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  1. https://www.quora.com/How-should-you-run-when-being-targeted-by-a-sniper Neat little post I came across when checking my email this morning.
  2. XI Red Death XI

    gotta love game pass

    Maybe he was playing in FPP because he can not stand TPP and FPP is dead.
  3. XI Red Death XI

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    SanDisk Ultra CZ48 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive So would anyone consider this usable? I bought it for PUBG and PUBG only. Could I do something to make it faster? I'm a rookie to this, anything I learn about xbox storage comes from this forum or off a quick google search! I also deleted every game off my xbox besides PUBG and it still tested too slow according to my xbox. Thanks all! I am online currently if some techy unexplainable fix comes along we could chat if that's cool.
  4. XI Red Death XI

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    Depends how much you want to spend, if your spending $200 plus just go get the X lol my og selling for $125 cash now at gamestop
  5. XI Red Death XI

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/SanDisk-Ultra-CZ48-256GB-USB-3-0-Flash-Drive-SDCZ48-256G-AW4/129191585 Just bought that for like $50 @ local Walmart lol I buy off review and that seemed like best bang for your buck! I only have had 5 minutes tops to mess with it, swapped its format and when I went to transfer it said too slow.
  6. XI Red Death XI

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    We got to play sometime
  7. XI Red Death XI

    PS4 pre order bonuses

    I personally just want the backpack, would pay G coin for that right now. Original posted topic: Ellie’s Backpack (Level 2) The Last of Us
  8. Beyond hyped Bluehole added my WEM suggestion, just wish they forced it in FPP as that was my goal of the suggested rules etc to help grow FPP.

  9. XI Red Death XI

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    Here for notifications as I play on a OG xbox and have been looking to invest in something soon. Hot dropping Solos on Bootcamp is so frustrating! Honestly, I land first or second every time thanks to WackyJacky and his awesome guides. I would have about 10 seconds on avg. of looting but nothing ever shows up, just play doh and a big flat grey slab of cement.
  10. XI Red Death XI

    Future Event Suggestion

    Thanks Bluehole😀 for adding this! I was hoping it would've been forced in FPP as it was more of a fun/funny mode that's not taken super seriously. I hope every TPP shooter trys this out in FPP if you have yet to try FPP yet! You may end up loving it a whole lot more than TPP, currently FPP is dead and I posted this with a goal of growing it back to what it use to be.
  11. XI Red Death XI


    I was in a solo and almost recorded a clip, over the course of about 2 minutes I was in 2nd to last circle on high ground running around and through all these buses. Was about 40 of them, I swear I cleared them all too! Yet I managed to miss a bush and a player melted the shit out of me then right after was in a 1 v 1 with a guy at melee range and they were shooting and reloading for about 20 seconds until the 3rd and last player alive naded them both....that was my last game for the day lol I hope it makes sense!
  12. XI Red Death XI


    -Here are some ways on how you would properly peek a corner- 1. Quick peek, Basically like it sounds and just like you would do in FPP not TPP because you can just aim your camera. 2. You can "pop" the corner. Basically peeking + a weapon. The idea is that if you can't engage an enemy, there's no point in looking, so this method is preferred over just peeking. You would try and minimize how much of yourself you expose, so you're probably only going to "pop out" enough to allow you to see and get your weapon into play. If you do it right, all someone should be able to see of you is a shoulder, elbow, and half a face. 3. A mirror, like Mamulator said 4. Buddy pop. The option above can be expanded upon with several buddy variations. The simplest is just your buddy holding onto you while you peek/pop, so he can pull your bleeding body back under cover if it doesn't work out. For more complexity (and guns), you both can pop. The gist is that one soldier goes high (standing/kneeling) while the other goes low (kneeling/prone). The high solider should maintain positive control of the low so he can pull him back if need be (as explained above.) 5. A lure. I've never had a need to do it, but basically like in the movies. Expose something fake that the enemy might think is worth shooting and see if it draws fire. Curiously, you can actually use a real live private as the lure. That technique is known as "running the rabbit". 6. Recon by fire. Inside a building, if shit is really bad, you could have your buddys M67 check out what's around the corner PS: ignore any spelling or grammar errors I did not really proof read it like I normally do! Thanks!
  13. XI Red Death XI


    I play PUBG because to me it is the most realistic shooter on xbox one with Battlefield 4 right behind it. TPP is not realistic and FPP is, if you were in the service and served your country would you be laying down in a building scanning for enemy movement or something unusual? Heck no you wouldn't! You would be looking for that with your own 2 eyes or through your rifle or even a rangefinder depending on what you do! So understand that is why some of us FPP players are trying so hard to bring it back to what it use to be. Personally I prefer FPP because of "REALISM."
  14. XI Red Death XI

    Cross play a must FPP on xbox barely alive

    Well FPP died and the committed FPP PUBG players just want it back in the state it use to be, those who were not a huge fan of the game did leave like you suggested I do. Instead I am trying to help grow it out to what it use to be. No need to be so toxic, we all have our opinions / preferences dude.
  15. XI Red Death XI

    Cross play a must FPP on xbox barely alive

    Obviously he was just being funny...just imagine TPP being dead and you could only play FPP then you might joke like he did