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  1. Bluehole please never implement vehicle weapons, that's not what this game is about. If you happen to do something foolish then make them like 5 shot cars, otherwise I see big problems with a machine gun mounted to a vehicle.
  2. Well get an ssd like everyone else....Quit complaining because youre too cheap to buy a $50 SSD to run your game 5x better. Cheap skates dont deserve to be on the same playing field. If you cant afford an SSD than you probably shouldnt be gaming...Worry about your food stamps scrubs...
  3. Lol this guy is delusional...An SSD will make this game so much better as well as a good refresh rate on your tv or monitor. I highly recommend getting those things as they will make.your gameplay experience that much better. This guy is a jibrone that is just being very snowflakish
  4. BRICK521

    Old TV Safe Area setting

    You probably are with a brand new 40" 1080 being around $100 new
  5. BRICK521

    Old TV Safe Area setting

    I doubt they will cater to a person who hasnt upgraded tech in over 10 years. TVs are so cheap now, just go get a different TV for everything and youll enjoy it.
  6. BRICK521

    Okay 5 days now

    Why the short week then? No explanation or anything just here is 6 days for your weekly sorry we cut a day out of the week.
  7. They cut a day off our weekly missions. My guess is so they can start the event pass when they release Vikendi....in 5 days when this weeks missions lapse.
  8. They stopped replies to my last post. Maybe I struck something they didnt want us to realize but I noticed it. We only got 6 days to do weeklies instead of the standard 7. My best guess is that I called the end of this season and the beginning of Vikendi and its season and event pass and they didn't want any spoilers. Pretty wack way to shut someone up if I do say so muself. Lucky this game is my favorite because the dev team and moderators are a joke! Choke orders for people that are actuallu seeing stuff. Dont worry Im not going to stop posting here about it and thinking of jumping on twitter and reddit to hit those communitues too. Super disappointed in andy for stopping replies to my topic without warning.
  9. BRICK521

    Why 6 days?

  10. BRICK521

    Why 6 days?

    Why do we only get 6 days to complete the weekly missions in the survivor system??? Are you starting a new season with Vikendi in 6 days??? Thats the only reason I can see giving us an abbreviated weekly mission time frame.
  11. Im 1000% behind this because as of now I just wear different colored layers so I can strip on the plane if needed. Id much rather set a full outfit for each map and not have to worry about it each flight.
  12. BRICK521

    Vikendi Launch

    I keep seeing the 19th as a rumored release. I feel like it should be ready before then but Im not deeply involved in the dev. I just cant wait to be able to duo it up on Vikendi, love the map but hated playing 2-man squads.
  13. BRICK521

    Survival reward

    If you just play and don't do the missions it takes a full day of play to get 21,000 points which is just barely over 2 levels.
  14. BRICK521

    Picky Tommy gun

    Next he wants sights for shotguns, the UZI and the Tommy
  15. BRICK521

    Pts server challeneges xbox

    All 5km needed to be on one flight and all 4 needed to be completed to receive the 4 Raider crates.