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  1. 16 general, 16 over the shoulder, and 16's across the board with all scopes. Aim acceleration ON at 10
  2. Well worth it, i have an elite with all the Battle Beaver upgrades. I did the extreme 160 on the right stick and 110 on the left since its only used for movement. Also worth getting the "smart triggers" if you're sending it to them. I also use the 4 paddles and my squad mates think i'm a bit crazy but i have a pretty aggressive layout for pubg, but to me it makes sense bc i rarely take my thumbs off the sticks. Everything is pretty much remapped Type B Top back paddles = left/right lean Bottom back paddles = X Loot/A Jump Left stick click = Inventory Right stick click = crouch A button = toggle fire mode B button = map X button = Throwables Y button = default swap weapons
  3. Andy any word on making the weapon customization screen better? The lag is real on that screen, took me like 30 minutes just to put the new skins on.
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