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    It was moved to Bugs my guy

    Game hitches and FPS drops

    Same. I was gonna make a thread about this yesterday but didn't have time. But it's literally unplayable for me unless I drop completely by myself somewhere.. played 6-7 games and it completely freezes 5-10 10 seconds, 2-3 separate times. Every single game it did this exact same thing lag/freeze
  3. Haha wtf...I owned this guy and his buddy a couple days ago too!! https://pubg.report/streams/2653055c-1043-4442-8363-e4c22d5f7306/1207960474

    Can't connect

    I thought it was pub.. but restarted my Xbox and can't t even sign in now... SOOOO... Seems Live is down again... This is ridiculous... If I wanted these issues I would have a PS4 jeez lol

    Can't connect

    Anybody else getting a "Cannot connect to PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS" message after the press A button screen?? Everything else works fine rn it seems

    Playdoh buildings are back! Woo!

    Im assuming you are playing with OG/S xbox?? its running like a steaming pile of horse manure on my S... takes about 20 seconds to load and that's only in a small house only compound.. all the way to a medium town... that's all ive gotten to try out so far... but I don't even wanna try to even land with anybody else.. let alone somebody with an 1X and SSD... for now until changes are made im just trying out different areas far from the plane drop path.... I cant handle getting pissed off at this map already and just being on test server.... IDK whats going on with the movement though... absolutely horrible rn.. and crappy frames... but that's not my concern atm.. I feel like I just started playing this game for the first time again, like when looting and moving in/out and around houses... its like slow motion...

    well crap...

    Ok thanks.. I was confused cuz I saw the 9pm pst.. but also like Dec 21st 6AM Eastern

    well crap...

    Is it live for everybody or are y'all just in a certain area/ time zone that gets it now?

    well crap...

    So You've been able to play on vikendi personally already??

    Lost connection to host

    The hotfix absolutely did it's job.. the lost connection to host was a rampant wide spread problem and complaints faded away and everybody forgot about it.. Seems you either drew one of the infamous short straws of forever being screwed for your Xbox permanently.. The way that certain people are being affected be crazy shit going on and have a horriy experience while the majority of the rest of the player base have no problems and runs good for them... I assure that's true reality in this Pubg world... Now how that is even possible.. beats me... And the Xbox team as well it seems

    Mutant doesn't spawn in docks

    You out of luck ever getting it there if you really want it and you want to always keep dropping there.. All loot items are NOT just completely random and show up all over the map randomly.. There is always a chance though I believe..Its just like probably a 1% or lower rng spot... Some specific guns will only show up every game guranteed in specific areas of the map.. like the Vss, Kar98, m24 I NEVER find the Vss in the area of the map that we drop Everytime almost... But in the upper(middle ish) right hand part of the map basically to the right of Paradise in that area of group of houses.. when we have dropped there or we end up running through there will almost always be at least Vss A certain area drops a lot of Kar98 and somewhere the m24.. I can't remember where that could be at the momebt.. Hell we found out this one specific area is always loaded with vertical grips.. and it's rare to find where we drop... Same with 4x scopes... Although those are obviously everywhere.. we have played enough games and gone to the same areas almost Everytime that it just becomes obvious when something is always found there and NEVER where you land Everytime That sucks though man.. I never go to docks I didn't know that...v Where I drop I'll have a Mutant every game.. maybe 1-2 out of 10 games I won't get one We go there for that reason.. my favorite set up is M4 and a Mutant and it's loaded with both.. Btw I'm not saying something will only generate in one area or you never find it in a certain area.. There is ALWAYS a chance.. So that proves they make things for certain areas and not complete RNG like they claim

    Play doh effect! (Picture)

    Oops forgot I was gonna add, this had started before Pubg for him.. started back last year playing COD WW2... So it's not a Pubg issue or cause.. Also it doesn't look as bad as my buddy's does now... But his started out not that bad like that... it got 10 times worse...when it does now it's BAD.. idk how its still alive

    Play doh effect! (Picture)

    Wow I can't believe that on the X... I think you might have the start of a problem(MAYBE) My buddy's OG Xbox from right after launch(so old as dirt) does this to him probably 2-3 times per month.. and it will stay like that until hard reset.. sometimes takes a few quick restarts... He kept freaking out for the first couple months it happened and kept asking me if it's gonna break if he should just get a new one.. I just told him it's not worth doing anything about it until it actually dies or something... BUT that is with a almost worthless to fix OG.. and we still don't know exactly what is making this happen... And if it's serious and won't last much longer.. If it was me with an X I'd be freaking out always worrying something gonna happen... That's in no way acceptable for that recently new of a expensive console.. To me it looks like a problem something F@#$ing up in the hardware, I don't know much about that kinda stuff but it seems like that's a no brainier.. Ive got a one year old XBOX S 500gb and a 2 year old Xbox S 1tb(and also had a launch OG Xbox) and this NEVER happened anything close like that... Sorry I don't have an answer but I thought it was crazy I've seen that happen to my buddy's first hand.. and we never heard anyone else had it happen, and that I've had THREE different ones over the last 5 years and they're all fine

    Kill type for Archievments/Missions

    Oh and that's not a bug by the way.. could have been something to post in the general area forum.. would have gotten a lot more views and response also

    Kill type for Archievments/Missions

    Not really.. it kinda seems dumb, but it's exactly how it should be.. When they are knocked that is NOT a kill, obviously they can still be rezzed and end up not dying... So they never died to the gun you shot them with... But if you knock someone with an M4... And your buddy KILLS them with an Ump with a headshot that is what actually killed them for good... An Ump shot to the head.... The only reason the player that got the enemy knocked, gets the credit for the kill is because it would cause a lot of frustration and complaints... And could never work in random squads..