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  1. Before May? dude, this game has been crap rendering since release even on the X.
  2. Rivz

    What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve

    not having 60 frames
  3. Rivz

    Our April Fools Day

  4. Rivz

    Player Base

    Meh. Division 2 has kept me busy lately and Firestorm will be here in a week. See ya in a few months PUBG hopefully they focus on real game problems while I'm gone.
  5. Rivz

    Frame Rate or Graphics?

    Frames even though it doesn't make a difference.
  6. Well this isnt Apex, Fortnite or Realm Royale so.....
  7. Rivz


    How is it after the update for those who don't have a SSD? I'm at work and havnt gotten the chance to play yet.
  8. Rivz

    Proxy chat

    Im def down for proxy. but it will never happen.
  9. Rivz

    New "WEIRD" weapons?

    lmao i genuinely laughed at this
  10. And your still terrible
  11. Rivz

    FPP Players in TPP Game

    I dont mind FPP but prefer TPP because gun fights are much much better.
  12. Ill play Apex with friends but PUBG will always be my love
  13. Rivz

    Vikendi can't be in the Adriatic sea

    None of the maps have their location in real world. They're just "representation" of some places. Look up to Erangel, it's based on almost 5-6 locations in Russia. So is this. There's no real Erangel or Miramar or Sanhok it's a "representation" of bunch of locations mixed in one single map.