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  1. I use longer sticks on my right analog, used to use control freaks but now I just use an Elite. I feel like the longer sticks has definitely given me more fine control allowing for higher sensitivity.
  2. SimpleyFaded

    Kill stealing

    Favorite thing to do on solo squads is to watch two squads going at it while I pick off the downed players with my silenced weapon.
  3. SimpleyFaded

    Daily mission

    Yes they have, it says you have an extra 8 hours but it's a lie!
  4. SimpleyFaded

    Sensitivity Settings

    Would you say your a high sensitivity player or low sensitivity player on other shooter games? For me, I've always been a high sensitivity player I need the ability to spin quick and than I take actions. To help control the high sensitivity such as a taller right stick for increased control, normally with other shooters I also lower my Dead zone to as low as possible but for some reason in PUBG this makes me extremely jumpy and I have had to turn them up to 10 for my left stick and 20 for my right. some people have mentioned before that it's strange that I would have a high sensitivity and a high dead zone but for PUBG this feels better and allows me to not over correct in jerky situations. I would say no matter what your doing always play with AA off, purely for muscle memory and more consistent speed (but if your always messing with your setting you will never built that muscle memory) I saw it mentioned on this thread earlier that someone increased the vertical sensitivity to help looting, I've also heard of people reducing vertical sensitivity to help handle recoil. by decreasing the vertical sensitivity it allows you to have larger movements to handle the recoil of the guns (I have not yet tried this but it's on my todo list) I know you want a quick answer to what works best but this is probably one of the hardest games to find a sensitivity that feels good, for me I've even had to change some of my stick setting on the elite controller to help it feel like other games. If you want to know my settings I can look them up when I get home, I'm not some crazy PUBG god tho I sit at a current 2.15 KD focus mostly on hot dropping and getting kills (14 kill dinner is my max)
  5. I've wondered this from the start of the training grounds, why not have a target that moves at a players max speed. Most of the times they either are moving full sped or not at all. the slow moving targets do nothing for me when learning how to lead a target.
  6. SimpleyFaded

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    I don't get why as an xbox player you would want to watch PC streamers... the game plays different due to the controller vs M&K, it requires slightly different tactics so why not watch a top xbox streamer vs PC streamer?
  7. SimpleyFaded

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    Followed, Did you just start streaming? seems you don't have many followers yet? just realized your talking about twitch.
  8. SimpleyFaded

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    if your looking for XBOX players here are the ones I watch on a regular all on mixer: Feyd101 xl_Sparticus_lx JtxTheSniper NaMeLeSx - but he seems to have moved to fortnite
  9. SimpleyFaded

    Pubg Lore

    I thought it was about students who were misbehaving and a society that wanted to teach them a lesson....
  10. When I play solo squads you bet I'm going for that kill. Now it's not always my first priority (gotta have bait) but if I know i'm getting pinched and it's probably my only chance your coming with me!
  11. SimpleyFaded

    For all the old school gamers...

    First PC games: Oregon trail, sid meier's pirates, wolfenstein First Multiplayer games: LAN parties playing original Warcraft and Marathon, and Doom over a modem First Console: played was Atari, followed by nintendo, owned was a turbo graphics 16.
  12. SimpleyFaded

    Could not connect...

    I'm also having the same issue not sure if it's just not up yet after the update or what. would be nice to know if it's universal or not.
  13. SimpleyFaded

    Need to find UAZ on Sanhok....

    I felt the same way man, finally stumbled across someone who had it and stole the bitch! than found it as a random spawn a few games later. There is no set location, it's just a rare spawn. best bet is land right away, grab a vehicle and enjoy the drive while looking for the rare beast!