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    Can't connect

    I thought it was pub.. but restarted my Xbox and can't t even sign in now... SOOOO... Seems Live is down again... This is ridiculous... If I wanted these issues I would have a PS4 jeez lol

    Can't connect

    Anybody else getting a "Cannot connect to PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS" message after the press A button screen?? Everything else works fine rn it seems

    Sensitivity and recoil

    You'll want to lower your vertical sensitivity if you use mid to lower overall sensitivity... Mine is like 75.. kind of a just right for me..

    Something so small...please fix

    Yup, just had that happen to me yesterday.. couple times I believe... Pretty freaking annoying, because it was right in the middle of fighting people obviously lol.. but didn't get screwed over, so haven't pissed me off..... YET But it's the first time it's ever happened for me.. only since Vikindi was playable
  5. Ok.. So the on the xbox it says any external hard drive you wish to add on has to be 256gb and higher.... A lot of SSDs I've seen are 250gb and it seems like some of you guys that have recommended a certain SSD or showed what you currently use they claim 250gb drives.... Do these 250gbs work? Some of them? They'll all work no problem? I don't wanna make go waste my money because somebody thinks it'll work and is good to get just because of the low price.... I think I'm just gonna go with a Crucial for now to be able get my foot in the door with an SSD to see if it's worth the money for basically only one game(Pubg) for me... I really want one and know it's basically necessary at this point with the new map now... I can afford to get a good one no problem, but i just haven't come to terms with being able to justify spending 100-150 and not feeling like it wasn't a waste of money to me

    Playdoh buildings are back! Woo!

    Im assuming you are playing with OG/S xbox?? its running like a steaming pile of horse manure on my S... takes about 20 seconds to load and that's only in a small house only compound.. all the way to a medium town... that's all ive gotten to try out so far... but I don't even wanna try to even land with anybody else.. let alone somebody with an 1X and SSD... for now until changes are made im just trying out different areas far from the plane drop path.... I cant handle getting pissed off at this map already and just being on test server.... IDK whats going on with the movement though... absolutely horrible rn.. and crappy frames... but that's not my concern atm.. I feel like I just started playing this game for the first time again, like when looting and moving in/out and around houses... its like slow motion...

    well crap...

    Ok thanks.. I was confused cuz I saw the 9pm pst.. but also like Dec 21st 6AM Eastern

    well crap...

    Is it live for everybody or are y'all just in a certain area/ time zone that gets it now?

    well crap...

    So You've been able to play on vikendi personally already??

    19 gig update for pts?

    Say it ain't so!!!!! Youre not a quitter!!!!!Don't give up hope yet!!!!! Little Billy or Suzy next door have got to have one lying around, that they may or may not currently use, doesn't matter tho.... Just return it when power comes back online... The little kiddies will be none the wiser

    19 gig update for pts?

    OOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!If you don't have those handy tools around.... Time to do some engineering and hack up an old bike.. make a stand to be able to sit stationary, and raise wheels off floor... Take the serpentine belt off the engine in your car.(if applicable) if not wind up some rope around the drive tire on your bike.... .......ICTHAWK and it's affiliates are not responsible for any harm to one's self or inflicted harm on other person's as a result of the last step... Please do so at your own risk... And lastly start disassembleing what ever electronics or appliances you can find... Rip all guts out looking for magnets and copper wire... Once you have all that... Just kinda.... Wrap a bunch of copper wire over a ball of magnets.... Weld on to the front tire... Connect rope from rear to front.... And last but not least remove your car battery and set next to self propelled bikenerator.... And just kind connect copper off the magnet ball to the posts.... Finally strip the end plugs from you tv and gameing console.... Connect whatever look positive and negative to the corresponding battery posts.... PTS here comes braydenmaine... Ain't no crappy power company stations gonna screw this glorious occasion up... No sir


    Started happening to me AND my buddy.. at the same time... we just stop playing and try again next day.. usually a whole different/BETTER experience everytime
  13. Wow seriously this is in custom games on Xbox? Had no idea
  14. Lmao.. GTFO.. I'm lazy and don't care if you are that ignorant