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  1. flatiron113

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    I love how everyone laughs like oh ha ha ..... while theres a guy like 8 on the N/A leaderboards with a 21 KD AVG (I wont say his name b.c i can't on here, correct) the guy has the letters XIM in his freaking name... Uh Pubg if you guys even looked at the leaderboard you would see this player and well....... Should review him!!! And welll most likely BAN him if he is using a m n k which I'm about 99% sure he is.
  2. flatiron113

    Live Servers in Dismal Condition

    Is there a way i can see how much packet loss I'm having in game? I think I've seen on some PC streamers games in the upper left a monitor of that.
  3. flatiron113

    Live Servers in Dismal Condition

    Also did Andy ^ up there just state he plays daily and has been experiencing 0 lag or desync............ Dude are we even playing the same game??!???!?!?? I find this very very hard to believe. The last week or two I've had more two wheel bike random flip overs, teleporting, choppy frames, and just overall weirdness then in MONTHS!
  4. flatiron113

    Live Servers in Dismal Condition

    yea i have pretty good internet,wired to the xbox, play with an SSD on the OG xbox. And none of these happened at the beginning of the games. most were like mid game, crap the bike one i think only 25 people were left.
  5. flatiron113

    Live Servers in Dismal Condition

    It very unfortunate but I received a ridiculous Communication ban on Xbox (been a member 10 years, first time in over 3 years any sort of suspesions) ...... So I don't think i can upload clips currently. I suppose what i can do is take my iPhone and just video tape my screen and then upload to youtube. You will still get the full idea.... its not hard to see whats going on. My player is in one spot then BOOM he's teleported to another. This isn't like the old teleporting crap where you climb through a window or something and you are across the map like +1000 meters... All the times it happened my player moved as short as say 20-50 meters(that was the building one.. one budding to the next one and i changed 2nd to 1st floor) and one time in a buggy i think that was about a 300 meter or more move. The time on the bike id say was bout 100 meters or so.
  6. flatiron113

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    correct. so just put in map selection and end this non sense. There will be a longer Q time for that map....... SO what?!
  7. flatiron113

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    yea in just about any other video game i would just suffer through but with Pubg taking approx 30 mins to win on the 8x8s Im just not going to start a match on a map i don't enjoy. Sure on a COD team death match that takes 6-10 mins okay fine but personally I start each match like I'm going to win (even on miramar i avg like 17 mins) well thats a fairly long time to run around and maybe see 1 or 2 other players.
  8. flatiron113

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    0-30...... i bet you could go 50 rounds and maybe not beat the m n k user 1 time..... If the person knows how to play pubg AND they are using a xim its like taking your Porsche to a track day when everyone else is running bone stock Ford Focus' ....... It just not even the same thing. Again just take one look at the North American Leaderboards. The guy toting his Xim is has a 21 Kill death ratio... YEA THATS STRAIGHT CHEATIN'. The guys not 21 times better then the avg joe. He just using an input method that allows him to be way more precise while everyone is fumbling around.
  9. flatiron113

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    ^you doubt there are lot of xim users........ It more then you think. Look at the N/A leaderboard. That guy with a 21 k/d in solos 😂 ALLLLLL Xbox Controller!
  10. flatiron113

    Watch your bolt bullet drop

    i have well over 1000 hours logged.... no idea you could do that. One thing that does sorta piss me off is if you fire a kar98 at range it auto chambers the next round so its really hard to see where the bullet went (I'm talking like 300-600 m shots) Are some of the controls not in their little control guide sheets? EDIT: Oh so you can do the thing that i always thought you couldn't, for some reason i thought you meant Crossbows OP.
  11. xbox Iive is down... I can't see anyone on my friends, can't search anyone, my status is offline even if i attempt to set it to online....... no wonder pubg corp never got a kick in the ass from Microsoft to get their gaming running better.. its a saturday afternoon and the xbox servers have died 😑 what a joke
  12. flatiron113

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    So instead you make the consumer sit there and back out of lobby after lobby of the Battle Royal playlist till they get Erangel....... the other day i backed out of about 9 different lobbies before getting erangel . Wasted a good 10 mins of my time.
  13. flatiron113

    Stop forcing me to play Miramar

    i quit every miramar match.... that map is JUNK! ADD MAP SELECTION ALREADY
  14. flatiron113

    Live Servers in Dismal Condition

    Oh yea I got a few clips! Ill put em up on the DVR and post the links here, I believe i have 3 different clips in 3 different lobbies with it happening. Thanks for replying
  15. flatiron113

    Squad members completely useless?

    i had a squad last night on a base zone shooting at me like man men from the main island when i was driving across in a boat in my gillie and won the damn game with all them watching.(all died to players before even it making across) absoutle NOOBS. checked all their stats after they hardly had 50 wins all 3 of them combined.