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  1. Rivz

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    lmao i genuinely laughed at this
  2. Rivz

    FPP Players in TPP Game

    I dont mind FPP but prefer TPP because gun fights are much much better.
  3. Ill play Apex with friends but PUBG will always be my love
  4. Rivz

    Vikendi can't be in the Adriatic sea

    None of the maps have their location in real world. They're just "representation" of some places. Look up to Erangel, it's based on almost 5-6 locations in Russia. So is this. There's no real Erangel or Miramar or Sanhok it's a "representation" of bunch of locations mixed in one single map.
  5. Rivz

    What is causing this?

    Same setup here and noticed the same thing. It's not all the time and not on every map. Also noticed on Miramar while scoping in with 4x scope or higher that buildings are not rendered in completely. I do have it set to prioritize framerate so that could be it or could be simply just the game.
  6. Rivz

    New map is killing the game

    Need better equipment.
  7. Rivz

    Elite Controller Settings

    Type B Triggers 0-1 Use 3 paddles top left - LB top right - X bottom right - Left D Pad
  8. Rivz

    Guns pubg should have.

    MG 34, BREN LMG, STEN, MP 40
  9. Rivz

    1 month

    So on your birthday is she giving up Lifetime, Netflix and getting her nails done?
  10. Rivz

    Two updates?

    I've been playing since day 1 on Xbox and I can tell you there is a HUGE difference! I have absolutely no problem with the game besides casual glitches every now and then. Nothing game breaking at all (anymore). Maybe its your equipment that's the problem? If your a true gamer you would understand a potato Xbox or PC isn't going to cut it for this game. If you want an awesome experience fork over some money like me and others here for a 4k Monitor, SSD, and an elite controller, then come back.
  11. Rivz

    Two updates?

    PS. is this what you came to the forums for? Looking at your past history all I see is complaining. Is your life that boring?
  12. Rivz

    Two updates?

    First people complain about not enough updates now people are complaining they're too many updates? You all give me a migraine