar fired after phase two , we stood at a good angle to attack the people that fired it... Nothing ever showed. Saw another on Erangel again probably a good 15 mins in. Nothing every flew over. It was rather confusing. The reason for my post was did anyone fire one yet and if so when , where , and what did you get .
  14. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    just loooook at it! -Ed Bassmaster
  15. flatiron113

    Flare Gun

    yup. i did post in the xbox section correct?! pretty sure i did