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  1. Amen. I absolutely love this game but I REFUSE to spend money on micro transactions when its running like crap. If it were running even half way decent I wouldn't bat an eye at spending another $10.... I just feel spending money on the game when its far from functionally properly reenforces to the Devs its okay to leave the game in a dismal state
  2. right........ But the game isn't a preview anymore and hasn't been for months! They should treat it as such. I don't think theres a single game on the xbox store that runs even remotely close to how bad pubg runs.(full game or preview) I can't believe Microsoft hasn't stepped in. (they hit 1 trillion dollars today btw)
  3. Hahahaha thanks for the laugh. If that were true id cut the guy some major slack!
  4. ^just like stated above just carry it on. I haven't done it recently but years back I traveled to some islands off the coast of south america(not US islands) and I brought my xbox 360 with it and the xbox Live worked just fine outside the US. I just used an old dell laptop bag i had (back when laptops were much larger). Heres a picture of the exact one I have. It works perfect. Its so old it even has a separate spot for a large power brick plus inside it has straps to really secure the xbox/laptop in. 0 worries of anything breaking as its pretty padded.
  5. I didn't have that exactly earlier.... But i was in a solo today with 10 people alive including myself. I start to make my run to the zone (plenty of time and its close). Part way there my sound goes all crazy and Boom game freezes then 2-5 seconds later crashed... Cant get back in after I reload the game. 😑 This games beyond broken
  6. Sounds about right. My thoughts from long ago were that its gotta be like 10 people or less working on pubg xbox. 😂 You can say that again. They must not have a clue with some of these issues whats going on.
  7. Oh I hear ya man!!! Im getting numb to this crap too. I wont log right back on and play another match(not that I'm that mad but i figure ill go get some house work done instead) Tomorrow I'm sure ill get back on to play some more. The updates don't seem to do much more then fix a few things but at the same time mess other things up + bring back months old bugs.
  8. Just played a solo match and my game crashed when there was myself and 9 others left.(pretty disappointing to play for ~25 mins to not even have an attempt at winning) Just running along towards the zone and my sound goes all crazy then boom crash to the Xbox home screen. Didn't even give me the option to reload back in. (probably was killed to the zone) I play with an OG Xbox, SSD and 400 mb/s Hard wired connection. That was my first game of the day and now I'm done. I wont play until tomorrow most likely. This game is pretty much killing itself. Im a die hard PUBG player but with the state of the game its very hard to continue playing. Can we please get some info on the next update!!! Will it fix the freezing ?? And now Apparently crashing too!??!!
  9. Im also under the impression that aim bot for PUBG doesn't exist on the xbox... More then likely either the persons just VERY good with a controller or they are using Mouse n Keyboard. The one form of cheating that does exist is a packet radar hack. 1000% its on the xbox. Ive not only had people admit to me on live that they or a sqadmate has it. If you check some APIs for the game and you watch the 2D telemetry Ive seen some incredible suspect players. For example a Solo game where they will go for 20+ kills on Vikendi and they just B line it to the closest player and kill them.. and over and over. I have no doubt in my mind they are using some form of radar.
  10. it seriously sounded like someone was in the field close by.. i was like what the hell how'd they get so close to me without me seeing a thing!?! And it was not consistent i would hear a step every now and again. i left the field and went towards the street got in a UAZ and never heard it again. I do think it was some form of hearing my own steps.
  11. ya one match ago i was out in the fields south of Polyana on Erangel and it kept sounding like i was hearing other peoples footsteps.... nobody was there I went in a few small circles then realized it was a bug or some oddity
  12. No need to destroy the OP. Just help him dissect the clip 👍
  13. This game is in a disastrous state. The only thing that is even half playable is Solos. In squads the lag/ desync in a large city with a couple teams around is unreal. Im playing on 400mb/s down and 20 mb/s up connection and it plays like I'm on dial up when in a squad match.
  14. Couple things. 1: An SKS to the head with a level 2 helm is only 74.7 Damage so that was a headshot but he was over 75 Hp so he's still standing. and Second (can't believe nobody has said this) That clips is from what 4-5 months ago!?!? Hahaha I don't know the codes at the bottom that indicate the patch the games on but the last time the bottom left where the teammates health and name are looked like that was months back.
  15. duh just get out of your seat and hide in the bathroom.... thats how i win all my Solo dinners. I never leave the plane. PS: it helps to tip the pilots.
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