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  1. Beyond hyped Bluehole added my WEM suggestion, just wish they forced it in FPP as that was my goal of the suggested rules etc to help grow FPP.

  2. If you hold your breath while ADS with a sight/scope equipped to toggle the brightness of the reticle it puts you in a glitch where your pretty much frozen. You can only move left to right now forward or backwards. You can not crouch, go prone, jump, open your inventory, and really pretty much do anything. As I change my intensity/color of my scopes/sights on the fly dependent on the situation etc this is a game breaker for me. Please add an option to remove the emote wheel! I have lost 2 games now in solos while in a 1v1 and this freezes me up, usually frozen from 5-15 seconds (only can move from left to right.)
  3. What really makes me mad is FPP matches are so tough to find and as far as TPP goes? Well, if I hit TPP Squads it puts me in a match instantly even if I hold "X" the second I see the prompt to cancel matchmaking. Like this is full 100 player lobbies in 1 second vs FPP with sometimes 20+ minute que times and tiny lobbys. That just KILLS PUBG for me so much you have no idea.... - ___ -
  4. I can no longer equip both, tried different variations as well. Happened today upon logging in, I know I know just cosmetics but I have been rocking the same look for awhile and have a special place in my heart for that specific combo.
  5. Agreed, wish they at least locked the weekend event modes to FPP. I'd play by any rules to get quick full matches, FPP being so dead is never an issue on PC either. I was told most prefer it on PC, wish it was the same on Xbox.
  6. I hope this makes sense, not a whole lot of time to type this up. Still got school work to do tonight and already 11pm where I live! If this gets ignored and your reading this please put a new topic up so Bluehole finds out! thanks if u do~1!
  7. *please ignore all the senseless tags in the Title and any grammer errors or confusing wording...(I just wanted to get the post noticed up as quick as possible!) I just tested this out and it currently is a working glitch/bug and needs a hotfix asap! I do not know how long this has been working for but saw a comment about the glitch so I ran a training match and stayed the entire time. "The glitch is just to complete the entire Training Grounds match (30 minutes.) So upon finishing the 30 minute match of training you get: UNDER STATS after one finished match you earn a match played for solo and overall two wins for solo and overall You also earn no BP and no other stats were saved after this test I'm 99.9% sure. I do not want to talk about stats in here because it got me in trouble recently so just going to say this....I have well over 1000 solos played on PUBG, this is game changing for me. I have many IRL friends with zero solo wins, as well as many other players that do not have a single either. I think SOLO's is the toughest game mode to win in. I PRAY that Bluehole can hotfix this ASAP! I came across a comment in a video so who knows how long this has been going on for. Please fix Bluehole please please please !
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